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Jan 19, 2010
Let me start off by saying this is a cute and innocent anime. Despite having a similar premise, this series is nothing like the Pedobear anime Kodomo Jikan. I don't generally do early season reviews, but since the only other review gave it a 1/10 I think a less bias grade is necessary.

Plot: The story revolves around a male kindergarten teacher's first class ever. He is shocked to see the job is a little harder than he thought it would be... especially since one of the little girls wants to marry him. So far (as of episode 2) the episodes have centered around the read more
Jun 2, 2009
The story of a boy's mind stuck in the body of a girl and a spell transformed him from an energetic little boy to the most wonderful woman in the world. He has but one dream, to become the most manly man that ever lived, even if he has to live out this dream as a woman. In his/her search for the book that might return her manhood she goes to a normal high school and makes an entourage of male friends of all shapes sizes and... colorful personalities. In the countless battles and other experiences she has with her new friends she begins to read more
Jan 8, 2009
Since the anime is coming out soon I felt the manga deserves a review of some sort, I will put aside my fan girl heart and attempt to give my unbias impressions of this series.

Story: The story essentially follows the history of the world... I'm afraid to say that if you've ever picked up a history book the series is already spoiled for youxD Ok... Not exactly. There are actually alot of Historical elements as the back bone of the story, Primarily the early 1900's during WWI and later, but for the most part the real "story" lies in the character interaction like a slice read more
Aug 18, 2008
This movie was like a very violent Disney film... It reminds me alot of Bambi for some reason... accept Bambi doesn't go around killing people after his mom dies.

A young lamb's mother is killed by a wolf. The Lamb leaves determined to become stronger and ends up becoming an apprentice of the very wolf who killed his mother in the first place. You see the transformation of the innocent child become a disturbed killer. The moral of the story is actual very deep for something that should be viewed as a child's movie.

Overall this anime hasn't claimed a spot in the hall of read more
May 26, 2008
Shakugan no shana... An anime with alot of potential that overall felt like alot of regurgitated shounen/romance anime was a bit of a let down. The predictable uninspired story line, repetitiveness, cheesy humor, and mediocre character development left alot to be desired and is far from a masterpiece that is popularity would make you believe it is.

Story line:
The initial introduction of the story really got my hopes up; basically about a normal boy who gets pulled into a bizarre battle only to find after words he no longer really exists, and that his entire being will slowly fade away and be forgotten by read more
Mar 6, 2008
Nodame Cantabile is an anime I truly love, but my honest opinion is it does not deserve a 10/10 despite how enjoyable it was.

Story: 7/10

Main story is about the egotistical Chiaki who is a master at both the Violin and Piono, but he is going to music school with the dream of one day becoming a famous conductor. His only problem is he feels the only way to achieve that dream is to study in Europe, but unfortunately he is phobic of both air travel and sea travel keeping him land locked in Japan. One day he depressingly gets wasted and passes out outside of read more
Mar 6, 2008
This anime is considered by many fans as the best anime of 2006; while it is a good anime its popularity is often over hyped and most ignored the major flaws of the series that kept it from being a masterpiece.

The basic plot is about Shirou; a high School boy with a very righteous kind heart but has a weak character and knows little magic. By fate he falls into an epic battle over the holy grail taking on the powerful Hero Summon "Saber" as his servant. The Servants do battle with one another till only one is left then taking the Holy grail read more
Mar 6, 2008
I felt it was necessary to write a review thats not blinded from fan bias of the entire series. If you've seen the first season you already know the main plot, spunky school girl has a mysterious power and is being protected by a secret military organization; specifically by the 16 year old Serious Military Nut, Sousuke Sagara.

This series takes place between "Full Metal Panic" and "Full Metal Panic: The second Raid." If you have watched the first season you recognize the plot progression was an awkward mix of Comedy and action~ with the occasional dash of drama/romance.... this is where Fumoffu makes a read more
Mar 4, 2008
Hundred stories, More commonly known as "Requiem From the Darkness" is a horror anime like no other. 13 episodes of the most disturbing and gory stories you'll ever witness. The basic plot of the story is about a young man who is an author journeying to lands where there are mysterious rumors in order to write a book of 100 Japanese horror stories. Every time he encounters the supernatural though he runs into a group of the "Exorcists" traveling Japan to destroy the darkness in people's hearts.

Story: Each episode is a separate story in another village, but even though its "Episodic" the relationship between main read more
Feb 10, 2008
Endless Waltz is a sequal OVA concluding the "Gundam Wing" series. It takes place a year or so after the event of Gundam wing and shows how the stability of the world has changed and how the main characters have grown and done with their lives after their roles as gundam pilots are over. But even though things seem to be going in the right direction of peace a new military organization rears their ugly head and want to mess things up.

Story: It still holds onto that Gundam wing feeling, but with a faster sense of pace and scale. The reintroduction of the characters~ read more