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Japanese: ギヴン
English: Given
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Type: Manga
Volumes: 9
Chapters: 58
Status: Finished
Published: Apr 30, 2013 to Mar 30, 2023
Genres: Boys Love Boys Love, Drama Drama
Themes: Music Music, School School
Serialization: Cheri+
Authors: Kizu, Natsuki (Story & Art)


Score: 8.511 (scored by 2422524,225 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #1442
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #259
Members: 62,752
Favorites: 4,421



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Preliminary Spoiler
Aug 16, 2019
Preliminary (27/58 chp)
Given is a truly amazing story that features great art, a compelling plot, and plenty of emotional moments. All of the protagonists have an amazing amount of depth and complexity that complements the mature themes present in the plot, drawing the reader in and presenting a narrative that feels real and heartfelt. This manga will play your heartstrings like a fiddle (Or perhaps a Gibson hollow body) and take you on an emotional rollercoaster as you follow the ever-shifting feelings of love, pain, desperation, and soul-searching that plague the cast. As a sub-theme to the plot of personal connection and growth, the power of music ...
Mar 10, 2020
Preliminary (30/58 chp)
As someone who excessively reads shonen-ai/yaoi manga, I didn't expect much, as I often don't. It only took this manga five chapters to completely blow me away with its brilliance. 'Given' is a totally believable story of how a successful band came to be, of how a strong bond was formed between four men at an integral part of their lives, and how hope can be found as long as you try hard enough to look for it.


- The characterization. It's absolutely top-notch, not just for a shounen-ai manga, but for a story in general. Each one of the main characters has something to ...
Jul 23, 2023
Many works seem to believe that just mentioning suicide automatically makes the script better. It does not. Especially when it’s not really elaborated upon, just thrown in the mix for some free drama. Unfortunately, some readers will fall for this bait, and proclaim the story deep and dramatic and whatever.

So, what is Given actually about? The thing is, I struggle to summarize it. Not because it’s complex, but because what I consider its biggest flaw – it doesn’t have a point. With most of fiction, you can usually grasp what the author is going for. Sometimes it’s to explore deeps though. Sometimes the main point ...
Dec 30, 2020
Preliminary (21/58 chp)

Ok so...first things first: I really enjoyed it. It may seem like a cliché story, but trust me, it isn't. I liked it how each character has their own personality and the relationship development between Mafuyu and Uenoyama. Mafuyu has his own dark past (all the Yuki shit) and I think that the whole arc about him dealing with a new love and those sad memories was pretty good. Also Uenoyama realizing he's not straight was really relatable, the author represented most of us (LGBT people) in a smooth and delicate way. I really do like Ueno, he's not toxic at all and has ...
May 17, 2021
Preliminary (39/58 chp)
I'm genuinely confused why people love and praise this manga so much. Don't get me wrong its a good manga, but is it amazing? No, totally not. This manga is a solid seven all across the board for me. The art is nice, familiar but pleasant to the eyes. A majority of the main characters are explored semi decently thus far. The story is slow paced but not necessarily in a bad way. Its good, but amazing? Ground breaking? I just don't see it. I wouldn't say to NOT read this manga, but I also wouldn't say your missing out if you don't.
May 21, 2021
Preliminary (40/58 chp)
* Minor spoilers for earlier on in the manga

Man, where do I begin with Given. I remember picking this up a few years after it was first released and I was absolutely blown away about how much detail and care could go into creating a manga like this. It wasn't as popular as it is now with the anime adaptation, but I was absolutely blown away about the fact that so many people could come together to appreciate a story. Even crazier, a shounen-ai story appriciated as art.

Story : 8/10
The thing about Given is that some people might be going into it expecting BL ...
Apr 22, 2024
Mixed Feelings
I remember reading a lot of yaoi when I was younger and discovering my sexuality. I read a lot of trash, like terrible trash, and was very confused as how these authors thought gay people worked. As a bi man who has dated a man before, I fell like I can see past the allure of "oh my goodness, this boy is kissing another boy!1!11!" that most BL relies on.

