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Nov 12, 2013
As my first yaoi, I was a bit hesitant when this title popped up on my screen, but nevertheless I was not disappointed.

Story - 10
This storyline was gripping, and though predictable, still brought a smile to my boner with every twist or turn in the anime. It kept at a nice pace and, though exaggerating with the amount of 'sleeping your way to the top', it was done in an enjoyable manner that kept an actual storyline behind all the sex sex sex.

Art - 10
All and all the art was simplistic, yet great. Details were very key and added read more
Nov 11, 2013
Story - 3

The story could have been alright if they had built it up well, but instead it was very poor. It made little sense and the storyline was a very weak excuse to throw a bunch of gore into a few episodes.

Art - 6

The art fit the anime's dark theme well. The detail on the gore and death scenes is really the only redeeming part of the anime, making it disturbing and something that will be etched in your mind when you try to go to bed.

Sound - 6

The sound also fit the anime, building up and working with read more