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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 7: Steel Ball Run
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marvelcat Oct 6, 2014 11:07 PM
Yeah, the manga is definitely a million times better than the anime, but that last episode was one of the best, compared to the previous eps... They definitely skipped out on a lot of the character development for Kaneki, though. I wish they'd added in the part where Kaneki trained with Touka and Yomo too. :P

I'm still clinging to the hope that he's alive. I mean, with super regenerative powers like that, it seems kind of weird that he'd get killed by Arima (who's a human), and not get killed by Jason, who is a ghoul with a kakuja. But Arima is a freakishly strong human... he was terrifying even as a high school student. T_T EH! I don't know what to think anymore, only four more days until the Young Jump event!!!


Same, I wouldn't want a second anime season. I liked the first season well enough, but I'd prefer a manga sequel too because man, even if you gave the second season 25 episodes, it still wouldn't be enough to cover all the development and arcs going on in the actual manga. That's just how awesome Tokyo Ghoul is.


All this speculation and no answers! It's driving me crazy. I'm half tempted to go and re-read the entire manga just to look for answers but haha, no time. I guess if Eto IS the One-Eyed King, it would explain why she's always hanging around Tatara, since he's kind of like the leader for the Aogori as well.


THE FANDOM ISN'T DYING. We're still going strong on Tumblr! And a lot more pretty gifs are popping up everywhere, which doesn't help with my recovery process. Like this one:


And I've been listening to White Silence on repeat for a long time. Such a beautiful song </3
ITFujoshi Sep 28, 2014 5:34 AM
Yup, Jason that mega sadistic jerk... creeped me out...
I can already imagine you going "Now what am I supposed to do...?" after the finale... I know how you feel. Haikyuu! ended and it felt like a little something died inside of me... ;_;


Actually, I quite enjoyed the last episode... And I thought the pacing was okay, didn't feel rushed to me -please don't hit me Ship-sensei-
I think it's because I haven't read the manga yet, so I don't know how much they left out and so.
Though I do agree, I could've done with less screen time for Rize and more for Kaneki's past. In the end, I still don't really understand why so many people were obsessed with her? What made her so special and so sought after? -I guess this is another cue for me to start reading the manga huh-

Oh and luckily they did show it in the finale. It was blegh... shiver... bugs in someone's ear... O_O

OP Kaneki is really BAD ASS though! And I was kind of surprised how well his VA voiced OP Kaneki... I was really curious how that would work out since the normal Kaneki always sounds so timid.


DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!! -stubs toe and continues cursing-

For some inexplicable reason, even after you went through the trouble of bolding and writing the warning in caps, I still went and clicked the spoiler thinking it contained comments for episode 10... I still have no idea why I thought that... I can only imagine it was because I watched the last TG episode before that and was still dazed and sad and clicked on the spoiler. I started reading and halfway through I was like "Wait, this didn't happen right? Did I miss all this in episode 10??" And then I realised and just wanted to punch myself. -sigh-

Anyways, on the last ZnT episode:
That was... Yeah... I don't even know either.

I still can't believe they killed 12 off so suddenly... I mean, even after i read the spoiler, I was like, really....? Did that just happen...? Why... ?

And I agree, poor Nine... ;_; He should've come into my arms, I'd have comforted him for sure. :3

But other than 12's (really) sudden death, the rest of the finale was pretty... plain (?) imo... The main reason being that Lisa still got to live and (damn it!) both the boys died... I'd have been fine with it if at least Nine was still alive.

Right?? I thought for sure he'd push it... He sure is one level-headed person...
And I totally agree! I was lost for a second when all 3 of them started playing together and I didn't like it one bit. ARGH!! Lisa!!! Why u keep pissing me off!?


Aye, sir! XD I will keep away from all TG tags on tumblr then...
I'll read it for sure, since I want to know what OP Kaneki will do now. And I want to see how many doves get slaughtered by that one-eyed owl whoever.

D: I hope you don't end up breaking any of them though cuz yeah, I think that would hurt as hell... No more TG for you, young lady!!


Hopefully she'll get her internet connection soon. I mean, a student can't live without internet nowadays.

