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bitchassdarius Jan 29, 2018 11:06 AM
shut up bitch
Mayuka Apr 23, 2015 4:12 AM
lol nice username bruh
haeworlddd Aug 19, 2014 10:58 AM
RedPaintedRose Feb 22, 2014 9:00 AM
Sooo. Now (nearly) everything is finished - but i'm sorry i wanted to reply you sooner but as soon as i finished my japanese exam i got sick ... (like: your body realizes it has time to rest now?? -.-;;)

~~~My home country has the best marks possible :) (like the U.S. ;)
Well - teachers always told us to not use wikipedia... but it's fine for self-education. I think it's only needed to be careful around themes that could be based upon some ideologically opinions... not that i've ever come across some of those articles ---- (maybe i should search more thorough :D)

Well every country has some utopistic moral codes - most of them are too easily dismissed by the politicians. Like it's not possible to put this or that bill through... But i'm amazed you chose political science in college! - I mean that in the positive way ;) - i got into politics way too late - now i'm trying to learn from the newspapers what i didn't learn when i should have...
stubborn is the right way to describe politics... but there are countries where it's not that bad and countries where you have the feeling that politicians still live in a dreamworld and they can do everything they want. E.G.: I'm disappointed with the political situation in Japan... I still don't have a positive feeling thinking about Abe Shinzo...

I enjoy hiking - but only with friends - i couldn't get myself to go hiking alone >_<;
I liked all countries but scotland was really nice and i really liked the alps (and the surrounding countries) If you want we could exchange photographs? I'd also like to know how your country (and what you've seen thus far) looks like :)

I like the idea of blogs - but i lack the endurance doing a blog myself :D - Yup, having friends all around the world does seem nice-- there are those who say that they want to preserve cultural differences - but i like the idea of being able to connect to people of other countries. I'd support a middle course... (That thinking does seem ineffective... haaaa... maybe i should overthink that again?)

I like your mindset. There are definitely too many narrow minded people. I have a similar thoughts about religions. Since i'm studying science of religion it would be difficult having other opinions...

Like reading fantasy novels provides you with a world you can dream in - i think that's the same concept. And i always was a fan of thos fictional worlds *-*
...That "be in the game" thing seems interesting - but I'd give it a few more years ;) (not too many - i'd like to play in it before i get bedridden :D)

"shenanigans" - you never stop learning. funny word ;)
Thanks - now i can live safer (>_<)

---yeah that second half just got that feeling of unnecessary additions... I think if i'd rewatch it i'd only watch the first half and the last two episodes...

Btw: I'm currently watching Ookami to Koushinryou :) I'm at ep 11 - and i think i'll finish it soon *^^*
nolongerusingbye Feb 13, 2014 7:38 PM
Oh man, that's a bummer. :/ I did wonder if that was just a one-time thing, since I never heard about it again.

I've been alright though! Keeping busy, living life, haha. How about you?
nolongerusingbye Feb 10, 2014 8:00 AM
I don't know if you remember me or not, but I used to go by Sotoriel. (Damn, this feels like such a long shot because apparently the last time we conversed was almost three years ago.) I just wanted to drop by and say hello since I opened my friends page for the first time in who knows how long to see if any of the MAL people I talked to were still around.

Hope you have a good one!
RedPaintedRose Feb 3, 2014 2:43 PM
Sorry - since i'm in the middle of exam period right now i won't have enough time to answer... (i'd also like to say i was on a last minute trip but... -.-;)

I'll write you back once i've finished my last exam (which would be japanese...).

RedPaintedRose Jan 10, 2014 4:23 PM
That gender plays a role in our life is something that developed over a long time... i guess it's difficult changing that kind of mindset within years. Plus it's also important to know what is really right and what's wrong. The italian woman i've given a lecture about said that men are inferior to woman, whereto today equality is the center of the debate.
btw: What kind of statistic was that? I'd like to look up some countries :P

Funny. I actually thought about comparing what you said to the idea of american freedom, seems like i'm not too far from the picture ;)
Never went skiing before but i was on the alps, really beautiful there. I also was on top of the Zugspitze :)
I visited about 6 countries and traveled through 5 more. I was in italy :) but only traveled through france, though my little sister was in Paris (through some student exchange program - i was really envious >.<)

He seemed a bit awkward. *nodding* there are some caricatures about him (and superman, etc.) and he's always a bit comedic there, so you could be right.
