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6 Yosuga no Sora GIFs Featuring Taboo Adolescent Love

Yosuga no Sora is a romantic anime about two orphaned twins and their "unique bond". The brother twin, Haruka, is frequently running into beautiful girls at his school, much to the dismay of his twin sister Sora. Take a look at these gifs of the twins and classmates interactions.

by Travisb45
Jan 13, 2016 10:59 PM | 59,828 views

Yosuga No Sora: Sora, Haruka
The story of Yosuga No Sora is one that many can relate to in regards to a coming of age tale. What may not be familiar is the type of love that the twins Sora and Haruka display. While it seems most of the students hold no grudge during Haru’s love quests, Sora's brother complex and overbearing nature is not as easily persuaded. Yosuga No Sora is a series that while mature, is a constant reminder of the emotions and sexual awkwardness many kids go through dealing with the opposite gender. It is true that the underlying reasons behind Sora's hatred are very taboo, which could make this show a difficult watch for some. Luckily Yosuga No Sora is filled with a group of candid individuals that provide an entertaining dynamic that shelters you from the inevitable, at least for a tad bit. So, no matter if you are die hard fan of the series or just getting started, check out some particularly special GIFs from this compelling anime.

One thing is for certain: Sora's constant need for attention from Haruka puts a toll on him mentally and physically.
Yosuga No Sora: Haruka, Sora

Every since they were younger Sora has held a certain disdain for their neighbor Noa.
Yosuga No Sora: Sor, Noa

One of Haruka's many "outside" love interests of is the prestigious Kazuha Migiwa.
Yosuga No Sora: Haruka, Kazuha

Sora is unhappy with any attention that is not sent her way and has no problems showing that emotion.
Yosuga No Sora: Sora

Akira Amatsume is as clumsy as she is beautiful.
Yosuga No Sura: Akira Amatsume

Sora and Haruka's "unique bond" started at an early age and has remained strong even during hardships.
Yosuga No Sora: Sora, Haruka

The twins see each other as one. Their love will never be denied, even though it has caused some uncomfortable situations between them and their peers.
Yosuga No Sora: Harkua, Sora

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