XD You're kind of a scary senpai... Keeping spare scarring-material and even thinking so far ahead so as to prevent a person from becoming immune to your schemes... :p

I was looking for like a handshake kind of gif, but couldn't find a good one. :D

Note: Same thing happened to me... I normally control and copy my comments before hitting the reply button, but this time I clicked something accidentally while I was typing and it was gone.... Luckily I had only typed like 1/3 of the comment, so didn't need to retype much.
ITFujoshi Sep 28, 2014 4:43 AM
Don't worry... I heard from a little birdie those pills are supposed to be SUPER effective...

:D They call each other up and discuss ways to make their randoms squirm.


Whoever starts watching TG hoping for nice feels, has to be a super optimist... One look at the art and colours and you know you shouldn't be expecting skittles and rainbows...


Ahaha. You were on a drawing spree. That's good as well, Shuu-chan lives on!
Once again, some unexpected stuff popped up and I couldn't write a proper reply sooner.
marvelcat Sep 26, 2014 2:27 AM

So sorry for the late reply. I kind of got stuck in life, because it sucks, but you know. *cries*

Just rewatched the last ep. of Tokyo Ghoul and daaamn, Kaneki. The ending. I want to cry some more because I can't handle this shit. I loved the entire episode, though, easily one of my favorites because of all them feeeels. And I think the ending was perfect, even if it was kind of abrupt. IT IS THE MANGA ENDING I CAN'T ACCEPT. Did you hear about Ishida Sui-sensei having a special announcement? I'm so excited! (Some people are saying it's the second season of the anime coming out in January, but that was delisted, so I don't know. The suspense is killing me D: )

Anyways, in reply to your forum post, it wasn't exactly implied that Eto/Sen Takatsuki was the One-Eyed King, right? I mean, I know she's the One-Eyed Owl, who's also unbeatable, but if I remember correctly, Nico said that the One-Eyed King doesn't exist. He could be lying, of course, but it makes no sense that he'd lie.

But really. All I want is for the manga to be continued. I don't mind if it's in a different perspective, but I need closure. I need to know my Kaneki is safe. D:
ITFujoshi Sep 22, 2014 6:28 AM
Oh, so that's what that was. The eff, Kaneki is already getting tortured and top of that he has to do math... torture times 2..

I wanna know! Please tell me, Ship-sensei. Since it got censored, they won't show it in the anime anyway, so.


XD Cast them into the fire!!

If something happens to Nine, I will lose it... It'll take a lot of therapy before I can get better...


That degree of "self-hurt" is acceptable. :)
Oeh, pinching is also acceptable!


ESP powers working full throttle there. First and last time? How come? Am guessing you guys often skyped then, but never met in person?

Ahaha. You've been a good senpai to her. The chain of torture continues.

O_O That's one scary (and possibly loud?) laugh...? XD
Anyhoo, who cares about the others. As long as you guys had fun.

If she had spent another day with you or something, she'd definitely become a full fledged one. :D

Hopefully something like this: <3
ITFujoshi Sep 22, 2014 5:51 AM
Ahaha. It's a "pot calling the kettle black" kind of situation huh.

-hands off a bottle of "not yet WHO approved" chill pills...-

It'd be one helluva stunt if the mangaka actually did that. So cruel. XD


But it's always fun to spread the fandom love... Or in your case, I'm guessing you lured them in somehow, either with the Shuuneki ship or something or with promise of candy.

" Oh yeah? Well, make me! I'll put ma man-drool wherever I wanna!"

I'm not even a planner, I'd probably just put an apple in my mouth and get eaten since I know I won't survive for even one minute.

Sorry for the late reply, been busy with some skool stuff and only now I got a proper breather.
Urcanpy Sep 20, 2014 12:48 AM
I kinda wanna ship Takatsuki x Kaneki, but I know that ship will never set sail.

I honestly wonder what CCG will do now with all those lost limbs. Will prosthetics be that effective for combat and stuff? Especially arms and hands. But I can’t imagine Juuzo just sitting there doing paper work… he’d start drawing giraffes on everything maybe.

