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Can You Remember the Characters of Amnesia?

It's hard being the heroine of Amnesia. Not only has she lost all of her memories, she has no idea who these guys around her are. Are they friends? Are they boyfriends? Or are they trying to kill her? Read on to find out!

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The Heroine

Amnesia - The Heroine

The Heroine has lost all of her memories; she wakes up not even knowing her own name or how she got that way. Was she in an accident? Did she hit her head? She has absolutely no clue. All she has is a phone filled with names she doesn't recognize and messages from people she doesn't know.

In addition, the Heroine can see a strange-looking spirit named Orion. The problem is that no one else can see Orion. From the get-go, something weird is going on. Orion claims that the Heroine's amnesia is his fault, so he wants to help regain her lost memories. He also suggests that she not let anyone else know that she has amnesia. Even though this sounds suspicious, the Heroine agrees.

Sweet-faced and naïve, the Heroine navigates her daily life while pretending nothing is amiss. It's a tall order. She works part-time at a maid café and has strange relationships with four different young men. Her shy, innocent nature can only get her by so far. Her strange behavior begins to stir up protective urges in the guys around her, depending on how long they've known her. It also raises suspicions. What do you do when a friend asks you about something memorable that happened when you were five? Do you try to play it off and say you don't remember, even though it might hurt their feelings? Or do you try to guess, even though it risks exposing your amnesia?

To further complicate matters, she keeps crossing paths with a mysterious green-haired man. He, most of all, is the most confusing. Sometimes he's very kind, such as saving her when she's about to be hit by a car. Other times, he's very cruel and seems intent on killing her. It's almost as if they're two different people although the long, green-hair is very distinct. Even though the Heroine's guy friends are unique themselves in the way they dress and look, the green-haired man stands out!

As the Heroine starts remembering pieces of her life and putting things back together, things become even weirder. Although the Heroine is naturally clumsy, bad things keep constantly happening to her. Is it bad luck or something more sinister? Her friends act like it's normal, but Orion's behavior suggests otherwise. After accidentally falling off a cliff, she wakes up again—only to find that she's gone back in time three days. Bewildered for very good reasons, the Heroine relives those days again, except there are a few differences. Most notable is the fact she has a different boyfriend.

Again and again, the Heroine's life resets on August 4 and reverts back to August 1. In each life, she has a different boyfriend. In each life, the circumstances are a little different but there's enough overlap for her to get a clearer picture of what's going on. Orion tells the Heroine that she's not a time traveler but rather that she's traveling through alternate dimensions. Now the goal becomes not only regaining the Heroine's memories but returning her to her original world.

Is there any way to break the neverending cycle? What's the point of falling in love with a guy, only to lose him and discover you're with someone else in another universe? Sounds like a recipe for confusion and chaos!


Amnesia - Shin

Shin is the first of the Heroine's boyfriends. Represented by the heart suit, his color scheme is a very gothic red and black. He's a reserved, young man, probably because of what happened to him when he was younger. His father killed a person while driving under the influence of alcohol. As a result, Shin was bullied and ostracized as a child. The Heroine is one of the few people who didn't. A year younger than the Heroine, Shin is working hard to get into university.

In a case of childhood friends becoming something more, the Heroine has been dating him for three months. Because of their shared history, pretending that she doesn't have amnesia proves to be extremely difficult. He almost immediately becomes suspicious of her strange behavior.

His concern for the Heroine's well-being and health come from a good place. When you pass out at work for no reason, it makes sense to go to the doctor for a check-up. To Shin, his suggestions are reasonable while the Heroine's refusal to seek medical attention are not. Her behavior only causes him to become more insecure about their relationship. He's younger than the Heroine and she's a first year student at university. It should come as no surprise that he's worried he might lose her not long after finally taking their relationship to the next level. Despite this, he tries his best to be supportive and help her through her confusion, even though the circumstances make it hard. After all, it's hard to help someone with a problem when they don't even know the cause of the problem in the first place!


Amnesia - Ikki

Ikki is the second of the Heroine's boyfriends. A fourth-year college student, he's four years older than the Heroine and works at the same café as her. Extremely attractive, Ikki is always surrounded by girls and even has his own fan club. Ikki's color scheme is blue and he's represented by the spade card suite.

Despite his popularity, Ikki shows a kind side such as when he helped the Heroine with an order in the maid café. Unlike other people who would make fun of her or question how she could have forgotten such a basic thing, he instead walks her through the steps patiently.

The members of Ikki's fan club are notoriously possessive of him and jealous of any girl who approaches him. They bully and stalk girls who spend too much time with Ikki. He's partially complicit in this behavior because he doesn't tell them to stop or to disband, but he's also jaded when it comes to women. In many ways, Ikki tolerates the fan club like he tolerates the girls who chase after him: grudgingly and with resignation. When he was younger, Ikki made a wish upon a shooting star that girls would fall in love with him. Be careful what you wish for! It came true and any girl who looked into his eyes would fall madly in love with him.

