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Jul 28, 2008
Being a fan of the Persona 3 video game, I was happy to hear that there was going to be a manga adaption, and it's not that bad.

The story is the same as the video game, but you actually get to hear (or see/read) the main character (whose name is Minato Arisato in the manga) talk.

The art is decent, it could be better, but at least it's not too horrifying.

One of the reasons I love P3 so much is because of the characters. And I'm happy to see them still being the same in the manga.

I really do wish they would release more chapters, read more
Jun 2, 2008
A most wonderful movie, Saiyuki: Requiem should be seen by fans of the Saiyuki series. But it is also a great movie for those that have never seen the series or for those that like their bishounen HOT.

The story. I thought it was interesting in how the villian was in someway connected to Genjyo Sanzo and gang. Although the story could've probably been made into a 3 part episode (it also would've made a great filler).

The art. Compared to the first Saiyuki series, the movie's art is AMAZING. Crisp lineart, vibrant and dark colors, and Gojyo's hair is actually RED (compared to the first two read more
May 30, 2008
Wish (Manga) add (All reviews)
This is one of the best manga that CLAMP has made. Sure, it may not be as popular as "xxxHOLIC" or "Card Captor Sakura", but it holds a special place in my heart.

For one, the artwork is done by Tsubaki Nekoi (formerly Mick Nekoi) and she does such an amazing job with the characters and backgrounds. Everytime I read Wish my breath is taken away by the art that leaps from the pages.

The story is delightful too. It's very charming and witty to say the least, just what you would expect from CLAMP.

The cast of characters helped me to enjoy the story, they're colorful and read more