I don’t know how people crack their knuckles @_@ I know how to crack my toes though…. and I feel kinda creepy when I do it…

Yes HIDE HIDE HIDE. Wait, that makes no sense. Yeah I’d think there would be a severe punishment for someone who hunts ghouls to protect a ghoul.

But Kaneki’s Kagune will make up for… wait…. Ima pretend I didn’t read that.

Good point. I’m done with those suitcase jokes and blind jokes.

Arima is really mysterious but he seems to care about the people from CCG. I think he was telling this guy (whatshisface) to respect Mado’s death. I kinda want to know more about him but at the same time I still don’t want to forgive him for putting Kaneki through all that shet. //Protect Ken Kaneki 2k14 I still need to read Tokyo Ghoul: Jack too. Sounds like some more OPrima action.

Yes exactly! They should’ve put part of the torture from ep 12 in ep 11. What’s the point of showing it twice anyways? I don’t understand what they’re thinking. I was also hoping that they’d keep the escape attempt too. I want to to smack whoever decided that it was a good idea to squeeze this much into 12 episodes. It’s not like Tokyo Ghoul wasn’t popular before the anime came out and it looks like they pretty much planned to have a s2 from the beginning anyways. Then why the rush? They could have animated everything from the Aogiri arc in 20+ episodes. *rants*

Don’t even get me started on episode numbers… Studio Retarded Pierrot would rather make a couple hundred Naruto filler episodes then to give more episodes to Tokyo Ghoul. Maybe I should go drop my score for Naruto and Bleach just to vent my anger. Well to be fair, I actually kinda liked them when I watched them like years ago. But all those motha effin filler episodes… the story just never got anywhere. Not that there was much of a story to begin with. Tokyo Ghoul totally deserved 50 episodes or 2 seasons, both 2 cour. It probably could have made way more revenue than 200 Naruto filler episodes if done right.

I actually didn’t mind the ending… It was better than rushing the hell out of the Aogiri arc. But it was probably a major slap to the face to the anime only watchers. Pierrot will get the last laugh. ‘Nuff said

The only thing that the tweets are going to do is to make him not want to continue Tokyo Ghoul. I can’t believe he apologized too. For leaked scans. WTH. Fans should be grateful that he’s not getting mad at the leaked scans and doing stuff like getting the government involved. I heard that’s what happened with the Bleach manga. I wanna sign on my twitter account that’s been rotting in a corner for awhile now just so I can say that I love him and his manga. It’s so cheesy but I wanna do it >.<

Nah, I’m just busy with life and work and whatnot. I wish I could just spend all day on my computer... I want to become true otaku 8D
Niteshade Sep 19, 2014 12:56 PM
-hangs head- Exactly right. I might have to get a stick, just in case that I need to smack it. HAHA! ^_^"" Right!! But I can never seem to get the wording right just as the one before. Plus I find it...tedious to re-type it over. Good thing that I have the "ctrl+a then ctrl +c then preparing ctrl+v" So I dont have to redo it all over again. Just need to remember to do it now. ;D

Ehh..? To not to? And why would you say that? I probably can IF I get the time or I manage to stay awake after lying in bed and reading for so long. But it shouldnt be that hard. Its just that I dont get the time. -sighs- With work and all. I barely get enough time to watch my anime and to reply to comments before I knock out. So we'll see.

Yeah. And why not? Arent you capable of handling rage and rants? oh gawd, I hope you can! xD

And since that TG is ended now. I expect to hard a word or two about that from you. ^_^ So bring it at me. :D -puffs up chest- Watch me deal with it. HAHA!

So those two are really good. And I like them. heck...I like them ALL! But on the 3rd, 4th and 5th page...I cant seem to be able to view them. Either its only for members of DA or you privatized them. But thats fine. And are really, really, really good at colouring. Your style is soo amazing to me. I love it. The dark colours are the sexiest! :D <33 So what do you use to colour your work? PS or Sai? It looks really professional...or perhaps Sai? O.o?

