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A Look at the Characters of Inazuma Eleven

What if soccer players had special abilities that are not only flashy, but also incredibly powerful? What if they could harness the power of the elements to aid them in the game? Well, wonder no more as we explore the players of Inazuma Eleven.

by Dumbooooooo820
Sep 14, 2015 3:47 AM | 160,132 views

Inazuma Eleven is an anime based on the manga and Nintendo DS game of the same name. It chronicles the tale of Endou Mamoru, an up-beat and skilled goalkeeper in his high school, Raimon Jr High. His team however was lackluster, as he seemed to be the only player that is motivated to train. This eventually threatened the teams existence, since a stipulation was made that unless they win their match against one of the strongest football teams in Japan, the team would be disbanded. But when a mysterious forward called Gouenji moves to Endou's school, he finds hope in his team's predicament and seeks out other skilled players to join their ranks.

Endou Mamoru

Inazuma Eleven Mamoru Edou

He is the skilled goalkeeper and team captain of Raimon Jr High's football team, and the main protagonist of the series. At a young age Mamoru stumbles upon the belongings of his grandfather who unbeknownst to him at that time, was a legendary goalkeeper known around the world. The training notebooks Mamoru found in is grandfather's storage opened his mind to the amazing sport, igniting his passion for playing soccer. However, his mom wasn't so supportive of Mamoru's fondness of the game, which is due to soccer holding negative memories for her.

Endou is cheerful and optimistic, his love of the game fueling his determination, never giving up and being the person that always encourages his team to try harder. His positive nature would attract both ally and foe, inspiring them to become better soccer players both in skill and in attitude. Because of his magnetic personality, Mamoru easily recruits members for both Raimon and Inazuma Japan. Since he was a child, Mamoru held great admiration for his grandfather, Daisuke. He would often study his grandfather's notes, which lead him to learning various hissatsu techniques. His overall personality and love of the game makes Mamoru a source of motivation for all his teammates. Though being already skilled and adept at soccer, he still constantly trains in order to become stronger and face better opponents.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Endou's God Hand
God Hand
As the name implies, the user generates a hand of pure energy thrusting it forward to catch the ball. This was first used by Mamoru during a match against Teikoku Gakuen, successfully stopping another hissatsu technique, Death Zone.

Inazuma Eleven Endou Nekketsu Punch
Nekketsu Punch (Fireball Knuckle )
A technique often used by Mamoru when an approaching shot is too fast, he produces a fiery fist, then hits the ball to knock it away.

Inazuma Eleven Bakuretsu Punch
Bakuretsu Punch (Blazing Knuckle)
First used by Mamoru during their match against Teikoku Gakuen in the Football Frontier regional qualifiers. He punches the ball in rapid succession with both hands, then finally punching it away with an uppercut. This technique successfully blocked the Twin Boost, a combination hissatsu technique.

Inazuma Eleven Majin The Hand
Majin The Hand
A technique once known to only be used by Endou Daisuke, after much deciphering and hard-work, Mamoru managed to use it during their Football Frontier finals match against Zeus Junior High. When using this technique, Mamoru twists to his side generating a yellow aura around him then places his left hand on his heart gathering energy in order to summon a Majin that follows his movements to help him block shots.

Inazuma Eleven Seigi no Tekken
Seigi no Tekken (Fist of Justice)
A technique that even its creator Endou Daisuke could not master, but was used successfully by Mamoru after taking surfing lessons with Tsunami. Mamoru uses this hissatsu by first stomping his foot on the ground, then closes his fist as his arm spins. A yellow fist then appears behind Mamoru, as he punches the ball deflecting it from the goal.

Inazuma Eleven Megaton Head G3
Megaton Head G3
A hissatsu technique that Mamoru accidentally invented after finding himself outside the penalty area, unable to use his hands, he resorted to using his head to block the ball. Evolving from the Seigi no Tekken, Mamoru summons a giant yellow hand over him, the hand then forms a fist that collides with the ball, blocking the opponents shot.

Inazuma Eleven Ikari no Tetsui V2 (Hammer of Wrath V2)
Ikari no Tetsui V2 (Hammer of Wrath V2)
Another hissatsu technique created by Endou Mamoru, first being used in a match against Fire Dragon, using it to block another hissastu technique, Chaos Break. Mamoru first charges himself up with electricity then jumps in the air where a Majin appears, both he and the Majin then slam the ball to the ground with their fists, leaving a hole in its wake.

