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Apr 21, 8:58 PM
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Spy x Family Movie: Code: White
Apr 21, 2:26 PM
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Dungeon Meshi
Apr 19, 10:54 PM
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20th Century Boys
20th Century Boys
Yesterday, 10:57 AM
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Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Yesterday, 1:57 AM
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Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen
Yesterday, 1:57 AM
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Arjun_Chauhan Apr 22, 2016 1:30 AM
Hey, I've finally...finalized my university. I'll be joining Pennsylvania State University this fall. Searching for housing and stuff now. Even that is tiring. *sigh*
How are things on your side?
goshujin_sama241 Apr 16, 2016 1:23 PM

It has been an interesting two weeks. We saw the largest number of nominations we have ever seen and the introduction of a semi-final round which was exciting until the end. Now with all that it is time to vote for the Face of UAS for the Spring Season. With this our club will be redesigned to fit our new winner. Voting will take place 4/16 and last until 4/24 at 23:59 PST (MAL time). The winner will be announced on Monday 4/25 and the redesign will take place that week. Vote now and make your favorite the new Face of UAS!!!

For those who find these messages annoying this will be the last one for a while

goshujin_sama241 Apr 1, 2016 1:36 PM

Well it is time for the start of the spring anime season and after taking a break for one season it is time once again for us at UAS to select a new Club Picture. In this forum thread nominate your favorite unpopular anime and/or character. Each member may make two nominations only. They may be anime/character, anime/anime, or character/character. The choice is yours. Nominations start Friday 04/01 and go through Friday 04/08 23:59 PST (MAL time). Shortly after a poll will be created using 6 selected nominations. If your selection isn't chosen worry not as we do this with every new anime season. (4 times a year) Who knows, maybe your nomination will be the new face of UAS!!!


New to the process
*Upon announcing a winner, the club page will be redesigned reflecting the character or series that wins.*
Almighty_Pedro Oct 30, 2015 12:10 PM
Hi there! Long time no talk! How had you've you been?
Today I saw The Wind Rises with a couple of friends and I really enjoyed it. On of them is also a Studio Ghibli fan.
I haven't seen much anime since I entered college so I haven't been on MAL for a while.
Currently I'm reading the manga of Nausicaä and I'm really enjoying it.
Arjun_Chauhan Oct 24, 2015 5:21 AM
I guess this one's fine as well, then. :p
I'm planning to apply for masters in mechanical design. Quite a few my seniors are in Purdue so that's what I'm expecting. Yeah, I need to apply in November-December so things are getting a bit hectic. Need to give toefl tomorrow and then write out the statement of purpose, plus the exams in college. *sigh*
Yeah, Gintoki getting mad in 211. The scene that I was referring to is in episode 213 towards the end (just before the ending song).
Oh, okay. I read a bit and it seems that there are quite a few Vietnamese in Germany. Any particular reason you moved to US?
No, Shimizu's great and looks great. Just that up until now she kept quiet and now...
xTetsu Oct 19, 2015 10:21 AM
Trangyyyyyy. Finished Pitou vs Gon this morning... (Tell Gon not to cry T-T my baby T-T)
Oh, the butterfly guy and the red dude (can't remember their names, lol) are weird... Well, they'll do anything for their king, so I can't blame them. And Netero died right? I guess Meruem to have someone who would give their life to him.

I'm too obsessed with the Opening XD
Reverie Oct 18, 2015 4:51 AM

Hey Reverie here, bringing you a small reminder about U.A.S~

The club's becoming inactive lately, and we would like more of you to be involved in its activities, after all without you guys the club wouldn't survive, but we're not forcing you to.

Below are the following forums that you can explore:

Currently there are three main (sticky) forums, excluding the poll for the new face.

* Member Introductions - If you feel like it, you can introduce yourself here.

* Complain + Improve - a thread where your opinions matter to us, and

* Suggesting Anime for Club Relations - this is where we collect suggestions from members that want a certain show to be added on the relations list, for now it's closed.

If you ever find yourself indecisive on what to watch next, check out the:

* Anime of the Week - where random unpopular shows are reviewed by the staff and other members, or its subsidiary

* Short Anime Spotlight - created by WingKing that offers a diverse information on various types of anime.

You can also partake in our games:

* Is it Unpopular?
* Who am I?
* Anime Charades

Lastly, don't forget to check out these:

* Request a New Club Banner
* Claim a Character from an Unpopular Anime
* Your Anime Collection

Thank you to all members who are helping UAS improve as a club, we hope you continue to support us! :)
xTetsu Oct 17, 2015 8:10 AM
Loool, I know right? I started Assassination Classroom (it's wired..), Bakuman and Yowapeda season 2 XD. But now I'm back at watching HxH.
Sooooo, about Killua. Damn, that six pack XD.

And Knov T-T. Poor Knov.

Well, freaking exams are coming up next month, so I'm trying to watch what I can and study. I'm usually not online on H&E anymore T-T. So, read any good mangas lately? I fell like I'm only watching anime now, gotta go back to reading soon XD
tenderly Oct 17, 2015 6:36 AM
Yes, I am up to date with the manga and it's honestly so good they have to make a 2nd season. I will start a riot if they don't make it happen lol.

I see that you like Kurapika as well! I also like both the trash lord Hisoka and Killua so high five!
Arjun_Chauhan Oct 16, 2015 5:40 AM
Sorry for the late reply. Had to give GRE. Yeah he'll have to apply soon. I myself am quite busy with all those procedures.
Stats, I haven't studied much of that. And hey, did you see that Four Devas Arc in Gintama? That last conversation between Gintama and Jirocho- "You probably had bad grades". :P
Ohh, so your parents were already abroad?
I will have to see about that.
I really like those three anime. And hey, isn't there too much focus on Shimizu this time in haikyu?
tenderly Oct 15, 2015 2:42 AM
Hey! Yes, I like it very much! The storytelling is amazing. I'm still hoping for a 2nd season of the anime though.
SleepyWukong Oct 14, 2015 7:06 PM
thanks :) your support means so much you don't even know
DontYouWish Oct 12, 2015 8:31 PM
Well that didn't last long XD. Anyway just came to recommend you The Unlimited based on your viewing preference, it's on crunchyroll. Also Zetsuen no tempest is a good psychological and intriguing anime that you might enjoy.
xTetsu Oct 11, 2015 8:59 AM
Yaaaaay, that's good to hear!! Gintama is a great anime, just wish I had time to watch it, lol. You have like 10 episodes to go with the second season, and then you'll watch the 3rd!! I'm Happy for you:) you watched the series really fast;)
Huh? Some people have dropped HXH? Didn't know that.. It's too great!! Oh also done with Yowamushi pedal season 1 soon >.<

Well, the first episode followed the manga.. But the manga is better then the anime in my opnion.
Tell me what you think of the episode when you have watched it :p
-_Hex_- Oct 8, 2015 4:27 PM
thanks to accept :D
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