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Apr 27, 2014
This manga right here is a little gem. Well equiped with plot twist, character development and great characters. A must-read...

Okay... the story doesn't end in a cliffhanger, but the ending is rushed and the story isn't even half finished. Keep that in mind. Now to the review :

Story 8 The plotline isn't really a new concept, but still, it's frikn awesome. Storys revolving genuises have always been the most interesting ones (in my opinion), since you always want to know what plan and tricks the mc is going to use next. There is no such thing as mc-luck or power read more
Jun 23, 2013
First things first...
This is a shonen - seinen ecchi, so... plot and fanservice for teenies, but it is uncensored, meaning 18+ (seinen).

Moving on...


The main theme of this manga is football ( or soccer ). Mixed with a lot of comedy and fanservice. But it is really unrealistic. In terms of football themed plot, there a lot of mangas which did this better. As a footballplayer, I was just shaking my head in the beginning of the manga. The games/matches are more focused on entertaining the reader, leaving the realistic aspect behind( at least they didn't shout out some pokemon attack names when kicking the read more
May 28, 2013
ST&RS (Manga) add (All reviews)
Good day girls amd guys,

i have only read 32 so far, even though this manga is finished (can't find chapter 33-39 anywhere). So, if you are like me, and read manga online, be prepared to be left with no real ending( until now).

Anyway, my opinion about the story. Well, so far, this is my first manga about space and astronauts. But i can say for sure that the story is quite enjoyable and new.
Of course being a shônen, it has those "shônen" moments and the light comedy.
Okay, now you may think : "Omg, School, Shonen and Comedy. This is so overused.". And.... read more
Nov 7, 2012
Everyone does mistakes in grammar or spelling , but i'm trying my best for you guys, k :3?

First of all,i love romances. Especially those in combination with the shoujo-genre. And of course , i did watch the anime and i really enjoyed it.
That's why i will give a objective review and analysis, but also my personal opinion about the manga. Of course, i will try to keep it short like i always do.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu is your typical school-life-romance with your rich, popular girl and the kind, normal boy. The idea, what differs it form other shoujo-romances with this cast as the main read more
Apr 23, 2012
English is not my main language so there might be some mistakes.I'm trying to make this short.

This is definitely one of the best harem-ecchi-comedy manga i've ever read so far.
The story is simple and enjoyable.Of course the idea with goddess x human is overused, but it's still good.Nothing too serious , but also not too boring.

It is focused on the 3 (so far) harem girls, which have to make their way into the male lead's heart.One of them even got the chance to be stuck with him ;)
This little fact makes quite the whole story so enjoyable.Add some ecchi and there you have a read more
Apr 18, 2012
English is not my main language so there might be some mistakes ... however :
I have only read 11 chapters so far...

After having read the synopsis , you may think '' yay another shounen adventure with a kind guy and a big breasted girl , who gonna fall in love and safe the world...'' . That's definitely wrong. The story is very complex ... in my opinion (i may be the only one who thinks like that). It's more about economy and the reasons and consequences of war between humans and demons.

You may think now , '' but in the description,it says : action,adventure,... '' read more