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Anne Happy♪
Anne Happy♪
Jul 15, 2:24 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt
Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt
Jul 15, 2:24 AM
Completed 4/4 · Scored 8
Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst
Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst
Jul 15, 2:15 AM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 7
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Tadashikunai Renai no Susume
Tadashikunai Renai no Susume
Jul 27, 12:34 AM
Completed 7/7 · Scored 7
Come Come Vanilla!
Come Come Vanilla!
Jul 24, 10:02 PM
Completed 18/18 · Scored 6
Koneko Hiroimashita
Koneko Hiroimashita
Jul 24, 10:01 PM
Completed 6/6 · Scored 8


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Teinya Aug 5, 1:24 PM
"before I do you from behind" - Aoya 2016.

One can hope. :D


Well we were talking about Japanese and love, and you said to upgrade it, so I asked which one.
Such as? v:

Because your fictional reality doesn't affect me.


Aww, you dream about me? :3c
Teinya Jul 6, 2:44 PM
Ahoya... we need to talk about your inappropriate comments.

Nah, I think I meant it's better than dying in a non-boring way.

I got one game to play with some friends, but that's about it. Only had enough for that one, unfortunately.

Upgrade what? My Japanese or my chances of love?
I'll wake you up in a decade then.

I have no arguments there.

*gasp* How could you call me a liar when I'm so pure and innocent?!
Teinya Jun 21, 9:43 PM

It's much better than the alternative.

I can't even throw myself a gift.

I still dunno what it is; my weeaboo Japanese can oinly take me so far. The chances of that are very, very low.
If they release a lot more volumes, then they'd probably have a bundle sale eventually but probably not any time soon.

Your logic is flawed in so many ways...

Please what?
KyouKaiTen Jun 15, 5:32 PM
to aru series is a flop, right? I mean the characters are very cliche, why do you like it..
Teinya Jun 7, 8:02 PM
Don't worry about it. -3-

Boring's fine sometimes.

Well even if I did somehow acquire some funds to purchase stuff on Steam, NEKOPARA Vol. 2 and Neptunia would take precedence.

What's Sumaranai Town? And yeah, there's the food, gas, and maybe even shelter expenses depending on how far away the nearest one is.


I don't know what you're talking about. =3c
Teinya May 12, 10:28 AM
That's true. I guess I'll have to find something else for you to pay wit-
- no.

Not for normal people.

Yeah, the anime was confusing to watch up to where I stopped; maybe it would've gotten clearer had I finished. Higurashi's another one that I only watched the anime of - only the first season as well.

No dark secrets that I'm aware of. Well yeah, but I meant I wouldn't have any left to spend buying things at the event.
Give in to your temptations.


It's not dangerous at all! Just have to use it wisely. :3c
Dincy May 11, 9:29 AM
I just found you on my friend's profile :D
Teinya Apr 29, 8:20 PM
If you do that, I'll just counter-sue you and win some money.
You'll buy it for me then? (^:


Ooh, a friend of mine had been playing that too; I watched some of the anime, but I haven't picked it back up since I stopped. Maybe I'll try the VN instead.

Nope, I live in a small town in a rural area, so there's never gonna be an event like that here or anywhere remotely close. If I ever am able to go, I'd probably be spending most of my money just going there and back.
Oh, I see. Did you watch the entire playthrough of both volumes?

Ah right, that. Maybe I'll watch that while I wait for this season to finish.

It's fairly old at this point, and not the most proper comment in formal situations, so make sure you're not using it willy-nilly. Just a heads-up.
Teinya Apr 27, 12:15 PM
You probably could, but whether you'd win or not would depend on the case.
Oh right. Well it's not like I'll ever need it so maybe I will.

... You're grounded.


What VN are you playing? I recently finished a free-to-play one on Steam, and it was quite good, surprisingly. It's called Lucid9 if you're interested.

I've always wanted to attend an anime convention, but I dunno anymore. I'm sure I'd see some quality cosplays, but I doubt I'd enjoy the time spent. Maybe if I ever find friends to go with.
How do you know it doesn't have your type of girl if you haven't played them?

What's GuP? Kancolle was actually my first thought. I might check it out once it's finished if I have nothing else to watch.

Ah well, nothing's lost, except maybe your dignity.
Teinya Apr 23, 10:19 AM
You can be sued for almost anything here in America.
What heavenly stuff?

Another stupid thing people say.

As a holy figure, I must inform myself of what sins people commit to pass better judgment. This is all in line with my duty.

Yeah, but I haven't read the manga, so I'm assuming (unless this studio completely butchered it) that it's been getting the material from it, so if that's how the manga's like, then I don't think a different studio would help.

We'll have to see. Anime's been degrading not just in quality but also in its community. People nowadays are so defensive of their favorite series; they can't take any criticism or opinions from others. Not to mention the hardcore weeaboos that take stuff too far in public.
You're missing out on the greatest thing since sliced bread.

How is it like? Action-heavy? Moe? Etc.

Yep, that's the one. It might not be that effective if people around you don't know it either. v:
Teinya Apr 18, 7:30 AM
At that point, they could just be sued unless they label it a parody or something.
If I had money, I would've gotten it when it released and was on sale.

Thanks, fam.

What, that? It's just simple curiosity. No harm done.

Like I don't know why she's still staying. She basically achieved her goal - they're at their lowest point, but she's even escaping with them to some remote location, wherever it may be. Makes no sense. Unless they make some major revisions, I don't think I'd watch a 3rd season if it ever comes out.

Well until I get the motivation to watch / play it, it'll probably stay a plan-to series for me.
NEKOPARA is the greatest visual novel of all time.

