Jan 23, 2013
BreathOfFire3 (All reviews)
Story 7
We all have had a desire to be more of what we are not, and had people who we wish we were. Well, thanks to a wish and 1000 visits to a shrine, Ritsu and Ciro, childhood friends get to experience it first hand. Kind of like freaky friday, but the people who switch are of different genders and they a friends who didn't fight. The chapters defiantly have an over aching plot but it travels on at a relaxed pace that seems normal without being boring. This has a distinctly Japanese feel. I don't know if it from the stone guardians, the traditional dance, how Chiro always refers to herself in the third person or the step game at the very beginning.

Art 7
I liked the art, but i am not a picky and read a lot of styles without trouble. But i found it very pleasant to look at. I think the characters all look different, and the eyes are not abnormally huge it has a little more of an adult feel while seamlessly incorporating cute characters and chibi faces. I am giving it an 7

characters 8
The characters in this are really enjoyable. I love watching them interact with each. The interpersonal dynamics are good, but not in a drama lama way, in a light hearted warm and funny way. I really like the relationship Chiro and Ritsu have. They are remarkably different but both cherish and look up to the other... which only adds to their problems when the meddlesome foxes grant the wish. I also like Chiro's older sister because she is competent and silly. And i also like how close the how families are. I feel like i am learning to like the characters even more as i learn more about them. They feel deep and i haven't really come across throwaway characters like in other mangas. Even the people who's basic characters are repeated in other mangas (the director who does stuff on a whim, the guy who is a tsundere) they fit naturally and feel like themselves.

Enjoyment 9
This has defiantly made me laugh but it mostly made me smile. I love the foxes, and watching Chiro and Ritsu's facial expressions are transfered from one to the other. It makes me feel amused and warm. I like the dynamics and even though i can't point to anything in particular.

overall 8
I enjoy it more and more as I read. The author has done a good job making things that could easily be outrageous and patched together natural and I think that gives the story strength. I am surprised that it is not more popular