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Mar 11, 2013
I really liked this collection of short stories, each of them had piece of the unexpected. Each story has a different setting.
*The first deals with a demon possessing a childhood friend.
*The next starts with an unexpected 'daughter'.
*Then there is a fantasy about a princess and a kingdom protected by a god.
In the last a rich young girl who's father is trying to make her marry and she runs away.
Some of the themes are deciding what you want in your future and dealing with your past. I don't overly focus on artwork, but the image for this is a good indication read more
Feb 18, 2013
This was an odd story. but surprisingly, even though the main guy character is nude most of the time, and his friend is obsessed with penis(like making bread shaped like them, referencing the length and size (exaggerated) when ever possible, and mentioning a penis convention.. ok. and why is there a high school character mixed up in this? Because her parents are idiots... why, how and to what extent the reader doesn't know, because we never meet them. But it has to be bad for the girl (who does not seem abnormal except that she doesn't run screaming) to exists in this story. oddly, this read more
Feb 6, 2013
this has alight an innocent feeling, if you are addicted to action, mystery, or are a drama lama then this will bore you so much that your brain will melt out your ears. It is about 5th graders and how they perceive and interact with the new changes in there bodies, attraction to others and their mother having a baby. I think writing this type of story takes talent. It is hard for an adult to realistically write young characters, but i feel that this author has. The scenarios and reactions were believable but felt fresh. and Saya's character really intrigued me, it was unexpected read more
Jan 23, 2013
Story 7
We all have had a desire to be more of what we are not, and had people who we wish we were. Well, thanks to a wish and 1000 visits to a shrine, Ritsu and Ciro, childhood friends get to experience it first hand. Kind of like freaky friday, but the people who switch are of different genders and they a friends who didn't fight. The chapters defiantly have an over aching plot but it travels on at a relaxed pace that seems normal without being boring. This has a distinctly Japanese feel. I don't know if it from the stone guardians, the read more
Sep 6, 2012
I found this manga to be very relaxing and enjoyable. The characters feel like they are young and remind me of how it felt when i was a kid. I found that i liked the characters more and more. They didn't get boring. The story not epic or gripping, is very episodic and relaxed. I feel like I could read them in any order, but that they build on each other.
Feb 4, 2012
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Story. I would label it a Vampire, Romance, Shoujo, Comedy, School Life. The concept of this story is one i have heard before. Stories like Karin have girls who are trying to live normal lives while keeping their identity (as a vampire) a secret. It is set in a world where vampires are known but live in society. While they have "rights" to live their lives, the human world fears them and rejects them. A lot of times you can guess what is about to happen though

Art. I loved the colors and details, it is pretty

Characters. For me characters make or break stories. As long read more