Wow. >w<" I could imagine your irritation at getting those anime spoiled, especially CG..I couldnt care less for DN. And you know what I dont understand...they would drop really good anime and remake the silly ones. Dn, in my opinion, didnt really deserve a remake. But oh well...fanservice always win. No conflict there.

OMG!! YESS!!! His laugh! I really like him Durarara and Gatchaman Crowds. I think in Free..I saw a different side to him. A more calm, relaxed and 'normal' side, unlike his other projects. Though I love the others more.

And I am serious about the Gatchaman Crowds. Berg was seriously awesome. Well the voice-acting. xD did the watching the ep of TG go? *I didnt watch it as yet, so nooo spoilers* ^_^ Lay it on me, woman! :DD

Ah....I remember his brother and all and also the anime not completing..and whatnot. Might consider re-reading the manga. SOUBIII!! THATS HIS NAME!! The cutie in the glasses! :DD


Ep10 is out and I am hesitating on whether to watch it or not. I dont wanna see Nine get hurt. It will really piss me the hell off. Annnddd I cant bare to look at Twelve now. So not sure what to go. Did you watch it? O.o?


Awwww..everyone likes Killua. Hes soo cool and badass for his age. So you watched this as a kid that was the older version that ended at ep62, I think it was? I am yet to see that. The animation doesnt look too bad either..


Oh wow. So would I be right to assume that you used to watch it before and then stopped when your friend stopped talking to you? And listen to this...I have a friend who stopped talking to was over an was something entirely different and though I did nothing wrong...and shes to blame..she still blames me. And you know what I came to realize....'if she can choose a guy over me, then we were never friends to begin with. She just uses me and I was hurt...LOADS..but I got over it, and I placed it behind me and I move on. Dude, if your friend stopped talking to me because of anime..then you guys werent friends and you dont need such people in your life. They will only bring you down. Speaking from experience here. And also, friends wont force things down your throat. So yeah...I am really sorry to hear that though. Some of my babies are from there. They are really cool. :DD But if you ever do change your mind, NS is worth it. ^__^ And you might not regret it. :DD

And now...lemme copy this shit before Mal eat my comments again. And this one is a long one..with pics! It would piss me the hell off..and I might end up smacking this pc. So.... There! Done!
Urcanpy Sep 18, 2014 9:28 PM
Ugh I hate the suitcase jokes too. First the blind jokes and now this.

I need to reread it too but I’ve been holding off because I wanted to wait for Twisted Hel Scans to catch up. I might just go ahead and do it because it’s going to be awhile before they do...

Kaneki is the unluckiest protagonist I’ve ever seen. Whenever Ishida tortures his mc, it’s like he’s torturing the readers too. I think the author must ship Kaneki x Tragedy. I wonder if it was a good idea to get attached to his character...

Hide probably left CCG to avoid suspicion but I wonder what he’s up to now. His first priority I guess was to keep Kaneki alive and then to help him in another way afterwards.

Well if that theory with Helter Skelter is correct then we might get an all out war between humans and ghouls. The ghouls try to wipe out the humans but the humans stay in hiding and wait for a chance to strike back, and then Pierrot being the ones to trigger this war etc. When I think about the manga again, I remember that there wasn’t a really central plot or goal from the start and you just kinda… go with the flow? I’m sure that Ishida will manage to make it interesting.

I think Arima only realized that he was Kaneki after he recited that Ainu poem. But to recognize him from just that, maybe Arima knows more about Kaneki than the other CCG people. Suspicious Arima is suspicious.

Ohhh I really want to see Kaneki and Arima celebrating their birthdays together for some reason. They can be b-day buddies!

I just watched ep 12 and I’m surprised that I actually liked it and they redid the torture scene. I wanna see if there live reactions on it on Youtube now… It probably would have been better if they divided it up between the 2 episodes and not redo the scene though. The episode feels a bit rushed at times but the action scenes were really well done. I find it weird that they had different directors for every episode and I think Shohei Morita only directed the first and last episode. It’s probably one of the reasons why the adaption seems messy. If there is a season 2, they need to give it more than 12 episodes if they plan to animate everything. There isn’t really a good spot to end at other than ch 143 imo. But then again, season 1 ends on a strange place… what am I talking about.

