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Jan 8, 2023
Despite this being a comedy manga about really dumb badasses partaking in nonsensical jokes, written by someone whose music tastes would probably make him friends with Araki, I couldn't help but being occasionally reminded of Blue Spring while reading it.

It starts off really well with a lot of unexplained hilarious incidents, things like the school having a mute Freddie (Mercury) character, but that sentiment wears off along the way as, at 17 volumes, Cromartie just missed its chance to end. Over-repetition of jokes, more and more additions to the cast, plot points that are completely forgotten (whatever happened to the sumo club guys?), there was ...
Dec 11, 2022
One Punch-Man (Manga) add
Preliminary (90/? chp)
Volumes 1-23 review: 4/5
This is probably my 3rd time reading through the whole series (counting with the webcomic). ONE once again delivers a great story with very good humour and, this time, with some complex world-building and a much wider cast of characters. Combine all that with Murata's great art and intense desire to make 90% of the characters as sexy as he can and it can only be a good manga.
Do I wish that the panelling was more varied? Do I prefer some aspects of the webcomic over the manga? Do I take offence at all the fanboys raving about how Murata is the ...
Dec 11, 2022
Now this is a true romantic tragedy. Marie Antoinette's end is widely known, and yet as you read through this historic drama you'll often forget the looming dark clouds over her and Fersen. The addition of another main character, Lady Oscar (good luck not being charmed by her) with her own love story ends up working as a parallel to the queen's life. Another person who can't follow the desires of the heart, but unlike the queen she has more freedom, having grown up as a man, and ultimately following the revolution through another lens.
I used to watch the anime with my mum when I ...
Dec 11, 2022
Gorgeous art and a great way to revisit and revamp concepts, characters, and places from previous JoJo parts (you could probably explain most of JoJolion with JoJo callbacks).

In JoJolion almost all of the stands are quite simple, with no time bs or super convoluted powers that need some 6 chapters of "who shot johnny?". Up until the last 10 chapters or so, everyone has a stand that follows simple rules (JoJo's may be an exception because of the usual "make it up as you go" Araki style but it's not too bad). And so every fight is about finding the weakness of your opponent or ...
Dec 11, 2022
Souichi's a godawful brat but he's also quite the interesting character. He's got the whims of a kid and he's not the good guy, two things which aren't common for a Ito-sensei MC. I couldn't even really dislike him because he'd occasionally just be relatable.

In addition, he's a character we've already met in Voices In The Dark and New Voices In The Dark even though it was under.... different circumstances, let's leave it at that.

Again, Ito-sensei manages to mix comedy into his horror! Reading episodes of the lives of a family and classroom where there's this weirdo kid who really believes he can put curses ...
Dec 11, 2022
Kuroshitsuji (Manga) add
Preliminary (193/? chp)
Long time reader, volumes 1-31 review: 4/5
Black Butler has been a guilty pleasure of mine for many many years. The premise is of a kid in the victorian era, Ciel, who was kidnapped and tortured, his family murdered, his estate burned to the ground. And, when his kidnappers sacrifice him to summon a demon, said demon forms a lifelong contract with Ciel, where he'll do anything Ciel wants as long as he stays on the path of revenge. When Ciel gets revenge on his torturers, his soul will be eaten. Fairly interesting, right?

Throughout the years, the story has had many arcs, some more comedic, some ...
Dec 11, 2022
Spy x Family (Manga) add
Preliminary (1/? chp)
Volumes 1-6.80 review: 4.5/5
This is a great series about a spy who needs to have a fake wife and daughter for a very important long-term mission. Agent Twilight ends up adopting a little girl, Anya, (who's secretly a telepath and thought having a spy dad was the shit) and has a sham marriage with Yor (who's secretly an assassin and wanted to blend in with her peers better, remaining single would eventually be suspicious).
Neither of them tells the others about their secret identities and so only little Anya knows what's up.

In fact, a lot of the story is told from her POV as she's made ...
Dec 11, 2022
Preliminary (128/? chp)
Long time reader, volumes 01-26 review: 4/5
I really like Kato's style, the world she came up with here, the lore, the character development throughout time. But especially her style. I remember being a teen and going "wow this is so cool! Look at the way the demons look! Omg the landscapes and buildings are amazing!". To be honest, that feeling still stands as of today.
As usual, following the series as it comes out ends up being confusing, especially when it has so many side character with interconnected stories (main reason I'm not giving this 5/5, I just can't remember where some of my issues with ...
Dec 11, 2022
Mieruko-chan (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (31/? chp)
Volumes 1-4 review: 3.5/5
Some of the fanservice early on rubbed me the wrong way, and it's so far hard to tell where this story is going (if anywhere). So far it's mostly a slice of life, while some things imply some sort of overarching plot going on.
The concept however is fucking great. This teen girl can see all sorts of dangerous(?) and powerful spirits, which no one can, and she's absolutely terrified, but she tries to pretend everything's fine in hopes that the spirits will not harm her. Occasionally she gets to help others out in matters of lost family members and there's some heart-warming ...
Dec 11, 2022
Monster (Manga) add
Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a huge fan of thrillers. I will read them if recommended but do not actively seek them out. Usually they need a good gimmick to grab my attention and even then I tend to get lost in the sea of characters or things don't make much sense or the MC isn't likeable.

Monster doesn't have much going in way of a gimmick. Unlike Death Note with its fantasy aspects and drama, Monster is played very straight. It is very distinctly european and uses a setting that hasn't been overdone for me: what we now know as Germany ...

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