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'K: Seven Stories' Anime Announced

by tsubasalover
Apr 30, 4:02 AM | 83 Comments
It was announced on the K anime project official website, as well as during the "K: Do you know K?" event today, that there will be a new animation project titled K: Seven Stories. In addition, the staff for the anime series are reprising their roles. It is currently unknown what the format of the anime will be.

Original Creator: GoRA×GoHands
Studio: GoHands
Director, Character Design: Shingo Suzuki

Other announcements include the start of the K official fan club this fall, "K Official Supporters Clan."

Source: Official site

K: Seven Stories on MAL

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when K anime will be published?

May 26, 6:43 AM by Wongu

I'd love to watch the newest season/movie of K. Loved the 1st, 2nd, and the movie. Just hope this season/movie would be less sexualized.

May 10, 5:46 AM by angielee8285

Amazing news

I just hope it's not as big of a disappointment as season 2

May 8, 12:48 PM by Thorlak

Well then. ;w;

I am kinda happy about this.
I remember putting up Nagare as my avatar after I completed watching K's second season!

I'm a bit concerned about how this is going to be, though.
I really, really hope it's not one of those recap like episodes. e.e

-fingers crossed-

May 8, 10:16 AM by Crazeye

Best news in a while, super excited for this !

May 3, 4:23 AM by lalabella

hyped for new season.. but hope they do a better job with the storyline this time rather than throwing it all on art and sound.. thought i would'nt mind that either.. luve this eye candy anime <3

May 2, 11:24 PM by TheDiabolicEsper

I'm hoping this will be an adaption of the various K manga series, but if it isnt, that's cool too. It'd be nice to get more back story about each of the kings that we haven't seen yet.

May 2, 10:13 PM by Yuukiism

Well I might as well watch it too. It will be easier watching it while it's airing.

May 1, 7:44 PM by SecretDinosaur

here I'll be raring hoping this captioned and ready to view

May 1, 6:32 PM by cristopeles

Guess I should catch up after S1 too. Also to reread some of the manga, can't recall where I left off...

May 1, 6:10 PM by gophercg

I enjoyed the series though second season was lackluster, we really need this?

Also, no offense to their fans but I seriously don't want to spend the first few episodes fapping over Suoh's and Totsuka's corpses to show THEY WERE THE BESTEST EVAH and how much wangst Munakata still has.

May 1, 5:35 PM by GChan

im literally in tears right now i mso happy im sosososos happy

May 1, 5:31 PM by haikyobi

I'm pumped for this

May 1, 4:03 PM by Tooro

Mayuka said:
katemonster123 said:

still havent finished the second season, i really hate this franchise but i always force myself to watch it. maybe it's because everyone gives it so much praise?
i actually don't see much praise on MAL. on tumblr and female-dominated sites, it's very overhyped and even as a female, i dont really know why. it's not particularly gay or pandering (there's more fanservice than manservice) so idek

yeah, most of the fanbase is female orientated, i've just seen people i know praise it and it throws me off a lot. and as a female myself i find some of the fanservice in the show outright absurd at some times lmao. i guess alotta fujoshis go for anything.

May 1, 2:12 PM by katemonster123

I read the side story manga K: Memory of Red which was really beautiful. They have a side story for all of the kings though, which I have yet to finish. So perhaps this new animation will be a compilation of these stories . All I know is I'll be watching ^_^

May 1, 1:13 PM by k-uromoriko

Get there! I'm going to be all over that guy!

May 1, 10:23 AM by Niveknoxin

Damn, I've only watched the 1st season. Should hurry up.

May 1, 10:03 AM by puella_magi

I really enjoy watching both seasons of k...including the far as I can see the visual is OK..n plot was kind of rushy. BT still OK.I really look forward for the next series whether it is a movie \season or whatever .lol..

May 1, 8:58 AM by Eutopia

I really liked the first season, but i still need to finish the second one.

The second season doesn't keep me interested like the first one

May 1, 8:35 AM by Helitenks

If they expand on Nagare and the Green Clan, then I'm watching, which it seems they will considering Nagare is on the poster.

May 1, 8:26 AM by Clock

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