Sep 9, 2019
BTDee (All reviews)
It would be difficult to rate this any higher than a 5 or a 6, honestly.

STORY: 5/10
Since there are only 8 chapters and each chapter is a new story it's hard to get any substance out of them.
Some of the chapters are a lot better than others, some are a lot worse... Overall taking each chapter into consideration it would a mediocre manga.
You aren't provided too much detail, but based on whats going on in each chapter its safe to assume they take place in different zombielands as well.
Due to the shortness of each chapter we don't get much detail into the characters or their backstories either.

ART: 7/10
The art was fairly good, nice to look at.

Character: 5/10
They were well put together in the short amount of time they each had with their own stories, but they weren't terrible or amazing.

Enjoyment: 5/10
Overall wasn't too pleased, I suppose.
However, the 8th chapter was, in my opinion, the best story of all the chapters.
(The one with Shouichi and Haruya, solid 9/10)

So overall it would be an average 5/10