No name... >_< Names are mostly about the powers and i don't want to be called the speed woman, Reflexa or someting stupid as that... I'll make it like spiderman(or was it superman?), the media will give me the name! Problem solved. ;D

Gives one the feeling to not be alone with all the (crazy) thoughts you come up with? I guess i know that feeling :)

There are - to a certain point- similarities between all religions, so it's no wonder that christians thought up something like that. A Muslim who lived approximately 1100 had a similar idea, even if he stated that it was only possible through meditation and ascesis... or so i heard. (Had a lecture about that one ... but since there were a lot of arabian words to remember the contents are kind of.... blurred? :D). Hinduism differentiates between gods and humans and i think it's not possible to be reborn as a god.
But i personally have a problem with any kind of projections of humans as gods... God and the position of humans is not something we can easily grasp. But as a result, of the search to an answer, we have some interesting mind games going around, and that alone is worth it.
Yes, i also liked the idea of SAO - and animes are interesting because there are those kind of (im)possibilities :) I'd like to play a game like SAO. Did you also want to try it after watching the anime? o.o
(Recommendation: If you liked the game content of SAO there's another anime with a similar theme: Log Horizon (!Still airing!), and Accel World (Some unique characters they have there o_O ... no... actually it's more the character design that's unusual)
"I definitely prefer happy endings too. its like, if I'm going to invest time in watching something I might as well come out of it feeling happy that I watched it" - Exactly! :)

You know... i really wanted to post a picture of some scary anime scene... but i was too. scared. to. click. on. any. of. those. pistures... SO. It was NO joke when i said that i'm easily scared, okay??? I think one more of those kind of videos and i'll even fear the Sesame street...

I read the most when i was in the 7th/8th grade. The library was sort of my second home :D. And in that time i searched for groups that also liked to read ;P
"Don't bend in to some stupid people who say reading books is old-fashioned or "uncool"! Those are going to stay stupid anyways." :D But having that kind of mindset now, won't help my past... sad truth.

Tazu Jan 10, 2014 2:52 PM
Haha. No kidding. My car is covered all the time. With blankets of snow.

Yep, those changes happened with my cousins haha. Not to mention the hairstyles wow.

Exactly. There isn't that human resource branch breathing at your neck and of course those policies.
Wow going abroad with farming. That is honestly the first time I've heard of it. I know what you mean with terrifying. Completely different place and sometimes a different language. Then again you would always meet those really nice new people. They are out there in the world thankfully. Anyways, it sounds really fun O:. Have anywhere you were thinking of going?

Mischievous delinquent days haha. In those days I was mostly in those "club activities" my parents made me do. Yep I was one of those kids. There was one halloween in high school though..There weren't any cops but there were friends' houses that were egged. And we just happened to be in that same area...
As for driving I usually go over the speed limit, but slow down at areas where I always see speed traps. I think I've lived here too long..

She graduated a long time ago. Like 2005 I think.

Here you go...

Did the chicken have a name? And aww :(. I imagine it would be pretty hard to keep the chicken as a pet. Especially in this weather. They would tend to leave their droppings in a lot of places if they lived inside the house. Or can they actually be housebroken :O?

RedPaintedRose Jan 8, 2014 3:14 PM
Some italian woman who lived in the 17th century - and her views about gender difference.
... it was interesting.

the news show that it's pretty cold in north america right now... Put something warm on :D It's 10°C here - so warm considering the fact that it's winter...
That's an option. I could go to the alps right away :) I'd say the european railnetwork is pretty good. (Of course in some countries more and in some less ;)
I think we have more connections to what americans describe as "cultural". Like how we talked about Goethe. I know where he lived and i also visited some cities he traveled through. So i have the advantage over someone who has little possibility of coming in contact with this kind of history. And since it's like that it could be that we place more value on culture. But apart from that... i don't think we'd describe ourself as cultural or elegant. The only thing i'd describe as elegant would be paris maybe? The french kind of elegant ;)

Yes, you were right about that. I'd have liked to have some older siblings. Less resposibility would been nice.
No offence, but i don't like Nicolas Cage, so this was hard to watch for me. And yes, it was bad...
I liked the older version more, because the jokes in the second version seemed so forced (sometimes it seemed like they wanted to make spiderman some comedian...)
