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Brohana Jan 20, 6:49 PM
I don't know if I could convince you that it isn't just a PR stunt, but there's a lot more to it and it gets a bit hard to explain. One of the big reasons why it's hard for me to explain the appeal of Love Live's narrative as well as convince some friends to give the franchise a shot is because it's very difficult to truly get into it and understand it due to the effort it takes to go beyond just the anime.

It's extremely difficult to not have to exaggerate movements just moments after having a panic attack. When it comes to performing in both sports, acting, or playing instruments, it's easy for movements to become awkward, choppy, and unnatural looking after your body tenses up. I've had similar a moment back when I played tennis where my arms became numb and legs felt heavy during a critical point during one of my last matches. My mind was racing and my vision was becoming terribly blurry, and as a result I forgot entirely about proper form and could only push the ball back into play- I was on the defensive entirely until I ended up losing. This kind of thing is extremely common in the world of sports and performing and the top professionals are trained to be able to control themselves at moments like this, but Rikako didn't really have much experience with anything that had to do with idols (besides singing) before auditioning for her part in Aqours.

I can't really say for sure what the whole close-up on her face was about though. It's insensitive to humiliate any sort of actor like that but I guess everyone brushed it off because of how tense and in-the-moment the entire stadium was.

The incident actually happened on the second day of the event, and they got through it just fine on the first day. I don't know what kind of pressure she was in, but apparently she was tearing up nervously right before the performance, as well as afterwards.

Obviously I can't absolutely say for sure since I'm not a part of the production crew, but I don't think it is at all far-fetched that a young girl (apparently of a strict upbringing) would crumble emotionally at a tense moment. It feels less like a crazy coincidence, that they are trying to weave together the Riko and Rikako together like that, are more that it's a totally understandable part of being a performer and a human.

The VA's of Chika, Kanan, and Mari went up instinctively, being the leaders of the group, but apparently someone who had connections (?) was able to find out that the rest of the girls were told to stay put via mic and let the others calm her down, so I'm certain there's a lot more going on in the background than normal fans could find out. Seeing as the girls continued dancing a few seconds after the music and piano sounds were cut also tells that it isn't an act, or at least isn't an act that they were aware of. I also don't think the producers would risk the career of Rikako for a dumb PR stunt like that unless they were total idiots.

Here's someone's translation of a post from Rikako's instagram. While you can't be sure about all direct messages from celebrities to fans being genuine, I'd rather apply the philosophy of Occam's Razor and say that it was a genuine message, apology, and update to the fans.

Obviously I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to idols but I've heard a lot of crazy things about the industry. Perfect Blue is a psychological movie about an idol's stalker which was based on a real life incident where a crazy fan made an attempt on an idol's life. It's easy for idols to be kicked out of their groups for the littlest things. Love Live's VA's have it a bit easier (with the major themes of friendship and being a unit together being the major appeal of the narrative) but that isn't to say that they don't experience shitty things as well. Honoka's voice actor had this incident where a lookalike Japanese Adult Video actor had a video surface which drove some crazy fans insane, to the point that some actually destroyed merchandise they bought and sent it to her. Not to mention the recent fiasco with Mimorin's fans going nuts at the news that she is now engaged, despite her contract for Love Live already having expired.

I genuinely think that there is no way that the incident was a PR stunt. That would have taken a lot more effort and risk that any competent professional in the industry would see as utterly stupid.

Being an idol really seems stressful, and I even heard of a case from an event going on right now that Kanan's voice actor got so surprised by a sudden chant from the Shanghai crowd that she was unable to perform her solo in her song, so I guess it extends beyond just Japanese audience giving performers a hard time.
Brohana Jan 20, 11:36 AM
In case you were interested, I was jotting down some thoughts on a google doc about Azunyan and Riko, and drawing some similarities and comparisons between the two. They are both my favorite characters in anime after all.

Brohana Jan 20, 10:23 AM

Brohana Jan 18, 5:34 PM
Yes, her VA Rikyako is the most precious thing on the planet. Too pure and sweet for this world.

Also, LLSS may have reignited my interest in anime analysis but we'll have to see what I can figure out.
Brohana Jan 18, 2:42 PM
Oh my god, do you know the context behind that drawing?
Brohana Jan 18, 11:04 AM
Brohana Jan 17, 6:08 PM
Brohana Jan 17, 1:43 PM
I've arrived in my new apartment which I'll be living in until our new house is ready, which could be a couple months. So now, I don't really have much else to do besides going to the gym near the apartment, shitposting, and looking up Love Live memes.

It'll be pretty boring for the first couple months since I can't really go to school yet.

Then again I don't really want to go to school right now because:

AmethystItalian Jan 17, 7:36 AM
Brohana Jan 15, 8:29 PM
Brohana Jan 13, 2:02 PM
The Rice Goddess will save up from the depths of idol hell.

...or pull us down even deeper.
Brohana Jan 13, 11:09 AM

Brohana Jan 13, 9:50 AM
Yoμ vs the one he tells yoμ not to worry aboμt.

singingreveries Jan 13, 12:00 AM
Hahahah that screencap!

Oh really?! I just compared them based on how I got emotional to some episodes and S1 did it more. In Repeat, we didn't get a that kind of sisters episode like in S1E03. Of course, Dagashiya's episode in Repeat was still great and touching but not as much as her episode in S1 with all the flashbacks. Also, there are some themes that I love that was kinda lacking in S2, like in ep 4 of both seasons where Renge deals on losing something she loves. In S1, it's about losing a friend. In S2, it feels like it's not about losing a pet(the tadpole) but it's about how her friends will act around a sad Renge and how will they cheer her up. And they all have different ways. It's adorable but it had less impact to me compare to S1. But I think this just shows how Repeat is more focused on character interactions. I loved both seasons though. I was laughing every episode in S2 and more screentime for Hika-nee and Konomi + Hotaru being a kid at home! That was so adorable!! But the real problem is how it lacks NYANPASUs!! Anyway, I scored them both 9 because I just feel like Repeat is just an extra episode for every episode in S1 and I really did enjoy them equally.

Some of what I put in my tags are not really updated honestly. Some are just really my immediate thoughts after finishing the series. I watched some of them like years ago and can't really remember some parts of it. Like in Erased, which I just binge watched for 1 day sometime in 2016, I couldn't even remember the famous breakfast scene but I do remember there was one, I just can't remember how I felt. But yep thanks, I know I have a good taste in ships. So Erased along with Chuu2Koi, Kyoukai, Log Horizon, YLIA, etc are in NEED of rewatches for me to give a proper opinion. But yeah, Kousei's monologues was really annoying and repetitive. Haha. It's like I wanted him to say something else or say nothing at all. Also, Kaori's "lie" was so lame. lmfao
Brohana Jan 12, 5:43 AM
Mari dies but is still all like: