May 28, 2013
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Good day girls amd guys,

i have only read 32 so far, even though this manga is finished (can't find chapter 33-39 anywhere). So, if you are like me, and read manga online, be prepared to be left with no real ending( until now).

Anyway, my opinion about the story. Well, so far, this is my first manga about space and astronauts. But i can say for sure that the story is quite enjoyable and new.
Of course being a shônen, it has those "shônen" moments and the light comedy.
Okay, now you may think : "Omg, School, Shonen and Comedy. This is so overused.". And.... well you're right.The manga has nothing new, except being focused around space. But, most of the time, the events happen somewhere outside school.
Is it complex ? Mhm, i could understand everything, but i was questioning a lot of things. So no, it is not complex. Don't forget, it is Sci-fi, meaning no realistic settings.

Art. Puplished 2011, do i need to write more ? Yeah, it is on the same level as most of the mangas published 2011 - and that means it is really nice drawn.

Shônen character. Nothing new. Bright cheerful MC. Cute little female side MC, goodlooking and smart third part of the group. They are all best friends and really support each other.
I can't really complain, because even though these character archtypes are so overused, they are still really good. Same goes with the story.
What this story is lacking is a real villain. *Spoiler,well not really one*. There is no real villain. Of course, they can die, it's not like they gain abilities which will make them immortal ( A lot of those space test are freakin dangerous). And because of that, the story still has some thrill. But there is no real enemy, which they have to face against.
About the support characters. They support, literally.

Enjoyment. I loved it and still do. It is exactly the light heart manga with a main character that will always suprise me with new stuff and cool moments, that i was looking for ( after finishing a lot of dramas and tragedy stories in the last time ). No mature tragedy. Perfect after a hard day of work (or school).

Overall, Good-Very Good.

Don't forget, if you also read manga online, it only has 32 chapters out so far. (Last Chapter was posted March. No release date for chapter 33). But don't let that stop you, it is definitly worth a try.