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Jul 20, 6:11 AM
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Since when I started watching anime, I download every picture of Anime I've watched. I still do it now.
MyAnimeList was my of my source of it.
But recently, I think a month or two I noticed that the cover picture quality of MyAnimeList decreased.
Is it a bug or they really decreased the quality of the cover picture?

I also noticed the same for my Anime List:
Jul 20, 6:19 AM

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What site are you using for cover imports?
Are you even using one?

Edit: it looks normal to me
I'm watching anime since 2012. I also play games, sometimes.

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Jul 20, 10:01 PM
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I don't know why it's blurry to me, but if others can see it like that, then I guess I'm fine with it.

Edit: I figured out that Brave is the reason. When I use Chrome, The picture of my list is not blurry anymore.
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Jul 21, 6:12 PM

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@MyAnimeian I'm pretty sure Brave blocks the referrer information that the cover generator requires for the auto preset to work. To fix it for yourself, find this line near the top of your code:
@\import "";
Delete it, and replace it with this instead:
@\import "";
@\import "";

This is still the same cover generator, but instead of using the automatic import, we are specifying your username and list types so that the referral information is not needed.
Jul 22, 4:23 AM
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Whoa. Thank you for that answer. :O