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Jan 28, 2021
Well... What should I say

The anime itself was better than I expected it to be, the art was great and the ending was amazing.
The story was all over the place and didn’t really make a lot of sense, but it did what it was supposed to do:
Tell people about all the trash in the ocean

As this anime is probably aimed at kids aged 4-9 you can’t expect much story.

Characters were alright, I especially liked Thomas and Santa.

Jan 26, 2021
Rengoku Dead Role or Purgatory Survival is great.
Thats it.
I said it.
The story starts with a boy named Hiroaki Sakai dying while trying to prevent a girls from committing suicide after he fell of the roof himself while trying to pull her up. He blacks out and after he wakes up he finds himself in a room with a few strangers. He is being told that his punishments for killing himself is that he is forced to play terrible games with other people who killed themselves too and a mysterious entity only known as a „dealer“. They are forced to kill each other in a game ...
Jan 18, 2021
A typical case of too much in one OVA.
Before I start, I don’t know anything about the background of this anime. Maybe I am wrong about something or I am supposed to watch something else before this OVA. If there is anything you want to tell me, message me and I will change my review.
Ok, let’s start:

I randomly discovered this anime while scrolling through the Top-Anime Leaderboard. I recently started watching bad anime just for the enjoyment of it.
This OVA instantly had my attention:
An OVA, only one Episode and the animation looked relatively good at the first glance.
This anime has to my knowledge no other ...
Jun 28, 2020
I randomly found the YouTube video of this anime and decided to watch it.

It was so bad that it was funny to watch.

I’ve never seen worse CGI than in this OVA

The characters were not introduced and not interesting at all.

You don’t know whats going on because you know nothing about the world or what exactly is happening. There is no explanation at all and it’s confusing in general.


It’s time to ditch the text file.
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