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Chirin no Suzu
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One Punch-Man
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Yakusoku no Neverland
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_umi_no_oto_ Apr 12, 9:31 PM
Oops, I put off reading it since I've been kind of dealing with feeling a little sick. Finally got to start reading it though but didn't make it far since you actually piqued my interest in giving the show another shot from the little bit that I did get to read, but I figure it would be best to watch it and come back.

I can't really say much about the content of your writeup beyond the first two paragraphs but the way you started was very interesting. It definitely doesn't seem like something a lot of people on the internet would read since it really requires the reader to slow down to really understand what you were trying to express. It's a very heavy, very viscous read which isn't a bad thing at all.

I'll definitely be sure to get back to you if I manage to finish Usagi Drop. I had also been considering giving Rolling Girls a watch, but right now it's a bit difficult since my family and I are moving around quite a bit right now.
_umi_no_oto_ Apr 10, 5:35 PM
Earlier I was actually thinking about asking you if you've gone to see a therapist yet, but you beat me to it. I'm glad to hear that you started going, and even more glad to hear that it seems to be helping to have someone to talk to. It's very different than talking to any other person, and knowing that it's basically their job to listen and that they've studied this kind of thing professionally really helps to bring out things you never really knew how to say.

Something that really helped me get myself together what do really simplify everything around me. Cleaning out my room of everything unnecessary and whatnot. I guess sometimes some reddit account and whatnot got caught up in that too, RIP those accounts. But being able to clean everything up physically and digitally really helps to have clarity of mind, and I've noticed a lot of people I've met overlook how valuable a clean work space or place to rest could be. Maybe this could help you out with sorting things out, and making it more efficient to sort everything in your mind that you need to sort?

_umi_no_oto_ Apr 10, 2:55 PM
I hope things start improving. I'll always be here if you want to vent about anything.
_umi_no_oto_ Apr 9, 2:49 PM
Nope, but seeing NieR in his works was definitely a treat though.

I happened to see this image as a background in a Twitch stream, so I decided to check out the source. It's also neat because I've seen a few of his works before, but never really thought to look up the source.

How are you doing by the way?
_umi_no_oto_ Apr 9, 1:52 PM
Regarding art, I thought you might be interested in WLOP's stuff.

WLOP Pixiv
WLOP Patreon
YorozuyaSeele Apr 1, 2:56 AM
Hey ho.

So you're watching Gintama that's great.

Well let me give you an advice.
Just for the information.

The first Episodes and the following first Episodes can be quite average.
I know that it can be for many people. So maybe for you as well.

But it will improve a lot afterwards.
So I hope you will keep on watching Gintama
_umi_no_oto_ Mar 31, 10:43 AM
r/anime certainly isn't the most pleasant place to be. I'll refrain from saying anything about the mods since I'm friends with one of them, nor do I want to generalize all of them based on my personal observations of the sub, but some mods are also less than pleasant to put it lightly. I figured this would happen one way or another especially since I know you'd rather not deal with a community that can't handle a bit of negativity nor facilitate decent discussion.

I don't want to start a circlejerk of "yeah, fuck that place!" but it'd be hard for me to think of anything good to say about the current community outside of certain members being sweethearts, but that's more about certain individuals than the community itself.

Still quite a shame and I can imagine it would hurt despite you already planning to leave after how much time you spent in both shitposts and actually great posts. Some would argue that it was always a toxic community FTF but I'm of the opinion that it was a fantastic place for a time (not that I could pinpoint when that was exactly). But I know you're like me in that it's certain people from there rather than the community that was important to you, so starting a discord could be a good idea which I'd love to join.

I don't know of any good already-existing discords right now since I'm only in the Fire Emblem Heroes discord (which I'm only there to get help from veteran players from, and it's basically for literally nothing but FE) and a Bandori discord (which has a very sweet community but you don't play Bandori nor do I think you'd really care for the vent channel since it's mostly just a lot of positive affirmations).
singingreveries Mar 31, 7:53 AM
Glad to hear that. c: I hope you continue to feel better!

Let's just drown ourselves with K-On and our other feel good anime to wash away the worries ~
singingreveries Mar 31, 5:24 AM
Oh my god thank you so much!! You're too nice!!

