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Jan 16, 4:50 PM

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YossaRedMage said:
Rodawi said:
Knowing how Japan still is when it comes to accepting the LGBTQ-community, I'm somewhat sceptical about the author's intent here...

"Knowing how Japan is when it comes to accepting the LGBT community."

Smug, arrogant, condescending... But it's ok because you're woke right?

You have no idea what you're talking about.

There are a couple things that people think are important and the Japanese don't. Like marriage. But overall acceptance is very high and has been for a long time. Considering you could literally be put in jail for being gay in many western countries less than 100 years ago, Japanese history is light years better in terms of "accepting the LGBTQ community".

Honestly, that kind of attitude and the casual, unresearched attacks on entire peoples is the reason so many people have a problem with the LGBT movement. LGBT peoples greatest enemies are their activists I swear to God...

Even though it was more progressive than some other countries many decades ago doesn’t mean that it can be considered as such right now. The legal rights of LGBT people are still limited when compared to many developed nations (especially western) around the world. It’s not necessarily a bad place to live but by no means progressive either, which is what I think the person your quoted was implying.

The fact is that same-sex couples are not officially recognized in any way in most parts of Japan, which is a problem because they then lack the benefits and layers of legal protection that the traditional system of marriage provides when it comes to things like inheritance, housing, hospital visits and other social welfare services.

To my understanding the main problem for sexual minorities in Japan is the collectivist nature of their culture (similar to many other Asian countries), which generally doesn’t tolerate deviances from traditional/established social norms. The pressure to marry the opposite sex and continue the family blood line is still strong in Japan, prompting many to hide their sexual orientation. Coming out in general is also still considered detrimental for career, friendships and family relations. According to these two recent surveys most LGBT people in Japan are still closeted and hesitant to consider coming out: - this one is in Japanese, but the important information can be found on pg. 5 (78.8% have not revealed their inclination to anyone, 14.5% to close friends, 5.2% to family and 3.0% to people at their workplace. The results are from a multiple-choice question.) - this one is in English.

The positive progress towards acceptance has been really fast in the recent years from what I’ve noticed ( just as an example), and I do think that even legalized marriage could be feasible within the next few years. Changes in social norms will take more time, however.

As of now I can’t really say that the Japanese society is ‘accepting’ of sexual minorities. I’m also not insinuating that you were claiming that either, but rather just wanted to point this out (yes, I agree that the situation is much worse in many countries). I also have no intention to derail this thread further with this discussion.

Yesterday, 9:22 PM

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People don't like to think, especially when watching anime. I can't blame them, it's easier to turn off your brain.

That applies to life too.
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Hmm imo it’s not much the queer content bc I find that 1) it was framed in a way that made it blatantly not about “queer intimacy being bad” it was more of a challenge to loc dude’s preconceived notions of what water-dude’s and fish-dude’s relationship was. Also just like?? You ask consent before engaging in sexual shit in front of someone? It’s understandable to respond that way to two of your friends licking each other when there was no follow up and no asking for consent.

(Tho take it with a grain of salt since I’m a white-washed diaspora lesbian. I don’t know shit about what it actually means to be queer in Japan. A Japanese queer man’s take on that scene holds waaay more weight.)

I rated this show 6/10 because compared to other anime I’ve watched it’s just okay. I set feature films with similar sort of psychological/interpersonal themes such as Paprika, Perfect Blue, and the original 1995 Ghost In The Shell as a 10. PSYCHOPASS is a solid 7 or 8 depending on which season.

This is obviously a character-driven narrative but the dialogue often flops. Episode one was solid with how it set the foundation both for blond buzz cut dude’s character and how the protagonists’ supernatural abilities works.

Episodes two and three were a disappointment in comparison. They did barely anything to developer water and fish dude’s characters and teased a bit on their relationship. Instead it focused on two throwaway characters who don’t serve much purpose. This is a mid budget adaptation that will likely only have thirteen episodes. The creators have at most 220 minutes to complete the rest of the story. Probably less because it’s in in 25 minute weekly installments.

(I won’t go into detail but they don’t utilize their environments at all. The shots are boring outside of the dream sequences. Think about how many times there’s the smoking in the car dialogue scene)

It makes sense that people would be disappointed. Amazon did little to promote the show. I sought the anime out thinking that it would be like PSYCHOPASS at least, but it’s just Okay(tm). The premise is awesome and lends its self to being an exploration of intra- and interpersonal relationships as well as what it means to exist as a human being in relation to our personal experiences (e.g. trauma) and what it means to cope and survive as emotional and social beings.

Adapting static media to animation is hard especially with what I assume is dialogue heavy source material. It wasn’t done well but adaptation is a beast, so I’m not going to trash talk it and say it’s awful. It’s just okay.

I’m dropping the anime but am going to read the manga once I get my hands on an English translation.
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