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Would you class a Spin-Off as it's own anime?

Poll: Are Spin-Offs their own shows?

Apr 6, 3:34 PM

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Essentially I keep a list of every anime I watch in order, and so far I've classed them as separate shows. For example Attack On Titan: Junior High and Cells At Work: CODE BLACK I've classed as separate animes from their parent story. Should I keep my current format as it is or change it? It's not exactly a big deal but I like keeping track of what I've watched in a proper format.
Apr 6, 3:41 PM

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Yes and no. It depends on if they take place in the same timeline/universe. But I guess even if that is the case, they are technically their own show.
Apr 6, 3:46 PM

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For that, it would be it's own show but with the same characters or same setting, since it would have a different plot points and that would make it a different show.
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Apr 6, 7:00 PM

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They are part of the same franchise imo. Like emiya gohan with fate
Apr 6, 7:12 PM

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Yes, usually spin off is like focus more on to other character rather than the original main character . That itself imo deserve to be classify as its on anime , a different main character would make ur watching experience different as well.
Apr 6, 7:13 PM

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Yeah, I would say so. It's like how Burn The Witch is a Bleach spinoff and canonically takes place in the same universe as Bleach (western fraction of the soul society) but it's still it's own series.

Apr 6, 7:23 PM

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It depends. Like, you can classify each one as a separate story but they all fall underneath a franchise. Take Magical Index and Scientific Railgun. I believe Index came first and they took some characters from Index to establish Scientific Railgun and follow their own story. I would classify them separately
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Apr 6, 9:25 PM

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I'll join with Lisanna and Fire on that point. This is exactly because spin-off series make MC step back or even not appear that the plot is completely focused on another character. It is radically different. It does not have to be in another world to be another series. And this is why anime DB sites classify them apart.
Apr 6, 9:36 PM

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Yes. A "spin-off" is usually very different from the source material meaning it should be rated on its own merits.
Apr 6, 10:41 PM

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If the spin-off is part of a franchise, then no. If it's like:

Fate and Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note. Then yes.
Apr 6, 10:43 PM

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Railgun is a spinoff of Index and its way better

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Apr 7, 11:06 PM

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depends. same franchise, different anime.
Apr 7, 11:28 PM
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Can you watch it without watching the original and still have pretty much the same experience? If yes, then sure. If not, then no.
Apr 7, 11:38 PM

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_FRB_ said:
Can you watch it without watching the original and still have pretty much the same experience? If yes, then sure. If not, then no.

This is my answer too but it may get blurry, for example I can watch Prisma Illya as my first in the Fate series and still get it but it would be better for me to see the original source to get the "references" on their powers and such. But yes, those things are not that relevant and the plot can still stand on that example imo