I've only been doing some when I have free time, I might not get one for a few months again. ;_; I was gonna do the Colors from Mitsuboshi Colors but I JUST REALLY wanted to draw Rin. Hahahaha. How have u been doing? c:
_umi_no_oto_ Mar 25, 10:45 AM
Those pictures are gorgeous, and I especially love the image with Tamako and Anko. A lot of shows nowadays seem to have a "made by x studio" feeling, and while a lot of KyoAni's works have that feeling to some degree, they somehow make most of their shows OWN their own artstyle and aesthetic.

Not sure if what I'm talking about makes sense, but Tamako Market has always been the epitome of this sentiment that I have, and it couldn't be more clear to me than in those two images.

And regarding Opera of the Wasteland, fair enough. It isn't on the level of being composed by a genius like Okabe the way NieR's music is, but I think both are going for different ideas anyways. I still haven't unraveled everything about OotW in my mind either, but hopefully it can really click so that I can actually write something about it.

_umi_no_oto_ Mar 24, 10:12 PM
One of the issues I've always had with writing was attempting to express ideas that language is too limiting to explain. I think that drawing is definitely one of the best ways to express things like that and I look forward to seeing what you come up with if you decide to get even more into drawing!

Do you have a favorite image ever? Or at least one of your favorites? I'd love to know what it could be and what you think about it.

I'll be quitting JP Bandori some time after the EN version come out very soon. I've always loved the art since they are almost always tied to the event stories going on when they are released, and being able to read those stories will really help me understand what they were trying to express when they were drawn.

One thing I've been trying to do, however, was come to terms with being able to love things that don't really have any sort of deeper meaning- to enjoy things that FEEL good rather than things that are just interesting to the mind. It isn't that the mind and physical feelings are entirely separate things for human beings, but I've had this unhealthy habit for the past few years where logic means everything, and if I couldn't find anything interesting below the surface then for some reason I subconsciously rejected it. Not everything has to mean what K-ON, NieR, and Love Live have meant to me.

As I've worked towards that, I've found that I could really appreciate all kinds of things, especially different kinds of sounds in music. I guess things that are viscerally appealing have their own deeper meanings below the surface as well anyways.

I was actually curious about what you think of this song from Bandori, Opera of the Wasteland. I don't see many other people getting excited as I do when I hear it. Non-fans I've shown it to think it sounds pretty good but isn't their kind of thing, and fans of the franchise only really know it as "one of the hardest songs in the game". To me, something about it feels epic in scale, both in its name and sound. It's a song I've actually wanted to write about if I can find the words, but for now I think I have an idea of something I want to write about that is a lot more simple than things that have been on my mind.
_umi_no_oto_ Mar 22, 12:06 PM
Oh, these are official card art from the game lol.

I'm glad you love the image just like me- it's powerful and it's kind of funny how one of the four card attributes in the game is "Powerful" which happens to be the attribute of the card.

If you want to look through the cards, you can go to which is where I personally looked around before I even started playing the game. The art is beautiful and interesting, and the one you linked happens to be my current favorite one so far.

B-M-96 Mar 17, 9:40 PM
It was a really beautiful show to look at, but... a bit meaninglessly so, wasn't it? It didn't help that all it seemed to be doing was waifu-ing up Violet with a script that's cold and insecure. It's seriously overproducing and overacting in places where the writing doesn't function - not necessarily to cover it up or anything, but just disconnectedly so.

I also didn't like the filters at all at night. It looked like that effect of a cheap phone camera.
Skooma-Cat Mar 16, 7:19 PM
Honestly it's been rough. I haven't been able to find work in a while and I'm pretty close to fully screwed at the moment financially, so that's obviously stressful. I'm making it through though. Sorry to hear you have it rough these days too, I'm always happy to chat.

I haven't been too active on Discord myself either so no worries there, I miss talking to you though. Thanks for hitting me up here :)
photooligan Mar 15, 10:09 AM
I did it in photoshop using some paint splatter found on google. I made clipping masks for each image and combined the different splatters/fanarts together to make a huge splatter.