Feb 6, 2013
BreathOfFire3 (All reviews)
this has alight an innocent feeling, if you are addicted to action, mystery, or are a drama lama then this will bore you so much that your brain will melt out your ears. It is about 5th graders and how they perceive and interact with the new changes in there bodies, attraction to others and their mother having a baby. I think writing this type of story takes talent. It is hard for an adult to realistically write young characters, but i feel that this author has. The scenarios and reactions were believable but felt fresh. and Saya's character really intrigued me, it was unexpected but made me feel warm. It seemed that there were two stories. The second is not done, but it manages to have an alien, bring up a dead twin, and still have the same feel. I am very fond of this second story because I love the importance of twins and siblings and I also love childhood friendships where both parties tease the other. Over all I found this enjoyable and warming.