Nov 27, 2011
Bocephus (All reviews)
This anime was a pleasant surprise. It has an interesting take on the bro-sis relationship. The two siblings treat each other like most do in the real world, with dislike, indifference, hate and of course love. It has an intriguing plot to begin with and as the story unfolds it actually makes you care about the characters.
I found the characters refreshing and liked how they seemed to change as the story advanced. Most of them seemed to be more well thought out than your usual 2d run of the mill stooges. Having been limited to 15 episodes I thought they did well fleshing them out. Though a couple could use more depth and emotion.
The art work was pretty good and was what I kind of of expected in a anime of this type. The girls looked like girls and not some barbie dolls. I also like that they didn't revert to using childish miniatures. The people pretty much seemed like the age they were portraying.
Overall this is a funny, heartwarming, fun look at a brother and sister who are trying to figure out if they love or hate one another. Do yourself a favor and give it a watch.