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Feb 21, 2020
Even if you don't have a lot of time on your hands, a oneshot is something that can be read fairly quickly, so if you're having doubts on whether to read this or not it really won't take out much of your day so I strongly recommend at least trying it.

Story: 10/10
Generally with one shots they aren't able to get a solid story with well rounded characters and information out in a very short time frame, however, this manga manages. We quickly understand the situation the world is facing, and the struggles the heroes are experiencing. The story dives into ways that are unexpected and ...
Sep 26, 2019
Solo Leveling (Manga) add
Preliminary (86/201 chp)
This isn't your typical "MC becomes crazy OP" story where the OP MC becomes absolutely boring af.

This story is a fucking masterpiece.
You may be skeptical about reading it, perhaps you think it will end up trash like many generic RPG/MMO style anime/manga.
I assure you that that opinion is completely wrong.

The Story: 10/10
Absolutely solid, it flows extremely well and is probably one of the best adaptions of a LN into a Manhwa I've ever seen.
The story is filled with plots that make sense, flowing with extremely well written character development, assisted by very good character interactions.
Of course, like many stories, it starts out slow. When I ...
Sep 26, 2019
Mixed Feelings
This was a well done recap.
It provided it's purpose in making the viewer remember "Wait, what happened in the first season?"

It's been so long since I watched the first season, and I really didn't feel like rewatching it to entirety because of how long that would have taken.
So instead, I've watched the first and second recap movies.
If you still remember what happened during the first season, this is something you can skip.
But if you're like me and have absolutely forget the entirety of the story it definitely helps you prepare for season 2.

It smooshes together the first season of 600 minutes, into two movie recaps ...
Sep 25, 2019
Ajin is something I love with an absolute passion.
I absolutely love the manga, the only real qualm I have when you compare the anime to the manga is that the anime is much less gory, believe it or not.

Story: 9/10
Just absolutely great, not only is the concept of the story beautiful but it's exceptionally well written as well.
Ajin, demi humans that only realize they are Ajin at the moment they die, simply because they just come back to life.
The development of the plot carries on in very appropriate ways for its setting, the characters have very good reasons for each of their actions and all ...
Sep 25, 2019
Mixed Feelings
It's simply a recap movie.
It didn't really provide new content or anything, but if its been a while since you watched the first season (and never continued to the second) it's pretty helpful.

The artstyle, sound, and characters are same as before. Beautifully well done.
The story is a little smooshed together (as all recaps are) which is perfectly fine.

If you have just finished watching the first season of Haikyuu there is absolutely no need to watch this movie at all.

If you're like I am, and watched it a few years ago and completely forget basically everything that happened I would recommend watching the first and second ...
Sep 25, 2019
Do you absolutely love Isekai and all the beauty that comes with it?
Characters struggling to readjust in their new homes... Knowing they have no way back.. Missing their families... Friends... Pets?

Well, this ain't it fam.
If you're interested in overly optimistic MC's with no self respect then this is for you.

The story? Absolutely dreadful. 2/10
Every decision the MC's made made absolutely no sense.
They were overly forgiving, kind, and caring to a fault.
Sep 23, 2019
This was probably the shortest One Shot manga I've ever read.

It started off quite well and roped you in with a decent beginning, and definitely made me want to continue on.
However, being able to read this within only a few minutes was ridiculously disappointing..
Had the story been longer I'm sure I would give it a higher score.

Story: 3/10
Waayyy too short, not long enough to have a decent enough story be told. It started out good but quickly turned into being extremely fast paced and abruptly ending with an expected plot twist. Had it been paced out better, and probably over a few chapters, I would ...
Sep 19, 2019
"What have they done to my boy?"

Nyanko-sensei was done wrong in this poor quality animation.

Theres no plot to this whatsoever so thats an easy 1/10
The art is very poorly done and the quality is not very good either. 1/10
The sound was obnoxious and painful to the ear 1/10
Character, well, nyanko sensei is a 10/10 but he didnt really do anything during these shorts at all.

Overall enjoyment 1/10
Sep 19, 2019
Given (Anime) add
I tend to be very skeptical of Yuri/Yaoi/Shounen Ai/Shoujo Ai,
and you may too.
Maybe thats why you're reading the reviews and contemplating "is this one actually worth it?"

Yes. Yes it is 100% worth it.

Out of all the BL's I've watched this one had the most natural plot and romance I've ever seen.
The story was amazing and well delivered,
the characters were extremely well rounded,
the sound was extraordinarily beautiful,
Sep 9, 2019
Mixed Feelings
It would be difficult to rate this any higher than a 5 or a 6, honestly.

STORY: 5/10
Since there are only 8 chapters and each chapter is a new story it's hard to get any substance out of them.
Some of the chapters are a lot better than others, some are a lot worse... Overall taking each chapter into consideration it would a mediocre manga.
You aren't provided too much detail, but based on whats going on in each chapter its safe to assume they take place in different zombielands as well.
Due to the shortness of each chapter we don't get much detail into the characters or their ...

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