WAIT WHAT *stalks his twitter* HE'S ALIVE OMG I found 2 translations for his tweets if you haven’t seen them yet (I guess you probably have by now but Ima leave them here anyways):
He's not revealing anything specifically but I smell a sequel and Kaneki being alive *hyped* But seriously, people should not have been sending him hate tweets and tweets about leaked scans. Giving him that amount of hate in exchange for all the work he’s put into Tokyo Ghoul is beyond rude. I was iffy about the ending at first too but that doesn’t mean that he deserves all the hate. And then people tweeting him leaked scans… *facepalm* Much respect to Ishida sensei, especially after this. He’s still satan though. The sequel feels so close… I can already taste it :>

Well it took me about 6 hours to finish typing up my comment .-. Life sux
Urcanpy Sep 17, 2014 11:34 PM
I caught up to the raws over 2 months ago and it was I think the worse time to do it because every week was just a crazy cliffhanger after cliffhanger. It was driving me nuts. And when I saw Kaneki bump into Arima I thought “Wait wut? It’s wayy too early for Kaneki to fight him. But he’s the mc so he should be fine since the manga is still far from over...right?”. Then in the next chapter Kaneki got stabbed in the eye and I almost flipped my table. Thennn the chapter after that he got stabbed in the other eye and I almost punched my computer screen. I thought after the chapter he had with his inner self, he would be rescued by someone like Yomo or heal himself with the bodies around him. But no, Ishida ends the manga right there and tries making us think that he became a suitcase. He’s so troll.

I’m that glad I follow the posts on Batoto… they always give me hope ;-; I feel so hopeful about Kaneki being alive in the sequel now. And then Arima can get a nerf in part 2 too. I would be disappointed too if this is the end and if all the theories were wrong. I think that the stuff about the 7th and 14th tarot card are right though… Someone pointed out that Kaneki was counting down from ‘714’ (combination of the 2 numbers) in ch 140 and then he stops at 14 (temperance tarot). 14 is supposedly an unlucky number and 7 (which he never gets to in his countdown) is a lucky number. So he reached temperance but he’s also out of luck (for now). But I think that things will go better in the sequel. Quote from a article about the 7th and 14th tarot card: “With The Chariot and Temperance working together in positivity, we can change our luck.”

I think I should have asked earlier but do you read the Batoto forums? o_o Because I don’t want to just type walls of text about a lot of stuff that you’ve already read before.

I just had a mental image of Juuzo stitching his leg back on… It actually feels legit. I’m not lying.

Hmm I’ve never thought of the suitcase that way. It looks a lot like Narukami’s suitcase so I just assumed that it was or it’s another quinque. I think Ishida’s just putting it there to throw us off. Buuut, what if that’s Arima’s research on Kaneki and he is in reality really smart and that’s why his hair is all white already? (I'm so genius I know) I think I’ll put that under my list of stupid crack theories… my non existent list... I almost never make my own theories cause I suck at it xD I just add on to other people’s theories or something like that.

I look on Tumblr sometimes and I was surprised at first when I saw all the people calling him ‘trash’ (I think Uta might be the new trash now though). I don’t see why people would hate him so much. To me he’s like a funny gag character. Amore~ Heartbreak~ No kidding~

I’m just using the fact that Hide wouldn’t lead his friend to his death to convince myself that Kaneki is alive. And so that means Arima definitely has something to do with Hide’s plans. It could be like that theory says or there’s something that Hide knows about Arima that we don’t. Maybe Arima is Kanou’s bodyguard or it’s something related to his opness.

I’m not completely sure about the theory on Kaneki becoming an investigator cause I don’t know if that sounds like Ishida sensei. But there’s a overwhelming amount of clues hinting towards it. If he does take the story that way, I’m sure he’ll make it unique and different somehow though so... idk. I still totally dig that theory of course If Kaneki does acquire amnesia, maybe this way we will see the real Kaneki now and not him with a mask on? I’m pretty sure that the ‘erased’ does mean that they erased all info on Kaneki because looking at the the CCG people talking about the aftermath, they still call him ‘Centipede’ and there’s no indication that they know he is a half ghoul or Ken Kaneki.

