Jun 9, 2010
Aprella-chan (All reviews)
This is such a cute story that I just happened to cross!! I recently just read it again!!

Story: Very very cute!! The story isn't dark and is a very light happy story, well most of it. It is about his 10 year old girl who can see ghost not something you usually come across so I tried it! I loved it!!

Art: I really liked the art! It had bishies!! And the girls were very pretty!! It wasn't like amazing art but it was still very pretty!!

Chracters: The characters are cool I guess the main girl is very innocent but you have to remeber that she is only 10!! The teacher though has a very weird personality!! She acts like a teenager and it is kind of funny to me!! I really liked her!!

I gave this a 9 because I really enjoyed it!! I reccomend this story who are bored and need something to read!!