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Jan 19, 2012
I'll be honest here. I don't usually go for long running shounens. Since my younger days of pokemon, digimon and yu-gi-oh (back before I'd even heard the term anime and just thought of them as cartoons), the longest anime series I've watched was 50 episodes, and that was only one show and took me forever to finish. High episode counts put me off. I like my stories to have an end. I like my battles not to drag on for five episodes. I like my plot arcs to end before I've had enough of them. When my characters have to get stronger, I like a read more
Sep 4, 2009
This anime is a rare piece of genius, across 26 episodes it ranges from light-hearted humour to dark philosophical questioning, with neither ever seeming out of place. The premise is a young man, Gene Starwind, and his friend and business partner Jim Hawking, who run a business best described as a jack-of-all-trades operation, including bounty hunting, bodyguard work, anything that will pay. At the arrival on their planet of Hilda, a mysterious outlaw who frees Melfina, an amnesiac girl, from the clutches of pirates, they get caught up in events far beyond their understanding, and Gene chooses to follow his dream of freedom as an read more
Aug 9, 2009
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
I've heard great things about this anime, seen reviews calling it a masterpiece, heard demands for sequels and more episodes. I'd seen the first episode a while back, and found it stupid. It had some vague promise of a plot, I'll give it that, with explanation of Noata's brother having left for America and his girlfriend becoming strangely attached to Noata, and the events that Haruko's arrival caused. Noata and Mamimi were portrayed quite well to begin with, with how Mamimi acted when talking about Noata's brother giving promise of development of the charachters and the relationship between them. So a promising start to the read more