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Jul 7, 2012
So I happened to come across this manga while looking in the recommendations of the manga "Arisa" if you are a fan of that manga or "Oresama Teacher" and "Boys before Flowers" than you will definitely like this manga! This review is made after only 10 chapters of the manga.

Story (7 out of 10)- The story is very creative with having Yakuza movies inspire the characters to stop the bullying in the school. The story is very "Boys Before Flowers" -esque because of the feel of having two students going against this higher power in the school. Though there are some cliche scenes the story read more
Jun 9, 2010
This is such a cute story that I just happened to cross!! I recently just read it again!!

Story: Very very cute!! The story isn't dark and is a very light happy story, well most of it. It is about his 10 year old girl who can see ghost not something you usually come across so I tried it! I loved it!!

Art: I really liked the art! It had bishies!! And the girls were very pretty!! It wasn't like amazing art but it was still very pretty!!

Chracters: The characters are cool I guess the main girl is very innocent but you have to remeber read more
Apr 12, 2010
The first time I heard of "The Bride of the Water God" I thought it was one of those same old boring manwha, but was I wrong! This manwha has blown me away!!

Art: The Art is outstanding and is totally beautiful! The author has a certain touch that makes the characters look alice and the scenery is gorgeous!

Story: The story is unique. Soah, the main character, is offered to the Water God because the village has been left in drought.When she gets to the water kingdom she is surprised to not see this hideous monster, but *not saying a spoiler* The story really read more