Inazuma Eleven Ijigen The Hand
Ijigen The Hand
This hissatsu technique was created by Mamoru after getting a tip from his grandpa that was disguised as the coach of another football team. Mamoru's fist glows with a yellowish aura, then he jumps in the air before slamming his fist on the ground creating an "outer dimension," this protective layering renders any shot hitting it to deflect upwards, unless if it's too strong.

Gouenji Shuuya

Inazuma Eleven Gouenji Shuuya kicking a ball
The cool, quiet, and collected striker of the team, before the start of the series he was the ex-captain of Kidokawa Seishuu, a school famous for its soccer. In his previous club, he was the top-scoring player and even carried his team to the Football Frontier finals. But while he was on his way to the final match, his sister, Yuuka, got involved in a serious car accident leaving her in a coma. This deeply affected Gouenji, as he sees himself responsible for his sister's condition. He keeps an amulet made by his sister reminding him of a promise he made to himself—to never play soccer again until Yuuka wakes up. Later on, he was transferred to Raimon where he met Mamoru, and their meeting was a turning point for Gouenji. He was inspired by Mamoru's passion for soccer, he learned to never give up on his love of the sport. Mamoru convinced him that playing football is what Yuuka would have wanted him to do, he uses that thought as inspiration to become the best striker there is.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Fire Tornado
Fire Tornado
Gouenji jumps in the air spinning rapidly from left to right as fire gathers around his legs while lifting the ball near him. When he jumps high enough, he then hits the ball with a fiery kick—setting it a blaze as it missiles towards the goal.

Inazuma Eleven Gouenji Fireball Storm
Bakunetsu Storm (Fireball Storm)
This hissatsu first debuted in a match against Epsilon Kai, where it destroyed the goal keeper's strongest move, Drill Smasher. When using this technique Gouenji crosses his arms in a pose as a fiery tornado forms behind him, which soon turns into a demon made of flames. He then kicks the ball into the air and jumps on the demons hand using it to boost him up. The jump is timed perfectly as Gouenji kicks the ball in mid-air while the face of the demon appears behind him. The ball then rushes towards the goal leaving a trail of fire behind it.

Inazuma Eleven Bakunetsu Screw
Bakunetsu Screw (Exploding Heat Screw)
A hissatsu created during a match between Inazuma Japan and Big Waves. Gouenji jumps high in the air while spinning as fire appears around his body. After reaching a certain height, he then kicks the ball enveloping it in a fiery aura as it barrels down towards the goal. This technique allowed Gouenji to score against the "Great Barrier Reef," a defensive hissatsu of Jean Baker.

Kidou Yuuto

Inazuma Eleven Kidou Yuuto in Raimon
He is a former captain of Teikoku Gakuen, a savant when it comes to soccer strategies and is known for his signature red/blue cape and goggles. At a young age Kidou and his sister, Haruna, lost their parents in a plane crash. Leading to both of them being fostered by different families. At the age of six Kidou was recruited by Kageyama Reiji to join Teikoku Gakuen, noticing the natural talent of the kid in soccer. Kidou would eventually strike a deal with his stepfather in order for him to be with his sister again. Kidou was tasked to win three consecutive national championships during his time at junior high—failing to do so would mean that he might not see Haruna ever again. His team would later face the Raimon Eleven, where the winner would be advancing to the Football Frontier, but during the match Kidou soon realized the evil acts of his coach, Kageyama Reiji. This lead to the entire Teikoku soccer team quitting. After the events of the match, Kidou later decides to join Raimon becoming its expert strategist and replacing his signature red cape with a blue one.

Hissastsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Illusion Ball
Illusion Ball
First used by Kidou in a match against SP Fixers, successfully getting past Sumisu Eiji, the team's defender. Using the technique, Kidou holds the ball between his legs and does a somersault, he then lets the ball bounce off the ground. This results in the ball making three copies of itself, the copies are seen to revolve around Kidou, confusing his opponent. While his foe is distracted, Kidou then passes through his opponent with the real ball.

Fubuki Shirou

Inazuma Eleven Fubuki Shirou smiling anime shot
Before being part of the Raimon Eleven, Fubuki was a member of the Hakuren Junior High School's soccer club, being its captain, ace striker and defender. As a child, Fubuki was stricken with a terrible accident, getting caught in an avalanche which killed his little brother, Atsuya, and both of his parents. The incident plagued him with a fear of the sound of falling snow, as it reminded him of the last moments he had with his family. The accident also caused Fubuki to develop a split personality, changing into his brother's persona whenever he plays offense in a match. This is due to his father's comment right before the avalanche happened, leading him to believe that in order for him to be a better player he must "become" his brother. Later on, with the help of Gouenji and the members of Raimon Eleven, Fubuki was able to break free from his past trauma, merging his personality and his brother's into one—making him a stronger and better player.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Eternal Blizzard
Eternal Blizzard
A technique often used by Fubuki when he wields Atsuya's personality, as it is an offensive hissatsu. Fubuki spins the ball into the air with his legs, covering it in an icy aura, he then jumps in the air in a twisting manner and kicks the ball with force. This was able to beat Mamoru's God Hand, as everything the ball touches turns into ice. If the defender is strong enough, the technique's freezing effect fails.