Gonna have to see how it turns out. Hopefully they don't mess it up.

"That's what she said."
Teinya Apr 13, 9:25 AM
Or do I?
Guess it's hard to avoid ideas based on inspiration.
Oh dang, that's a bummer. I still wanna play it, though.

'Oi, I never said I worshiped her, just my favorite of the three... but send me a link to that doujin.

You finally admit that I'm pure and innocent.

Yeah, it'd be nice if they threw in some balance for conflicts, but they'd never do that because "Japan is number 1, Japan is the strongest, etc." That pair just made no sense - she tried to kill him for crying out loud. Did the warrior bunny suddenly forget her duty towards her queen? Like what the heck, they just threw whoever together to have a happy ending. And the queen, too, at the end, she started crying, right? Did she suddenly grow empathetic for the one who enslaved her? I mean c'mon, that's just lame.

I mean if it's done right, political stuff isn't too bad, but if it makes up literally the entire series, then it's a no-no. Not a huge fan of mechs, but I don't mind them - I liked Eureka 7 a lot and a few others. Either way, I'd probably still give it a try since it's so well-known. If it is getting released on Steam, I'll try to play it on there since I'm too lazy to set up all the stuff to play VNs again unless it's like $50. I still need to get NEKOPARA Vol. 2.

Netoge's the only interest I have this season, but someone recommended Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and said it was like on par with Shingeki no Kyojin.

Look it up on Google. It's just a stupid phrase people say here.
Teinya Apr 12, 8:15 PM
Too bad it won't work since I have a poor memory.
Yeah, it's hard to find things that are consistently good throughout rather than parts of it.
All the jokes are one of the reasons why I love the series - whenever I get them, that is.

I honestly wasn't expecting much; I only decided to watch it 'cause I saw a .gif of that scene where Aqua threw up rainbow vomit, and I'm glad I did. Of the three main heroines, I'd probably choose Megumin as my favorite, but I did like Eris' character and appearance. Wish she had been involved more.

Darn spoilers. I waited as I always do as well, but I don't browse the right places or talk to anyone to get spoiled. Sometimes it's okay, or even better, to follow the cliche, and this is one of those moments. Those two should've been together for sure! Anyway, I will admit the ending was a nice touch - if only it wasn't for the stuff that came before it.

I mean I know why it's all in there and how it fits in and whatnot, but it's not exciting to watch, y'know? If they had more military scenes, I think it would've been more enjoyable... and I completely forgot about the ending. Holy moly, talk about a rushed ending. Like I was taken aback by the diplomat + loli pair too, but suddenly everyone's with someone, some are even pregnant, and all of this is revealed during the big ceremony right at the end. It was legitimately one of the worst endings I've seen yet.

I still haven't gotten into any of the Muv-Luv stuff yet; Shouwa Genroku has the quite the positive reception, so it might be worth the watch. The only series I really want to watch right now is Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? because I saw another .gif of it which was pretty hilarious, so I'm hoping it's on a similar level to KonoSuba.

That's what she said.
Teinya Apr 10, 10:15 PM
More like de-evolution. I actually might do that since I've been getting into manga again.
I did hear that it started going downhill after season 2, I think? Not that I'll ever care enough to find out myself.
So like all the other Neptunia games.

Other than the two you listed, the only other one I watched was KonoSuba which I enjoyed immensely. It's been a while since I enjoyed one that much, and I'm excited for season 2.
Initially, I had no plans on watching BokuMachi, but after three different people told me to watch it, I gave in; one of them isn't even that much into anime (at least back then), so I figured there must be something to it. After I watched the first couple episodes, I could definitely see why it was so hyped. My curiosity was continuously piqued, and I kept watching to find out more. Overall, I enjoyed it, but the ending is where it lost some of its spark, imo. The state of everything after Satoru woke up from his coma reminded me of Nagi no Asakura, but it all felt so rushed. I was always suspect of the teacher even when they tried to throw the viewers off, but it didn't last long since it ended abruptly. This is more of a personal bias, but I'm also annoyed that Kayo ended up with someone else. They were so cute together as kids!!! Anyway, I still liked it, and it was a good watch; I just think it could've been better. /endanalysis (sorry)
As for Gate S2, I was thoroughly disappointed. The first season was great with the fresh theme of the modern world vs fantasy and how they executed it was decent - I don't remember much of it, so it might've started going downhill by the end of it. In any case, season 2 was pretty much a borefest to watch through. It was filled with political nonsense and Japanese propaganda. I mean I know it's all what was going on, but it wasn't exciting to watch. You hardly saw Itami and the gang throughout other than that awful dragon fight and the Master's test which came out of nowhere. Not to mention, time flew by really fast - not 15-years-out-of-a-coma fast, but still pretty fast. The only saving grace it had were the few battles that happened. They were all practically facestomps for the SDF, but it was still a nice break from all the other crap; plus, it seemed like what they were showing were legitimate army tactics and maneuvers; I don't know if they actually were, but it's no concern to me. Mostly, I watched it for the three girls, but they barely showed up, and none of their appearances or dialogue were that significant. I'm typing an essay at this point, so I'll just /endrant here (sorry again).
Teinya Apr 7, 3:48 PM
Because I highly doubt Naruto or Bleach or One Piece are considered shounen hentais. I guess I'll pass on Negima then.
I watched a few bits and pieces of Heroes when it was still airing - don't remember a thing, but I do remember thinking it was cool. I've heard about those incidents; the parents are the ones to blame here. If you're that up-tight about stuff like that, then do some research on the R-rated movie you're showing your kid(s). It confounds me how stupid some people are.
How long did it take you to finish?

Very easily.

That was my intention.
That's probably true.