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Jul 20, 2020
NTR has been nightmare fuel ever since it started rising to prominence in hentai. Most (including myself), felt a severe distaste for this genre as while they were home to some of the best animation recent hentai has to offer, they were also plagued with an impalpable amount of guilt. It's been a real hot minute since the hentai community had received an NTR anime that doesn't make me question my fucking life. Last one I can vividly remember doing the former was Saimin Seishidou. And just a while ago we were blessed with another to add to that limited collection: Gishi wa Yan Mama read more
Jun 10, 2020
I'll be honest, 2020 has been more than a disappointing year for hentai. The lineup of brand new hentai we have got for the past few months is pathetic. Around every corner now there seems to be nothing but horrid NTR and Rape genre and hentai that have no substance whatsoever. There were some series that were getting sequels/spinoffs (Tonari no Ie no Anette-san and Tenioha! 2: Limit Over), but it seems 2020 cannot even give the hentai community a break. I as a reviewer was sick of... well reviewing. I do review old series but I enjoy giving my outlook on the new series read more
Feb 4, 2020
Pink Pineapple is easily one of, if not the most recognizable hentai studios among the fans, as most of their works have great production behind them. A recent trend that the studio has been adopting is creating more so called "duplicates" to there original works, which basically takes form in the duplicate having almost identical story beats and characters to the predecessor. Most commonly seen in 'Aikagi' and 'Aibeya'. Pink Pineapple has done the same with their highly acclaimed hentai from a year ago 'Wagaya no Liliana-san", by making an alternate version in the form of 'Tonari no Ie no Anette-san The Animation' which is read more
Oct 7, 2019
Let me just say EVERYONE has high expectations going into this hentai adaptation, including me. I mean its one of the most popular and highly rated manga's so of course the fanbase will expect something that delivers. Did Bunnywalker manage to succeed at the grueling task of adapating one of the most famous hentai dojins or did they fail disappointingly known as "Joshi Luck!"? Well let's find out.

Story: 4/10.
Now as someone who has not read the manga, please remember that all of my critisms are directed at the anime and not the manga. With that being said, "Joshi Luck" fails in many regards read more
Sep 6, 2019
If you have been in the hentai community for long enough (atleast on MAL), you will know that the golden age of modern golden age of hentai ended in the late 2015s. Sure they're have still been some great hentai's but as far as the 2016 and 2017 years go, it is pretty disappointing. But 2018 did seem to bring back hope with some hits amongst the fans such as, 'Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e' , 'Dokidoki Little Ooyasan' and the conclusion of the 'Toshi Densetsu Series'. But 2019 has really been proving to be a year of reckoning and the greatest example of read more
Aug 19, 2019
The most important thing for any show, movie, cartoon, anime and hentai is the visuals. Many people seem to agree that the following pieces of entertainment I listed are defined as 50% Visuals and 50% Audio. And while I don't completely disagree of this from a legalistic standpoint, I do have to disagree from the standpoint of how we perceive information. Let me elaborate on my point, pick a episode any episode of anime and one time listen only to to the audio and then on the second viewing watch the episode with no audio. You will probably find that you were able to resonate read more
Aug 16, 2019
If you couldn't tell there was a big hiatus for my reviews after I watched 'Oni Chichi Re-born'. I did not like it as much as the fans and for some reason it sent me into a dark spiraling hole of wanting to be done with the show so I wouldn't need to watch it but also made me not want to watch it because I DON'T WANT TOO. So my predicament finally met it's end when I decided to 'attempt' through marathon all of Rebuild for this review. Now these reviews do not get me much attention. Most people have already seen the Oni read more
Aug 10, 2019
The summer hentai (July and August) line up has been (for the most part) extremely disappointing. Besides from continuations for pre-existing series (such as Master Piece the Animation and Seikatsu Shuukan) there is really nothing that peaked my interest for these two upcoming months of hentai besides: "Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai", which will be the series we are reviewing today.

Story: 2/10.
When watching the previews of this series and hearing that it would only be 15 minutes per episode I already made the conclusion that this hentai would have BARELY any story. Was I right in assuming this? More than right actually. Ecchi na Onee-chan read more
Jul 9, 2019
I can't anymore. I have been as lenient as I can and I am being real now... Oni Chichi is not for me. The mere fact that I have been giving low enjoyment scores should speak volumes on that idea. So I am going to stop watching Oni Chichi for a good amount of time now. Idk how long, it could be 1 year... 1 month or 1 week. It's simply come to my attention that I can't seem to enjoy it. I am still being hopeful that when I come back to it, the new seasons will provide me more enjoyment. But we still read more
Jul 8, 2019
It has been one week since I last reviewed the very first Oni Chichi hentai series. Overall I loved what it did with it's character and the story really had this amazing sense of terror to it. Although, I did find myself not being to keen on the art and found myself not enjoying myself when watching the hentai... pretty weird. Anywho, we are back to reviewing and today I'll be covering the direct sequel: Oni Chichi: Re-birth. Let's get into it!

Story: 6/10.
Oni Chichi: Re-birth is not as plot-focused as the first, as this season seems to be more for a character introduction rather than read more