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Apr 27, 2014
Tayu Tayu (Anime) add
tayu tayu adapted form the manga by yamatogawa one of my fav author and im so glad queen bee is the one who animated it

genre:3P, Femdom, Harem, Vanilla, Virgin/s

story is about the MC, tokiwa reiji returning to his hometown to find that he is the only male in that town for short the town is full of hot virgins that is wants to experience pleasure

queen bee's art always use the original art from their adaptations so if you liked the mangas art then youll like this too if you havent read the manga you can just consult the cover pic. the animation is pretty close ...
Mar 23, 2014
Strange+ (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (10/12 eps)
first of all this is a gag anime its obvious

genre: comedy

adapted from the SHOUJO manga of the same title
story is non existent only a plot/setting that is quite normal for gag animes so lets just talk about its jokes. jokes are sometimes funny sometimes lame.

art is horrible the character design and motions is so bad sounds fine itll just differ from where you download or watch it.

character development is also non existent but the characters have a quite unique personalities especially dorothy and takumi.
Feb 27, 2014
dont let the cover picture fool you the art of the cover and this animes art is different

genre: threesome, rape, virgin, censored

teacher that want to do his students but not ordinary students but the school idols

only two heroines one is already conquered or already a sex slave at the very beginning other is a shy type that was raped then got fool then turned into a slut not a sex slave but a SLUT

the art is i got fooled by the cover its so different like its another anime but its pretty decent neither good nor bad

overall it wont turn you on
Feb 27, 2014
a crossover of rin sen and ran sem
if your a vanilla lover then you better not watch this

genre: rape, orgy, censored

Suzuki Mirano is best in hardcore rape so expect nothing less and its HQ graphics with amazing sex scenes the toilet cleaner scene is so weird its so good :)

first episode: urara (rin sen) recruited into the sex cult
second episode: sex cult leader trades the sisters (ran sem) to becomes sex slaves for the school and the ending is all heroines becomes sex slaves for the school

overall this isnt for weak but for the wicked
Feb 27, 2014
Preliminary (1/3 eps)
you can just search it at anidb for more info MAL has incomplete info

genre:= rape, orgy, virgins, censored

one of the most horrible new hentais out there
graphics sucks the scenes movements looks too unnatural
art remind me of fault so the cover pic is a lie
two heroines others are extras
and only one sex scene at the last part and its very short everything else is molestation kinda expected more

story is very cliched blackmail then rape and is like saishuu chikan densha where the MC has a molestation technique that turns on women
Feb 27, 2014
Preliminary (1/3 eps)
Mod edit: Review was originally written for 'Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo (2013)' but had it's MAL entry merged into 'Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo: Sanshimai to no DokiDoki Kyoudou Seikatsu'

Nnot much to review here they just combined all three episode of kanojo x kanojo x kanojo

Genre: harem, virgins, vanilla, censored

If you already watched kanojo x kanojo x kanojo its the same milky ani just made a few changes like the angles, deleted a few scenes too if you really want to compare and made it HD and there is an extra ending thats all.

If you havent its just about a guy who lives with ...
Feb 27, 2014
Mixed Feelings
another suzuki mirano production so expect hot scenes and fucked up story (mostly hardcore rape)

genre: rape, virgins, harem, censored

mainly about an arrogant bastard that rapes women and makes them his sex slave to reach his ambition. for those who has a rape fetish this is a letdown cause its so normal. only the graphic is awesome

the MC isnt the fatass though i thought its the fatass cause its suzuki mirano
Oct 29, 2013
Mixed Feelings
this isnt a sequel

genre: incest, virgins, vanilla, censored

if you think this is the sequel of imouto paradise your wrong
its still in the nanase family it isnt POV anymore and and is really different from the first one so if you really like the first one dont get your hopes up

same story onii-san does peverted stuff with his sisters with new char a tsundere and a dere dere

art & sound is great
May 16, 2013
for those bitches who says it has no story at all well theyre right but this is doesnt have a solid story didnt you read its a special its just a special of course there wont be any story it like an extra video attached to the BD this is a bonus video

its as the title says imari rape only thats all

black bible art its obvious if you havent seen bible black then i think you still dont know hentai and this one is censored unlike the main story that is uncensored sound nothing to argue video and audio quality may differ depending on the ...
Nov 15, 2012
If your into monsters/demons then this is the anime for you

The story its kinda common once you watch it you'll say its like I've seen this kind of anime. There are some unusual things too that's quite disturbing for me not the monsters but the characters itself

ART (8)
The art is good its has a good quality in it for a 2003 anime compared to others but it still has a few flaws that makes it above average

The monsters appearance are average. The only good ones are the main character and the gals others below average

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