Foremost, I think I should give my opinion on the manga. It is very very okay! Its not bad, but I also don't think that because it doesn't really do much wrong makes it good. it ...
May 7, 2021
Preliminary (6/58 chp)
I saw the anime first, and then bought the mangas, and the only thing that I have to say is: it's perfect.

It became my favourite anime and manga, the art, the story, everything is just PERFECT. This isn't yaoi, this is a really cute story with no fetichization of gay man. It's literally a masterpiece. I can't wait to read the others volumes. Mafuyu, Uenoyama, Akihiko and Haruki are all well writen characters, the devolepment of Mafuyu is amazing, I just love all about this manga and anime.
The art is so cute that I'm considering doing a tattoo with my bestfriend, NewPop (in ...
Jan 12, 2023
Preliminary (30/58 chp)
Given is a drama story about a boy-band, their relationship with each other and all the problems that they go through.

My first experience with Given was watching the anime, I quickly became a fan of the characters and the story, so I decided to buy some volumes of the manga because i was pretty much interested. And God what knows how it was a good choice. Given offers such a good representation of mourning, the confusion about your own feelings, the issues within a toxic relationship, the feeling that you're not enough, the feeling of loneliness. All of this and more are gathered into this ...
Feb 24, 2022
Preliminary (14/58 chp)
BL is known for sexualizing gay men and unrealistic relationships. This book doesn't do that. The story progression is nice, the characters are very well written, and their is no over-sexualization or over-romanticization of the characters and their relationship in fact it is quite dark and painful at times, but the cute moments are very cute and wholesome. I just want the boys to be happy. It tugs at your heart strings and doesn't let go. And it will hurt to read, there were many times I had to put down the book for the day because it got to intense for me. Another ...
Apr 10, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (39/58 chp)
I am ready to receive all the slops for this review. I like Given, but to say it is a masterpiece of realistic BL, I don't think so. These are BL standards and the level is so low and weak that compared to others, Given looks like a masterpiece. But let's start from the beginning.

The main couple is fine. Uenoyama is quite okay as a character. I like him, but his boyfriend ... he's such a dull, shallow, and boring character that he's like your typical shounen main character.
I will come back to my beloved Akihiko and Haruka after that.
In typical yaoi, the author also ...
Oct 3, 2021
Preliminary (42/58 chp)
Oh gosh Love is painful in this story and too realistic.
I love every character and want only happiness for each and every one of them but the changes in their lives as seasons roll and their past and everything really that makes us human is shown really well in this.

Just get ready for all the frustrations and sadness that come with happiness and comfort in this story. Also don't judge the characters too harshly as they are stumbling through their lives but don't expect everything to be fulffy.
All in all though this a origin story of a Band and the Bandmates lives and relationships.
Apr 29, 2024
Preliminary (14/58 chp)
Before that, I watched anime and had long planned to start reading manga. And I didn’t regret it one bit.
This story combines several themes: music, love and the concept of self. Some will say that there are a lot of predictable moments in this manga, but predictability is not always synonymous with the word bad. Especially if it is written correctly.
I like how different characters are shown here and they are all different from each other, from design to story. I also want to note how the main couple (Mafuyu/Uenoyama), spending time together, understand themselves more and more. It touches me how the quiet Mafuyu, ...
Oct 5, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (41/58 chp)
This review contains a spoiler but it's also a trigger warning.

The first arc was cute with realistic elements. Haruki, Ugetsu and Akihiko's arc showcases sexual assault which is forgiven instantly without the other party apologizing nearly enough but also gives us the best character so far, Ugetsu. Hiiragi and Shizumi's arc so far is enjoyable.
All characters are easy to differenciate because they are all very different in regards of personality, desire and relationship with music. The art is good enough. The narrative is at times poetic which makes it nostalgic but also has funny moments. The story is driven by feelings rather than plot.
Not ...