Inazuma Eleven Wolf Legend
Wolf Legend
After reconciling with his past trauma, Fubuki was able to create this hissatsu by combining his own and Atsuya's personality. The usage of this technique involves Fubuki first leaping into the air with the ball, he then kicks it causing three claw marks to appear on the football. Then a large wolf appears from behind him, howling together with Fubuki as the ball is shot straight towards the goal.

Inazuma Eleven Ice Ground
Ice Ground
A block hissatsu technique, he first uses this against a match with Raimon when he was still part of his previous junior high team. Fubuki steps on the ground after spinning, creating a stream of ice that rushes towards the ball handler freezing them temporarily. The ball then lands on Fubuki's chest effectively stealing it in the process.

Inazuma Eleven Snow Angel
Snow Angel
Another one of Fubuki's block hissatsu, he first jumps in front of the ball handler, performing a kicking-action with his right leg, then his left before spinning around and kicking again with his left leg, this results in a wall of ice trapping his opponent, allowing him to steal the ball.

Kazemaru Ichirouta

Inazuma Eleven Kazemaru face shot
He is the brown-eyed, blue haired, ponytail-wearing defender of Raimon High. Prior to becoming a part of team he was a member of the school's track club, this makes him one of the fastest players in the Raimon Eleven. He was one of the players recruited by Mamoru for their match against Teikoku, being inspired by Mamoru's promise that he will face stronger opponents in soccer. He is close friends with Mamoru, admiring the captain's strong will and determination to never give up in any situation. Kazemaru also acted as the team's captain during one match due to Mamoru being unavailable at the time. Although later on in the series, Kazemaru leaves the team doubting his abilities as a player and also gaining an obsession for power. He later resurfaces in a shocking manner for his teammates—being the captain of their rival Aliea Gakuen.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Shippu Dash
Shippu Dash (Hurricane Dash)
In their second match against Teikoku, Kazemaru was able to create this technique. The usage of this hissatsu involves Kazemaru running as quickly as he can in a zigzag pattern while carrying the ball, allowing him to pass his opponent. The version of this technique when he was a part of Aliea is much stronger and faster, emanating a purple light as he runs past his foe.

Inazuma Eleven Clone Defense
Bushin Defense (Clone Defense)
Kazemaru first creates two copies of himself, confusing his opponent. The first clone then tackles the ball away from his opponent, which is then passed to the second clone who then passes it to the original Kazemaru. The confusion this technique causes allows him to successfully use it twice against Mamoru.

Inazuma Eleven Fuujin no Mai
Fuujin no Mai (Dance of the Wind God)
First appearing against their match with Neo Japan, this technique involve Kazemaru creating a big whirlwind around his opponent, he then jumps around it until the whirlwind disperses. This causes a gush of wind that lifts his opponent into the air, he then lands on the ground passing the defender.

Kabeyama Heigorou

Inazuma Eleven Kabeyama thumbs up
Raimon's defender and one of the original members of the team. His large build is a direct contrast to his sheepish personality. Despite being unsure of his skills at times, often excusing himself before a match to go to the bathroom, Kabeyama is still passionate for his Raimon Team willing, to help in any way he can in order to win the match. He does his best to become a better defender and with the help of Mamoru, he manages to overcome most of his fears and doubts within himself.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven The Wall
The Wall
Kabeyama's signature move, a defensive hissatsu that first appears during a match against Sengoku Igajima. A large wall of rock appears behind him, causing it to knock his opponent off-balance allowing Kabeyama to steal the ball.

Inazuma Eleven The Mountain
The Mountain
A stronger version of his Wall technique. Kabeyama jumps up, then slams down on the ground causing the land beneath him to violently shake, a large mountain then appears behind him, allowing him to successfully block the ball. This technique was first used in their match against Fire Dragon in the Football Frontier International's Asian preliminary finals.

