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Jul 27, 2009
There is no way this 20 minuite ova stands up on it's own. The story is jumbled with most of the interesting parts seeminglly taking place before the anime actually occurs and what you're left with is nothing but a small side story from a manga that if you didn't read, you couldn't care less about. This seemed to me as if they were thinking of making an anime rendition of this manga and wanted to test the waters a bit, but they picked the wrong angle completelly. What would have been interesting to see would have been the beginning of this story, not some read more
Jul 27, 2009
I wasn't expecting much from this series but what I got really surprised me. This seems like the complete opposite of something I would enjoy but it turned out to be very well thought out, cute and tender.

Story 8 It does have a bit of a juvenile feel to it, but thats what an anime like this is supposed to be like. This series did not disappoint and did not lead off with a cliff hanger or unanswered questions. Though I would love to see a second season, this stands up on it's own just fine.

Art-9 Not the typical style I usually like, read more
Jul 25, 2009
This is a perfect example of the all to familure anime falterings of having a good concept but failing completely to execute it. While the story it self is good enough to keep you interested it never really seems to go anywhere. Hopefully the movies to come will shed some more light on this but judging this as a complete series it is majorly lacking. The story starts off with a series of interesting questions and circumstances that are begging for an absolution, but few answers are ever provided and the few they do offer up just lead to more unanswered questions. You might as read more
Jun 30, 2009
I enjoyed the second EF much more than the first. Story lines were much deeper in this, characters seemed more realistic.And while I liked how they kept with the 2 main stories at a time deal as they did with the first, the flow between these two seemed almost seamless and really complimented eachother.

As for the story, like any anime I watch I can't tell how much I'd like the story fully until the ending. Far too many times do animes with great stories ruin it with the end. The end here was a bit anticlimactic for my tastes, it wasn't completely screwed up read more
May 26, 2009
This is the second part of a 7 part series. With the first movie there was serious lacking in the character development department, with this movie however there was not only a story line but you actually got to understand a bit about the characters and where they're coming from. Story moves quite slowly, and there are many instances where you will be staring at the same pointless scene for far too long. Such as her lying down for bed and a random shot of her room is on screen for about 45 seconds. This may have been done to add suspense, but it didn't read more
May 26, 2009
The images and art is what makes this a must see. The anime looks beautiful, the story is horribly lacking, given that this is one, in a series of stories I can only hope that the story will develop with time. Though this being the first of the set it certainly didn't intrigue me enough to want to continue. I found myself pausing numerous times because I just got so bored of watching the lack of story develop. This is one of those animes that fall along with the same lines as Paprika, in that its beautiful to sit back and watch it, but read more
May 21, 2009
It's not your typical high school comedy/romance anime. It's worth the watch but I can't say it's fantastic. Story line goes a bit slow at times, but the interesting characters keep your attention. Character design was good, one thing I especially appreciated was how they designed the male lead, he doesn't look like your typical anime romeo, they designed him to look like 'one of the bad guys' which I thought was really refreshing and new with all the staples in anime design it's nice to see someone step outside the box every now and again.