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Sep 25, 2017
By some twist of fate you have stumbled across this old and obscure anime called Dragon Fist that less than 300 people scored on MAL. You are now perhaps wondering if you should watch this OVA or not. Do not worry; I'm here to save your time by telling you not to watch it. Seriously don't, unless you really want to see a truly bad anime. I have watched a lot of anime before this and Dragon Fist is still one of the worst I have seen. Let me explain why.

First off I should clarify that Dragon Fist is an OVA, which is important read more
Aug 27, 2017
This manga is essentially Junji Ito's take on the classic story of Snow White.
It is an extremely short story, as the whole thing is no longer than 15 pages, so there is very little to talk or enjoy about this manga.

The story is about a vain Queen who prides herself as being the most beautiful in all the world, she checks and confirms this fact each and every day by asking her magical mirror, until one day the mirror says that she is only the second most beautiful in the world, as she was surpassed by her foster-daughter, Snow White. Upon hearing this the read more
May 10, 2017
Kagewani Shou is one of those typical sequels that tried doing something different and new, but in that process it lost sight of what was actually good about the original and became bad as a result of this. If you liked the original Kagewani, then you will most likely not enjoy Kagewani Shou, because it went on a completely different route than its predecessor.

The original Kagewani was a collection of short horror stories that were only loosely tied together by the central recurring characters of Banba and Kimura. In comparison to this Kagewani Shou tried to have a story, a controlled narrative and a read more
Dec 14, 2016
Junk: Record of the Last Hero is one of those generic manga that start with a worthless protagonist who suddenly receives an awesome power that allows him to do whatever he wants. There are hundreds of manga that start with the same premise and do it much better than Junk does, so I would recommend reading those instead because Junk is nothing but a massive waste of your time.

The story begins with an internet lottery that only the first two applicants can win, (unsurprisingly) our ironically named protagonist Hiro, is one of the winners of this lottery. The following day he receives a delivery, read more
Nov 2, 2016
Senrei (Manga) add (All reviews)
I just finished reading Baptism and saw that there was no review for it, so I decided to write one myself.

Baptism, or Senrei (in the Japanese name) was created by Umezu Kazou, the famous and old horror mangaka who inspired many other horror mangaka like Junji Ito, but I have never read any manga from Umezu Kazou before, so I went in without any expectations. I'm saying this, because despite the promising first few chapters, Baptism was overall a letdown, primarily because it was ruined by the sudden "plot twists" that came in the last volume, up until then it was fine or even read more