Maybe Kaneki and Arima are similar some way and that’s why they have the same birthday? I have no clue tbh.

How about
“The author that will be the death of us” XD

I can’t believe it’s already going to be the last episode of the anime tomorrow. Part of me wants to see how they adapt it and part of me is scared that they’re gonna butcher it. Ep 11 kinda looked like they were seriously trying to finish the arc in 2 episodes… Wellll if that surprise announcement on Oct 11 ends up being a second season for the anime and not a sequel for the manga then all hell’s gonna break loose >_>
Niteshade Sep 17, 2014 1:53 PM
Ouch! And yeah...when I write long posties, I will HAVE to remember to do that or else..I will lost ALL my words and might launch my pc out of the window. >.< Especially when it takes me quite a while to type up a reply. -smh-

Ah, thats fine. I have read longer...lets see...I am reading Noblesse atm. And I am on chapter 340+ I think...somewhere there. And I read over 150+ chapters in one day. Those chapters were 23+ pages long, including the covers and extras. So that shouldnt be a problem.

Only thing is..I like to read in bed and usually when I am in bed..I would fall asleep. HAHA! I cant help soon as I got under my blankets...Bam!! Nap time! :DD Naps are fun! <33

Dawwww -rubs your head- I think you can too! You seem pretty capable! :DD

Oh nice! Well let me see some of your works sometime. Alright. If you wanna show me. :D I cant draw to save my life. Maybe watch and draw...but drawing just like that. No way. I suck at it. Loaddss.

What do you mean that you didnt reach 'that' far? Wait....didnt you finish the anime? O_O Did I spoil it for you..? -hangs head- How could I do such a thing! I sowwie! :|

Ahh....Miyano...he is the apple of my eggs and music to me ears! <333 I can listen to him all day!

Did you watch Gatchaman Crowds? With him one of the characters? The interesting ones? O_O Cuz if you need to watch it! He was soooo good in that anime! <33

EXACTLY!!! -smh- Pathetic..I tell you. PATHETIICC. Awww...I cant remember seeing that in loveless. All I remember is the guy...ugh! His name starts with S. Shoo...Shu...something. #likesguyswithglases.

Ah, I figure as much. I feel sowwie for her. Baka Lisa. Seriously. I wanna smack her across her face. Five didnt go it hard enough! >.<


Ehh..not really huh? I guess not. Though some people think that they are. Oh well. I wont like them any less anyways. :D
Scared..? Awwww...Why's that?


Oh wow. That bad huh. That person is really really stupid and silly to have interacted with you that way. Is it okay to ask what happened or would you rather not share that with me? I dont mind if you cant. But I am all ears. :D

And yeah, it is pretty amazing. So sorry to hear that though.


HAHA! YEah! but I will copy this one in case it does. Stupid Mal. Wonder if its still that hacker..thingy.. >.>
Urcanpy Sep 16, 2014 10:10 PM
The anime was what brought me to the anime too. I watched the first episode and went to read the first 6 chapters that I heard it covered but then I kinda... accidentally read it all… ^^; I don’t regret it one bit though. The one thing that the anime is doing right is bringing more people to the manga. And I totally agree on Kaneki’s character. People constantly complaining about him seem to lack common sense. “Oh he saw a corpse! He should have pretended he didn’t see that and not freak out about it because this is something you would see like every day! This is soooo normal!”

When I first read ch 143, I felt that there would definitely be a sequel and that Kaneki could be alive. But then I got affected by other people’s negativity and wasn’t sure anymore. I was just really grumpy the whole day afterwards. Now I’m going back to what I believed before though @_@ Everything will be daijobu. I hope.

Haha… yeah. Limbs, limbs, everywhere. There is this theory that the oneshot with Juuzo will be part of the sequel because in this one panel, there’s a shadow which looks like where his leg was cut off (maybe a prosthetic?).

Sometimes I’m not so sure about some tarot cards and I think maybe fans are overanalyzing. But here are the ones that I think are most likely right?
Kaneki - 12, 7, 14
Touka - 2, 19
Hide - 1
Takizawa - 15
Arima - 11, 13
Juuzo - 0, 13, 12
I feel like I’m forgetting some but my mind is kinda going blank right now.

Yup, there is this black suitcase in ch 143 and a suitcase beside someone on the last page too.

In the end, I think Tsukiyama actually thought of Kaneki as more than just someone he wanted to eat but he just didn’t realize it. I felt a little sorry for Tsukiyama when I saw him lying there on the ground ;_;

Going back to why I think Hide and Kaneki are both alive, that’s the only way to not destroy Hide’s character. As I’ve said before, Hide is a really intelligent and leading Kaneki to his death wouldn’t fit his character. Unless fighting Arima is part of his plan like what this forum post says (did I link this before already?). It would make sense then to show Arima getting a scratch on his face and his quinque being broken. Everything points to Arima being impressed by Kaneki (otherwise there would be no point in showing those scenes). Then there are the last couple pages of ch 143 which contains colors that all reflect hope. Why would Ishida put those colorful pages at the end there if he wants the readers to believe that Kaneki is dead? We also have Touka who is associated with the 2nd (representing wisdom, vision, etc) and 19th tarot card (the most positive card out of all tarot cards). This is like saying Touka is definitely right about Kaneki being alive. Oh, Hide sacrificing himself is one thing that I disagree on with the Tumblr post. He’s smarter than to make his friend regret for the rest of his life by allowing himself to be eaten whole. Hide could have grabbed part of a dead investigator considering that there are tooons of dead bodies lying around or maybe Kaneki only ate part of Hide. And I’ve always wondered if Kaneki could eat himself like Tsukiyama did. I don’t think that Hide was an illusion because how would Kaneki know that he has different hair now, or that Hide is with CCG, wearing a CCG uniform, or that Hide already knew that he was a ghoul etc etc.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m really digging the theory that Kaneki became an investigator. Am I going crazy? On the color page for Young Jump (ch 143’s issue), we see Kaneki wearing a suit, something that you’d think an investigator would wear. It also says “Please remember me, even if I can no longer see this world”. Kaneki with amnesia maybe? Or he can no longer see the ghoul’s world? (Yeah, I think I really am crazy ><) I also remembered that Ishida drew a pic of Kaneki with glasses on to promote vol 13’s sales not long ago. Throughout ch 143, who the black suitcase was made from remains really ambiguous and they never go right out and tell us that it’s Kaneki. Not to mention that the figure with the suitcase at the end of the chapter is ambiguous as well and resembles him. Then there are some translation errors with ch 143. Arima doesn’t say “Leave it to me” but “I’ll leave it to (someone)” (could be him, her, or you etc) when he’s asked what he wants to do about the name and then it’s not replied with “Yes” but “Yes, se-(pai? sei?)”. So they could have very well been talking with Kaneki. Here’s a bit more on this theory (this person mixed up IXA with Narukami though). And did I ever say that Arima and Kaneki have the same birthday? There has to be a meaning to that and this may be connected to it or we may find out why in the sequel. Because there is no way that is a mere coincidence. Maybe the next part will be about the tragedy of Hinami and Touka hue hue. WTH AM I THINKING

I think that Ishida just enjoys torturing his readers like he does with his characters. I love you too you bastard XD Hmm, there’s a very interesting theory that I found here too which predicts what might happen in part 2. Now to the wait for the sequel T_T
ITFujoshi Sep 16, 2014 2:06 AM
Wait... Isn't counting supposed to have an opposite effect on someone? Like when you want to fall asleep, you're supposed to count (sheep) or something?
I can't imagine any other place it can make itself at home...


-brings pitchforks and snacks for said crowd and joins the yelling-

Man, don't get me started with the score. The show started off with a 10, and then when I saw Lisa, it went to a 9... and now I might think of giving it an 8 or 7 even just because I'm so pissed off...


