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Mar 25, 2022
Conceptually, Slow Loop is about using a cherished pastime to overcome grief and build close friendships. You may not know a single thing about fly fishing going in (I sure did not), but we can all understand the desire to partake in a fun hobby and seek the company of others who are mutually passionate. There are approximately five million SOL anime that execute this very same concept, but this one is at least slightly better than average in that it is legitimately educational about its subject matter and creates likable characters with relatable conflicts. It also fails in some key ways that keep it read more
Feb 6, 2022
Can never go wrong with a beach episode. This special takes the Tawawa cast on a tropical vacation where skimpy swimsuits and massive oppai jiggling are mandatory. If you liked what season 2 had to offer then you'll probably love what this special has to offer too.

Of especial note here is Ai's mom being a featured character. Take one look at Ai and you can only imagine how the originator looks in a swimsuit - Absolutely marvelous. She was the star of the special for me and I'm sure many others would agree upon completion.

This was an awesome way to conclude the second season read more
Jan 10, 2022
For fifteen years Kiss x Sis pushed the boundaries of a wide variety of sexual taboos while being entirely self aware of how ridiculous its premise was, never caring to take itself seriously enough for you to question your moral compass. There are valid complaints that KxS leaned too far into the direction of comedy, rather than fully committing to the forms of degeneracy that it teases, but you’d be hard pressed to find many contemporary series that strike a better balance of ecchi entertainment than what is found here.

As can be observed from the title, the central taboo is the incestual angle of Keita read more
Dec 5, 2021
If you like big anime titties then Tawawa on Monday is the show for you. I cannot be any more direct than that - this anime is literally about worshiping the voluptuous glandular tissues of cute girls via constant zoom ins, boob jiggles, bras snapping, torso touching, groping, stripping, basically anything under the sun that can be done with a pair of tits is likely to be found in here in bite sized, short episodical formatting (barring nudity, more on that later). Tawawa also entertains fantasy romantic scenarios between faceless, self insert men who are attracted to these women, and are teased incessantly until eventually read more
Oct 27, 2021
Part of being human is to encounter a problem that subtracts from our enjoyment of life. Whether this issue is in the form of addiction, illness or phobia, it would surely make sense for us to wish those problems away so that we can evolve into our ideal selves. Right?

This manga poses an interesting thought experiment to this topic - if you got rid of your most problematic behavior flaws, would you not change into a foreign version of yourself? Who is the you that no longer suffers from social anxiety? Do you remember the version of yourself who never feared rejection? "You" may read more
Sep 15, 2021
In case it wasn’t clear from the promotional material, Megami-ryou is a transparent appeal to lovers of ecchi harem fanservice. There is no attempt at constructing a continual narrative nor to create riveting characters who act in genuine ways. This is literally designed for the viewer to watch with their pants off as six girls all desire to hump one boy. If that sounds like something you’d be into, this show is golden. If not, you shouldn’t be watching.

For those that fall into the intended audience - you’ll be pleased to know that this is not the type of ecchi that will manifest censorship beams read more
Aug 8, 2021
The MAL community is generally forgiving of Slice of Life anime with banal premises - see the reception of K-on, Non Non Biyori, so I wondered why JK Meshi was scored among the worst entries to ever appear in the database. Surely it can't just be the fact that its only three minutes long per episode?

About a minute into the first episode I understood why - JK Meshi fails to execute the bare minimum of what a slice of life anime needs to be loved by at least a portion of the anime community - cute and personable characters. All of the girls have bland, read more
Jul 24, 2021
If you love Dragon Maid to the point of muttering "Chu Chu Yeah" in your sleep, then these shorts become essential viewing. Each episode contains ninety seconds of cute SOL scenarios that recapture the warm and fuzzy tone of season one. Some of those scenarios include Kanna styling Kobayashi's hair, Fafnir meeting his MMORPG teammates in real life, and Tohru preparing the perfect bento for her loving master.

Do note that Ilulu is not present in these episodes, as it was released prior to season two and intended to be promotional material. This is perhaps disappointing to those who have grown enamored with the bite sized read more
Jul 3, 2021
Battle shounen tend to preach “hard work = results” and “even the weak can be strong”. but almost universally do these messages become drowned out by cheap power ups and hidden inner strength trump cards.

Mightiest Disciple Kenichi is one of the exceptions to that pattern, being a battle shounen with a thoroughly average lead character who slowly earns his power through combat training. Emphasis on slow - every technique Kenichi uses can be traced back to a specific regimen. This makes his eventual progression into a strong fighter feel authentic in a way that few other over the top shounen can hope to match.

The read more
May 27, 2021
Do you ever wonderwhy girls commit suicide. Why girls ever feel compelled to take their own life when this beautiful, forgiving world has so much to offer them and explore?

If your answer happens to be "not really", it's probably because you understand that this is a complex issue that depends on the individual and their various influences. You may also understand that isolating incidents of self harm to females is kinda weird as everyone is vulnerable to feelings of despair - perhaps not best mediated through the medium of anime, better off in academic journals who dedicate actual research to this kinda stuff.

Wonder Egg read more