Someoka Ryuugo

Inazuma Eleven Someoka Ryuugo
One of the original members of the Raimon soccer team, he refers to himself as the "original" ace striker of the team. Someoka had trouble getting along with the newer recruits of Raimon, this is due to his large ego and prideful nature. Though eventually, with the help of Mamoru he ended up accepting the newcomers. He puts down his pride and ego, as he learns to work well with his fellow striker, Gouenji.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Dragon Crash
Dragon Crash
A shoot hissatsu, Someoka charges up energy on his right leg then kicks the ball forward with force. The ball then rockets forward to the goal with an image of a dragon following behind it.

Inazuma Eleven Wyvern Cras
Wyvern Crash
A technique used by Someoka during their match against Aliea Gakuen. When using this hissatsu, Someoka first kicks the ball in the air where an image of a wyvern appears behind it, as it falls to the ground he kicks it with a strong force making the ball barrel towards the goal followed by the wyvern.

Inazuma Eleven Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
The evolved form of Wyvern Crash, first used in Raimon's match against the Knights of the Queen, an English soccer team. Someoka summons a large dragon charging up a beam from its mouth, he then kicks the ball at full force together with the dragon's energy blast towards the goal.

Ichinose Kazuya

Inazuma Eleven Ichinose Kazuya running
The Japanese-American member of the team, growing up in the U.S. Ichinose already made a name for himself in soccer during his elementary school years, but he was involved in an unfortunate car accident, hospitalizing him for several years and rendering him unable to play football. Through intense rehabilitation and training, Ichinose managed to recover from his injuries and soon moved to Japan to reunite with his old friends. In the anime, he was first seen in a match against Raimon. Mamoru seeing his expertise in soccer soon invited him to join the team, which he then accepts. He becomes the team's midfielder, but after their match against Aliea Academy, Ichinose decided to move back to the U.S. where he became a part of its national team, "Unicorn." During the Football Frontier International arc, he finally had his dream match against Mamoru and his team, although after the match, it was discovered that Ichinose still needed more surgery because of his prior accident, he then flies back to the U.S. for treatment.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Spinning Shoot
Spinning Shoot
Ichinose starts off this technique by creating a large wind vortex while spinning on his hands, afterwards he kicks the ball with force causing it to spin rapidly as it shoots down the field.

Inazuma Eleven Spiral Shot
Spiral Shot
Another shot hissatsu of Ichinose he uses this to score twice in their match against Osaka Gals. He first stomps the side of the ball making it shoot up in the air, Ichinose then kicks the ball in mid-air, and as the ball is shooting towards the goal, a stream of yellow energy is seen trailing behind it.

Inazuma Eleven Flame Dance
Flame Dance
Ichinose jumps in the air then spins on both of his hands creating several arms of flame around him, which he uses to steal the ball from an opponent.

Domon Asuka

Inazuma Eleven Domon Asuka
He is Ichinose's childhood friend who grew up with him in America and one of the original members of Raimon. Due to Ichinose's accident, Domon stopped playing soccer as he felt bothered by his friend's condition. He later played the game again as a teenager after moving to Japan where he became Raimon High's defensive player. Domon originally joined the team as a spy for Teikoku Gakuen, though this was soon revealed by Raimon's first coach. Feeling guilty, Domon comes clean to his true intentions and chooses to leave the team, but seeing him as a true friend Mamoru convinced the other team members to let him stay. He then becomes a true member of the Raimon Eleven, but he eventually left the team to come home to the U.S. where he and Ichinose became part of Unicorn.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Killer Slide
Killer Slide
While sliding towards the ball, Domon kicks his feet rapidly this causes the ball to slip away from his opponent causing them to trip in the process.

Inazuma Eleven Volcano Cut
Volcano Cut
Domon jumps in the air and performs a roundhouse kick with his foot that is covered in a red aura. The kick is aimed at his target, making a wall of flame that stops the ball or his opponent.

Kageno Jin

Inazuma Eleven Kageno Jin in the anime
The dark and gloomy defender of the Raimon soccer team, he first joined the team as way to "prove his existence" to other people. Oftentimes he scares his teammates with his deep echoing voice and the fact that he often appears suddenly out of nowhere. Although having a dark and eerie aura accompanying him, Kageno is actually a real kind and helpful teammate always willing to help others to develop their special moves.

Hissatsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Coil Turn
Coil Turn
Kageno used this technique in a match against Zeus, quickly running around Aphrodi in an effort to trap her and steal the ball, however, the move failed and was never seen again in the anime.

Shourinji Ayumu

Inazuma Eleven Shourinji running
One of the smallest members of the original Raimon team, Shourinji is easily distinguished by his short height and eyes that resemble two small crosses. Although a soccer player, Shourinji also practices Shaolin Kung- Fu and has subsequently found a way to incorporate it in his soccer moves.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Kung Fu Head
Kung Fu Head
Shourinji readies himself by executing a few kung-fu stances then hits the ball with his head, propelling it towards the goal as it is covered in a pinkish electrical aura.

