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May 26, 12:54 PM

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Ask in title
Jun 11, 5:29 PM
Kurumi Best Girl
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I mean I think the movie is non canon so. I personally watched it after season 3
Jun 17, 5:50 PM
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It happens between S2 and S3 so it is better to watch it before the third season
Jul 1, 6:59 AM
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If you want to watch it, watch it
Jul 2, 3:24 PM
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Watch it after 2nd season, but before 3rd season
Jul 2, 3:29 PM
Hug Addict <3

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I mean that's how they were released and it happens in-between S2 and S3 chronologically so I'd say so yes

Although the movie is pretty shit and without a doubt the worst entry to date in the Date A Live franchise but that is a different story

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