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Jul 9, 2019
I can't anymore. I have been as lenient as I can and I am being real now... Oni Chichi is not for me. The mere fact that I have been giving low enjoyment scores should speak volumes on that idea. So I am going to stop watching Oni Chichi for a good amount of time now. Idk how long, it could be 1 year... 1 month or 1 week. It's simply come to my attention that I can't seem to enjoy it. I am still being hopeful that when I come back to it, the new seasons will provide me more enjoyment. But we still read more
Jul 8, 2019
It has been one week since I last reviewed the very first Oni Chichi hentai series. Overall I loved what it did with it's character and the story really had this amazing sense of terror to it. Although, I did find myself not being to keen on the art and found myself not enjoying myself when watching the hentai... pretty weird. Anywho, we are back to reviewing and today I'll be covering the direct sequel: Oni Chichi: Re-birth. Let's get into it!

Story: 6/10.
Oni Chichi: Re-birth is not as plot-focused as the first, as this season seems to be more for a character introduction rather than read more
Jul 5, 2019
Sequels are not very rare for hentai's. As of right now I am watching a series that has a shit ton of sequels and spin-offs (Oni Chichi). But something that is rare is seeing a hentai return after being dead for virtually forever. But today I can praise the lord for blessing me with another season of Tenioha! In the form of: "Tenioha! 2: Nee, Motto Ecchi na Koto Ippai Shiyo? The Animation". Let's get right into it!

Story: 8/10.
Tenioha! 2 has a completely new fresh start with no re-occurring characters. Don't let the promotional posters fool you, instead of having Nanase and Ami we have read more
Jul 5, 2019
Ok so... I know I make introductions to (most of) my hentai reviews but I got nothing... No I seriously got nothing... Ok fine... So Shishunki Sex has been out for a while now but I didn't make a review on it just in case it would have a second episode... but.. looks like that has not happened... so yeah... we gonna just be reviewing this shit now! So welcome to my review of: "Shishunki Sex"... Let's just start.

Story: 8/10.
The story for Shishunki Sex is good... but not at the same time. Shishunki Sex's premise (atleast the first episode) is about a student council prez read more
Jul 1, 2019
Hentai is full of long running series, series that last longer then typical length (Which I consider anywhere from 1-4 episodes). However by far one of the longest running ones has got to be the Oni Chichi series, which spans more than 5 seasons worth of content, an alternate version and A SHIT TON OF EPISODES. I never really tired Oni Chichi due to the simple fact that it is intimidating as fuck. 30 minute episodes over the course of multiple seasons is hard to get into. However I finally conquered my fears and gave the first season a try. Was it worth it? Well read more
Jul 1, 2019
The series that is about to be reviewed today is what I like to refer to as a: 'Nothing Hentai". This hentai literally does nothing new, it is your classic train rape hentai. And you know what that would be fine but the problem is, the stuff it does is not even good in the grand scheme of these generic NTR hentais. I will elaborate on this more further down in the review. There is an alternative version to this, referred to as: "Ikenai Koto The Animation", which while not more original is at-least more enjoyable in nature. But we will cover that another day. read more
Jun 30, 2019
There are very few hentai's I would go as far to say are 'Masterpieces'. Why is that? For other mediums I would say I have at least 10 or more series that are paragons of there time and are worth any ones time, yet with Hentai I struggle to even come up with 5. That is because hentai as a medium is not realizing mistakes. Narrative failure, characters, story structure and pace are all contextual pieces that modern hentai's fail at. Stylistically I will not back up and say that hentai is lacking in this, Art and Animation is the best it can be and read more
May 30, 2019
This hentai means a lot to me. It was the hentai that introduced me and made me interested in the world of hentai, and trust me how hard it is for me to say this... but it definitely does not hold up as well as it did before. I will always hold this hentai with high regards for starting it all for me, but as a hentai reviewer it is just another average hentai that fails in many things. In today's review of: "Crimson Girls: Chikan Shihai", I will attempt to provide two perspectives in this review, as 1). a Hentai Fan and 2). a read more
May 27, 2019
"Masterpiece" is a word I rarely give out or use for hentai's. The simple fact is I feel hentai is medium more than any other that is constantly been making the same mistakes for decades. At it's conception, hentai's for the most part knew what made a compelling story/scenario to invest an audience fully, but lacked the technological fortitude to bring these idea's to life. Now however, it seems to be quite the opposite. Hentai as a medium is very capable of amazing art and animation but a lot of hentai seem to just half-ass their story and characters for more shmex scenes and think read more
May 23, 2019
It is very rare to see a hentai struggle with problems that hentai's don't usual struggle with. What do I mean? Most hentai's never manage to write a fulfilling story, and that is just something I have come to except in my time as a hentai watcher (as reflected by how I don't let the story affect the score of the hentai as much when compared to characters and art). "Colosseum no Senki: Another Story", the hentai we are talking about today, manages to write a fairly good story but in my eyes doesn't understand how to implement NTR into it's later portion, without it read more