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Sep 10, 12:41 PM
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Seiyuu Saki Ogasawara announced her return to voice acting via Twitter on Monday.

Ogasawara was diagnosed with Stage I tongue cancer in April of this year and took a leave of absence in May to undergo treatment. In her Twitter statement, she thanked fans for their support during her hiatus, saying it encouraged her to work through the situation and return to work. Although it wasn't explicitly stated, her post hints that she will continue some level of rehabilitation for the time being.

Ogasawara is represented by Ken Production and voiced supporting characters in Date A Live II, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, and in seasons two and three of Boku no Hero Academia. She also voiced a Yousei-san in Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita.

Source: Comic Natalie
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Sep 10, 12:46 PM

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Tongue cancer? Wow, I don't know that It existed. Praise to God that She recovered all
Sep 10, 12:50 PM
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Cancer in April? Is this the second season of your lie in april? JKJKJK

Happy for that. I hope she stays strong and she recovered all. Very few roles though, is she new in the industry?
Sep 10, 4:01 PM
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Excellent news! I hope she gets more work!
Sep 11, 1:58 AM

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Hoping its completely gone.
Sep 11, 10:18 AM

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Nice news!! i'm looking forward for jobs for her
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