I can understand cracking your fingers... but twisting them...? How does one even do that without hurting themselves... unless they're extremely flexible...
No self-mutilation allowed! XD
ITFujoshi Sep 16, 2014 1:59 AM
Well, at least he's not going on like an indefinite hiatus and not letting his fandom know when he'll be back.

I think the HxH went kind of crazy when the mangaka took a break in the middle of the series... :p

O_O... I'll look for some more potent chill pills for you...

You think he'll pull like a "It was a belated April Fool's joke and I'm still continuing with the serialisation! Just wanted to see how much you guys would miss me! Mwuhahaha!"


I have to go back and check him out... I didn't really pay too much attention to his design, was already hypnotised by his voice.

Looks like you're prepared for the zombie apocalypse with your knife and bat...
Niteshade Sep 15, 2014 4:19 PM
Fuck it. I write it again. -smh- #sopissednow

So yeah..YES! you are cute! -squeezes you-

So last night, I read like 17 pages of chapter one and then..I knocked out. Cold, with the phone on my face! HAHA! I sowwie! orz I had to work the next day and went to bed late because I was watching this super cool NS ep and got soo engrossed in it that I just knocked out after going under my blankets.

HAHAAHA! -points at you- YOU BROUGHT THIS UPON YOURSELF! Prepare to witness my burning ball of pure rage!! :D :D :D Be warned! I shall launch each emotion at you when I rant and rave! ^__^ You have been warned! xDDD

Ohh? You draw eh? Thats pretty awesome. Do what do you draw, really? Like anime characters or like anything in general.
As for me, I write. For that rp that I told you about. I write stories and for like an hour or so..I can totally focus. Its pretty cool. I like writing. Do you like drawing? O.o?

Ohh wow! Having CG spoiled is sooo not cool. Did you smack the person behind the head who did that to you? Lucky for me, I got to see CG when my internet wasnt fully connected so noo spoilers came my way. I got to witness the pure genius of Lulu.

OMG. Am I the only one who thinks that DN ended poorly. I swear, Light pissed me off sooooo much! LIKE WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! HOW DARE YOU PLEA FOR YOUR LIFE IN SUCH A MANNER!! DISGUSTING! Really! It was! I mean he had the balls to kill so many people but the nerve to weep and beg..for his life. EXCUSE ME! NO! You arent allowed to do that! You have to be BADASS! You have to be EXCEPTIONAL! Begging isnt allowed. PATHETIC. So yeah...DN was a total let down. I dont get what the fuss is all about. -sighs- L was amazing though. Loved him. Totally worth watching him, tbh.

EXACTLY!! WHO CARES ABOUT that little piece of trash! UGHH! Like come on....USE YOUR BRAINS! Dont create such a massive scene and ran into EVERYONE you met. UGH! Thats airport scene pissed me off sooo much more than her cooking scene. I dont know about you..but her scene with her mother made me wanna slap her until I miss! WTF IS WRONG WITH HER! Clearly her mother went through something dramatic and she needs some reassurance. Chick, stick with your mother. Dont treat her that WAY. I think she blames her though. IDONTCARE! Leave the boys alone. And omg..when she actually does it...MORE TROUBLE. I swear...the next ep will kill me. -hangs head- I just know it!!!


I dont agree with that person of putting yourself in her shoes. Because IF we did it. WE WOULD USE OUR BRAINS. GAWD #somuchemotionsrightnow.

EXACTLY RIGHT!! And then..she took sooo long to read the note! WTF! -pulls out hairs-

Yeah...Twelve..that silly silly silly boy. How dare he do that to my baby.


OMGGG!! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! How did I know that you were going to say those three! You are just like me! Yep Yep! We like the weirdos, the outcasts! The freaky ones! YEP YEP! :D



So on NS, right...*has no idea if you watches it or now. I should check your list orz I sowwie* Sooo in NS, do you like Orochimaru? Or who is your fav there then? O.o?


Ahhhhh...I see. Yep! That answers my question. Totally not the rp I was referring to, but thats okay!

And MAL BETTER NOT EAT THIS COMMENT! Or I swear...I rip something out! >.<!!!
Just in case...I copied it! ^_________^