Jul 27, 2009
BurningLeaves (All reviews)
I wasn't expecting much from this series but what I got really surprised me. This seems like the complete opposite of something I would enjoy but it turned out to be very well thought out, cute and tender.

Story 8 It does have a bit of a juvenile feel to it, but thats what an anime like this is supposed to be like. This series did not disappoint and did not lead off with a cliff hanger or unanswered questions. Though I would love to see a second season, this stands up on it's own just fine.

Art-9 Not the typical style I usually like, the colors here are bright and unrealistic, but in a world like this it really works. Opening animation was great and while at the begining I was turned off to the character design as the series progressed I was able to just view them as another cute quirk of this anime.

Sound- Op was great, ending was interesting. Voice acting was top notch. The character Meme has to be one of my favorite characters of all time, due mostly to her voice actor. The voices fit seamlessly into the animation. The male side character's voice is a tad annoying, but he is playing an annoying side character so even that worked.

Characters-9 My only gripe was with the male lead, his character came off as incredibly selfish and you spent most of the anime thinking what a brat he was, or how could someone do that. While that may not have been the creators intention it didn't hinder the show too much, and by the end you grew to care so much about the other characters you didn't really notice.

Tenko- Was amazing, the personality, the character design the voice acting fit together perfectly. I love that every time she gets flustered a little poof of halo smoke pops out of her head along with a little fart type noise.

Meme- Just might be one of my favorite characters of all time.

Misa- Proved herself to be quite essential to the plot and a valuable member of the family, I would be interested to learn more about her character since none of her personal life ever really gets discussed.

Another great concept this anime had was the little people talking... thing.. Hard to describe but sort of like telekinesis, just with little minature pupets. Only the members of the family (and Tenko) have them, and it really brought alot to the show.

With shows like this it can get a little crazy sometimes, random abilities constantly being introduced, a new concept in every episode etc. But that wasn't the case here, the writters clearly had a vision of what was, and what wasn't possible even in their world of the gods and they didn't stray much from the first episode, which makes it much more believable. (Not that any of it is actually believable, but it wasn't one of the series where you roll your eyes at every episode)
Enjoyment-8 it was rare that I sat at the end of my seat after an episode, but while watching them I certainly enjoyed it. I'm surprised this isn't a much more popular anime. A few times the characters seemed to be traveling down their road and you're waiting to see where they end up, when boom random sub plot kicks in, the sub plots weren't bad and while for the most part I can see why they were included, weren't really needed.

Overall 8- As far as cutsie animes go, this is one of the best I've seen. I highly recommend this to fans of the lighter side of anime.