Given that history, it's no surprise that he has a playboy reputation. But the novelty's long-since worn off and he no doubt longs to have a deeper relationship. It seems impossible though when his fan club won't let any woman stay with him for longer than three months.


Amnesia - Kent

A graduate student specializing in mathematics, Kent is Ikki's best friend. He originally met the Heroine as her tutor. A very intellectual, young man, Kent approaches life in an extremely analytical and logical manner. His color scheme is green and he's represented by the club card suit. Because he sends the Heroine text messages consisting solely of "good morning" and "good night," she doesn't realize at first that they're dating in the third alternate universe she travels to.

In fact, Kent doesn't really know much about dating at all. His feelings for her are truly genuine, but their relationship can be challenging at times because he doesn't know how to express his emotions and the Heroine can't always understand his actions. It makes you wonder how they started dating in the first place! Even their dates aren't what we'd consider romantic outings. They don't go out for dinner and watch a movie. They don't go to amusement parks. Instead, their dates resemble study sessions where they both sit quietly in his room while he works. To say that Kent is a serious guy is an understatement.

Kent is very smart and observant. He can pick up the nuances of other people's behavior such as correctly identifying when they break routines and change habits. This might sound stalker-ish but it's not. He's not obsessively watching the Heroine. He just picks up on her preferences while spending time with her. Kent isn't a demonstrative boyfriend prone to grand displays of affection like extravagant presents or public declarations of love, but his true feelings come through in how he treats and pays attention to the Heroine.


Amnesia - Toma

A second-year college student, Toma is also the childhood friend of both the Heroine and Shin. His color scheme is orange and he's represented by the diamond card suit. Because he's older than both of them, he assumes the role of a brotherly figure. He's used to looking after the two of them, and he and Shin appear to have a good relationship. He's a kind person, but can be overprotective... very overprotective! Sometimes his protective streak can become downright scary.

Unfortunately, his methods of protecting the ones he loves are unhealthy and obsessive. At first, his behavior seems okay. If a person throws something at his friend and almost hits them, it's reasonable that he would get upset on his friend's behalf. That's what close friends do. Toma sometimes can be rash, so if he decides to chase after someone bullying his friend, that can also be explained away. He acted in the heat of the moment. Again, it's just another sign of how he wants to protect the ones he loves.

On the other hand, this behavior can go too far. If he can't stop the world from hurting his friends, then he'll protect his friends from the dangers of the world. This streak can go to extreme lengths like isolating his friends from their other friends, their jobs, and even regular daily life. It might sound nice to be waited on hand and foot and not to have to worry about anything because Toma will take care of it, but the reality can be frightening!


Amnesia - Ukyo

Ukyo is the mysterious green-haired man that the Heroine meets throughout her travels through the various alternate dimensions. He can be hard to understand because sometimes he's kind to the Heroine, saving her from danger or giving her advice, while other times, he's sadistic, attacking her or even trying to kill her. Ukyo wears mostly black and unlike the other guys who are represented by card suits, his symbol is the Joker. It's very fitting, considering his capricious behavior toward the Heroine.

When Ukyo is kind, his personality is gentle and loyal. In this persona, he seems to love the Heroine and wants nothing more than her happiness and well-being. If anything, he almost acts like a guardian angel. Considering the existence of Orion, this wouldn't be a stretch. After all, he tends to appear when the Heroine is in danger and needs protection that the other guys cannot give her.

When Ukyo is cruel, his personality resembles that of a villain. After all, what else would you call someone who tries to kill the Heroine while looking wild-eyed and laughing like a maniac? This dark side of Ukyo appears when the Heroine least expects it—usually when things are going well for her.

Is he the reason why the Heroine has amnesia and must travel through parallel worlds, trying to get her memories back? There's clearly a connection between the two of them because unlike the other guys, her relationship with Ukyo never changes. But if he knows the reason for the Heroine's amnesia and her jumping to alternate realities, Ukyo doesn't seem inclined to share.


Amnesia - Orion

Orion is an otherworldly spirit who serves as the Heroine's guide. In addition to being a spirit, he doesn't even look human. With his pointed ears and black horns, it's surprising that the Heroine didn't assume he was a demon. After all, there are many stories of evil spirits taking the shape of young children in the hopes of duping an unsuspecting human. Considering the Heroine's naiveté and amnesiac state, she would actually be the perfect victim for such a scheme!

Luckily, Orion seems to be a good-natured spirit, even if he appears to be motivated by guilt. He claims that because the Heroine's spirit touched him, she lost all of her memories. As a result, he feels responsible and wants to help her get them back. At least he's willing to admit fault.

Although he has an upbeat personality overall, Orion is prone to bouts of panic when it comes to the Heroine. Because he insists the Heroine cannot reveal that she has lost her memories, he becomes nervous whenever there's a risk of someone figuring it out. It's a good thing no one but the Heroine can hear him because they would certainly get an earful.

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