Super fast reflexes? I could rescue a lot of people that way :) What do i want with some puppet? :D

I like your blog :) Interesting pictures, gifs, texts. What you wrote about yourself is nice :)

Deep conversation about the afterlife :D - that's good. I needed a few years to understand why a person sometimes comes back in another body... i found out that it's supposed to be reincarnation :D (irony;) Try to explain what reincarnation is to an elemantary school kid... ^^;
Too much deep thinking in animes leads me to deppression... ;) I have enough deep thoughts just by thinking about my life - thinking about a fictious character living in a fictioius world living with fictious chracters thinking about -what ifs- would be overkill ;)
But the real reason is that i'm a fan of happy endings and most of those animes just don't end well. generally it's interesting thinking about different views of the world.

Was that really needed? That was creeeeeepy!!! I'm scared of ... i don't even know what i shold be scared of now!! D':
What we'd look like if we were out of an anime.

I was/am a fan of old libraries- i loved the old wood floorboards/stairs :)

Tazu Jan 8, 2014 12:19 PM
I know right oh my god. It is seriously been freezing for the past few days. I just try and stay inside and avoid that cold WINDY air.

Aw :(, I think I know what you mean. But it is good to see family that will always be there. So it definitely sounded like a fun holiday :D. I pretty much had the same thing. There were like (Counting in my head who was there) 11 cousins and my sister and brothers at my grandmothers. It has been like 4 years since I've seen my cousins so at first it was somewhat awkward seeing how much they've changed.

Actually I work in independent pharmacy. I was about to apply CVS/Walgreens but I have heard terrible things about those stores from my sister and co-workers at the pharmacy. Oh yeah, being out of school even as soon as I finished my last exam felt really weird. I'm like wow so this is what it feels like to almost be out in the real world. Although I am going to end up diving back into school eventually. The graduation ceremony was back in December yeah. I didn't bother going because I didn't know anyone graduating at the same time as me lol.

Yeah I always get that advice to be respectful to cops. It is good to follow though. thankfully I have not been pulled over yet. I might though in the future. I'm always over the speed limit. 65 is just too low sometimes >_>.

Oh my sister went to UConn in Storrs so she didn't have to walk through Hartford. She did have those 20 minute walks to classes though.

Yeah I always hear those negative things about trying to make a living off of art. It is good you still draw though :D. I try and do it every so often for fun and as gifts. I'm terrible though haha.

I know what you mean. I actually enjoy the biology part more than chemistry also. Thankfully the pharmacy job requires knowing more about application of biology and chemistry instead of something like the periodic table. Wow so you actually do have a chicken?
RedPaintedRose Jan 6, 2014 6:19 AM
Sorry - had to prepare a presentation (robbed me half of my vacation)

I want to board an airplane right now. I really want to have snow... much more since there's not even a small sign of actually snowing here... :'(( *complaincomplaincomplain*
We've learned in school how to convert Fahrenheit to Celcius (even if i have to admit that i never was good to remember that stuff... :D) so, no problem. How many countries beside america are using Fahrenheit? ...never thought about it... let's google it. :D

Just imagining my siblings having wolves ears... *lol* but having werewolf abilities would be nice. I'm not really fond of playing with genes though... seems sort of like a control addiction of humans.
Nice question, since i'm actually fan of superhero movies. Watched all marvel movies after spiderman (the older spiderman:) *.*. I don't have a favorite superpower (- really! :D) I don't particularly dislike/like any. Maybe a mix? (btw: Wolverine is cool o.o)
Do you know any animes with characters that have superhero-abilities?

What kind of blog are you writing? (If it's allowed to ask:)
I also have difficulty distinguishing those kind of similar words. (Since i've had a few psychology courses in university it's a bit clearer now ;)
Library doesn't have Greens books...........damn

Well they just had a cultural problem. They found the big eyes strange. There was too much blood/fighting. They didn't like the over-emotionality. Simple things - that's the reason i could argue with them ;)
Yes, you'd probably have a lot of fun - looking at me screaming, in panic trying to close my eyes. - I think the worst thing is the music - the moment the music goes *recall the theme from Jaws (steven spielberg)* i'm gone... instantly.

We have a lot mangas in our libraries. But the only manga i own is The Breaker :) . Books do smell nice, don't they? :)

---Sooo good, right? How far are you now? (*_*)
RedPaintedRose Jan 1, 2014 12:58 PM
We'll take it like this: i really wanted to come but suddenly had to stay home because of urgent family matters, okay? ;)
I'd really like to be somewhere cold with a lot of snow right now. It's still not snowing here... we have 8 degree celsius...

