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Poll: Pornographer Chapter 7 Discussion

Dec 16, 2016 8:25 AM
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a bitter sweet end to the whole sensei- student situation
Jun 24, 2017 7:04 PM

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AWE! Sensei's monologue. <3 He was disappointed that his dominant hand wasn't hurt, yet with his left hand unharmed, he couldn't give up the thought of still being able to draw pictures or write stories. >.< It's sad that Sensei was bored and lonely... Writing, which he loved so much, was very limited. :( Even now, I wonder what stories he could be writing, if it weren't for erotic novels which gave him a living... Wow, Sensei must have been lonely for a really long time. To only have Kido as his close friend, who had a family, really deepened that loneliness.

That message did seem like Sensei was thinking of committing suicide... ;________;'s nice to see Sensei relaxed at last. Although Sensei threw away all of his books and records, he could start over again at his family's farm. :)

"All of a sudden...I couldn't understand who it was I was writing for, or what I was writing for anymore." <-- ;_______; Oh Sensei... "And just like that, I couldn't write even a single sentence anymore."

This line got me too -> "Rather, I feel like I've finally been freed from a demon... It's very peaceful."

... While Kijima was talking about a novel idea with Kusumi, he cried and realized he wanted to write... :( OMG. It was a sudden wave that hit him. </3

It's good that Kijima finally wrote again, this time about Kusumi and himself. :)

Wow!! Two and a half years passed since their last meeting. The epilogue was cute! Kijima finally got a smartphone after his sister nagged him. Our "lying uncle" reread Kusumi's letter many times... Now there's an agreement to talk on the phone once for every three letters Kusumi writes. ^^ A happy ending! These two will slowly rebuild their relationship together. <3
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