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Jan 17, 2012
Wow! I must say I truly loved watching this anime.

Bakemonogatari is about a high school boy who having recently had an encounter with a vampire, finds himself helping others who have come into contact with these "oddities". As the story progresses the main character deals with these peoples problems and learns a bit about himself along the way. New characters are introduced through these unusual experiences.

The characters are just quirky and down right interesting. From the too good to be true bookworm to the perverted tomboy. Each of them is memorable and well developed. I read more
Jan 11, 2012
I see that some people find this comedy too graphic and bloody to be funny. Well I must say I laughed a lot watching this show. The premise is that the main character will invent immortality, and women will stop aging at 12 years old. This doesn't sit well with people in the future so they send an angel of death to kill him before he makes his discovery.

The angel is cute and cuddly and has one bad temper. He is killed in just about every way you can imagine. Let's just say the blood flies in this anime. read more
Jan 3, 2012
Funny, cute, easygoing are all words that can describe this anime. The story is simple yet still interesting to watch. A girl with amnesia seeks refuge from the world by hiding inside her futon mattress. Boy wants girl to return to the real world and experience life again. A slice of life story with quirky characters and an underlining UFO theme.

I found each of the characters to be unique and very watchable. While they didn't delve deep into their backgrounds or family situations, I really didn't expect that from an anime like this one which is more of a comedy read more
Dec 21, 2011
To tell you the truth, I started watching this series and lost interest after the second episode. It's not that it wasn't funny, but the style of humor just didn't grab me at the time. Now that I went back and gave this anime another try I found myself liking it more and more.

This is not a complex story. Kids and teachers running amok in school. Yes there is a pseudo video game portion with classes battling classes, but that's just a backdrop to the real story of kids having fun. Thought provoking dialogue is not part of this read more
Nov 27, 2011
This anime was a pleasant surprise. It has an interesting take on the bro-sis relationship. The two siblings treat each other like most do in the real world, with dislike, indifference, hate and of course love. It has an intriguing plot to begin with and as the story unfolds it actually makes you care about the characters.
I found the characters refreshing and liked how they seemed to change as the story advanced. Most of them seemed to be more well thought out than your usual 2d run of the read more