I really like children (every age and even if they're hyperactive :D) but i 'd go crazy having to be cautious of wolfs ears appearing any moment o.O; I mean... alone the imagination stresses me out :D
i don't think that's strange. On the contrary I think that's good. That means you're a person who is able to understand and empathize with other humans. Because you can relate to opinions other people have. And liking a person which is similar to yourself isn't strange at all :)

I have to confess that i don't know John Green. But i've looked him up and educated myself a bit. :D i'll take that as an indirect recommendation and search for his books in the nearby libraries :) (New Books *.*)

Yes, you were right :) gomenasai (- phonetics)
My parents would be happy if i did more sports (- i was playing soccer in my schooldays but i didn't keep up... ) But they actually forbade us to watch animes when i was little. My mother hated every sailor moon, pokemon, dragenball (...) episodes... But i was able to change her mind a bit over the years :D
O_O I'm even more scared with that creepy stuff........ too scared to even think about it.....

I began quite late to read mangas and i don't think it's necessary to like both animes and mangas. I really recommend The Breaker for your second manga though. I've bought them and lent them my little siblings to read and now they're addicted :D
Tazu Jan 1, 2014 12:29 PM
Sorry for the late reply, been gone out of state for awhile to visit family for Christmas :D. How was your New Years and other holidays?

Oh yeah. I like a decent amount of snow to just make it look nice outside :D. I'm a pharmacy technician but I have to do general retail/clerk stuff most of the time. I still have min-wage too haha. I'm trying to get another part time or full time and I will probably spend this year to "enlighten" myself about life skills.

Aw that is unfortunate, there are of course officers out there who rarely give "warnings". Guess you can't do much other than that. Just reminds me of the Cops reality shows where people play dumb. And then when that doesn't work... That works out so great for them right?

Nice! It is pretty fun to have your own freedom with things. It is a good thing you have a car though. I imagine some students are placed in far away dorms/apartments and it is like 15-20 minute walk to classes. At least that is what my older sister had to deal with.

Did you take any art classes in high school?

Yes Hartford is very scary. I generally stay out of the city except for that one time me and my friends went to get gas at a gas station. That was fun... Nothing actually happened but there were pretty sketchy people walking around with hoodies up and of course the gas store had BARS on the window.

Yep I agree with you. I rather have a party with some friend I already know. As great as it is to meet new people, sometimes meeting so many people at a party and probably not talking to half of them any time after seems silly.

Wow nice! Pharmacy didn't really interest you after that year huh?

RedPaintedRose Dec 31, 2013 9:44 AM
I don't know how much it exactly was but it was a lot :D To have that much snow must've been pretty - while looking out of the window ;)
have fun sledding :) --just remembering... when was the last time i went sledding? ...mhm... i'll have to ask someone to go with me ;)
I guess it's amusing going out at night with someone who shrieks and winces at every sound ^^;; ---i'd like to be the one who laughes at that moment but i think i wouldn't be :'( :D

I don't normally have favorite chracters... so that's a difficult question fo me. But i liked Hana - the mother a lot. Since she kept going whatever happenened. And whenever she was cofronted with a situation she wasn't used to she considered both sides well.

:) sounds good - i think i'll try it. i remember watching the first episode but i didn't continue.

Funny! :D Same situation for me: i was happy to survive mathematics in school and in university i suddenly had to take statistics courses...
:D btw: What's your favorite author?

No, no! You didn't sound rude! That was more of an excuse for myself - in advance...
Since i won't start watching recommended animes immediately... Because i'm waiting for the right moment to watch animes --i hate forcing myself to watch or read anyting. I'm keeping a special list for recommended mangas/animes so that i won't forget them and start to watch them as soon as i have enough time.
Sorry for the misunderstanding. ごめんなさい。

well it was only an 8h curse so i wouldn't expect much from it anyways but i'd like to learn karate. Ah i forgot to ask: Why would your parents be against boxing?

:D When i was a kid i watched Dragon Bal! (And a fair amount i'd say ^^)I'm wondering myself why i didn't go crazy after watching all those kamekameha scenes only in elemantary school :D
A fan of fast paced brawling? *.* That's no sign of your boyish instinct because then i'd also be a boy :D I enjoy action scenes quite a lot (especially the fighting scenes from The Breaker my fav. Manga or Sun-ken Rock *.*) The only thing i hate in that aspect would be senseless killing, apart from that everything is okay. e.g.: I can't stand horror but bloody actions scenes are okay - i'm thick-skinned in that aspect :D ..... I think i went at least a bit crazy after watching dragonball... ^^
I want to know how Bleach ends since i've read a few hundred chapters (+i really like the characters)- and since it's the last arc i have the feeling that it's finally not getting delayed anymore. :)