Inazuma Eleven Tatsumaki Senpuu
Tatsumaki Senpuu (Tornado Whirlwind)
First used during their match against Teikoku Gakuen. This hissatsu is performed by Shourinji, creating a large tornado with the ball causing his opponent to be blown back by its force.

Kogure Yuuya

Inazuma Eleven Kogure Yuuya
He is a natural prankster often playing tricks on other people, Kogure joined the Raimon team by stowing away in their caravan, after witnessing Aliea Gakuen demolish his former team. Since then, he became a longstanding member of Raimon. Along with his football skills, Kogure also has knowledge of capoeira, often integrating the martial art with his own soccer moves.

Hissatsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Senpuujiin
Senpuujiin (Whirlwind Encampment)
Used as an interception technique, Kogure spin on his head with his legs outwards forming a hurricane. The ball is then sucked into the technique's vortex, stealing the ball from the opponent.

Handa Shinichi

Inazuma Eleven Handa reading
Another member of the original Raimon team, Handa is a cheerful and caring person, yet often acts lazy at times. He usually plays as the team's defender or midfielder depending on the situation. He can be described as the most "boring" member of the group, often seen in the background without anything to say in the situation, but he shows real love for the sport, ready to tackle any match that comes his way. Handa is also close friends with Kageno Jin, despite always being startled by his ability to appear out of nowhere.

Hissatsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Rolling Kick
Rolling Kick
Handa spins and jumps in the air, he then kicks the ball in mid-air with a spinning motion, transferring all the energy of the kick into the ball making it rocket towards the goal.

Shishido Sakichi

Inazuma Eleven Shishido Sakichi anime
A member of Raimon's original soccer team, known for his signature orange Afro and freckles on his face. Shishido is kind of like a jack of all trades, being versatile enough to fit any role in soccer. He is also a spirited kid and always wants the best for the team, even giving way to newer members like Kidou, despite being disappointed at first.

Hissatsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Grenade Shot
Grenade Shot
Shishido positions the ball at the center of his feet, the ball then starts to glow with a blue aura which he then kicks sending it flying into the goal, the ball then explodes like a grenade. This hissatsu was only used once in the anime during Raimon's training, and hasn't been used by Shishido ever since.

Matsuno Kuusuke

Inazuma Eleven Matsuno Kuusuke
Known for his signature cat-like blue and pink hat, Matsuno is a natural prodigy when it comes to sports, excelling in a lot of them. He first joined Raimon as a way to "cure his boredom," but he soon realized that he loves soccer, becoming a long-standing member of the team throughout the series. Matsuno is a brutally honest person often leading him to say things most people don't want to hear, though he means well and cares for his teammates.

Kurimatsu Teppei

Inazuma Eleven Kurimatsu Teppei
Along with Shourinji, Kurimatsu is one of the shortest members of the Raimon team. He is easily distinguished by his beaver-like appearance, complete with a buck tooth and a hairstyle to match. He belonged to the original line-up of the Raimon soccer team and after the graduation of Mamoru and the other senior members, he was appointed as the next captain of Raimon.

Megane Kakeru

Inazuma Eleven Megane Kakeru
Joining the Raimon team just before their match against Teikoku Academy, claiming to be "the hero that saves the team," but it seemed that his bark was worse than his bite as he abandoned the team when things got tough for them. Although after the match, he became one of the long-standing members of Raimon and even does his best to help out, though he mostly fails. Megane is often seen to coin the names of his teammate's various special moves and later on in the series he became Inazuma Japan's manager.

Kiyama Hiroto

Inazuma Eleven Kiyama Hiroto
An orphan and former captain and forward of Genesis, who later on became Inazuma Japan's midfielder. First appearing in the anime as a mysterious and elusive person, but when he was fully introduced in the series he shows to be a caring and loving individual especially towards his father and other siblings. While playing for Genesis he used an alias, calling himself Gran.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Ryusei Blade
Ryusei Blade (Meteor Blade)
Kiyama throws the ball into the air, spinning rapidly as he jumps, he then kicks the ball encasing it in a purplish aura which rushes in full force towards the goal leaving behind a meteor-like trail. This hissatsu was first used in a match against Raimon, where Fubuki successfully blocked it.

Inazuma Eleven Tenkuu Otosh
Tenkuu Otoshi (Celestial Smash)
He starts off this technique by launching himself into the air, while up in the air the area around Kiyama changes to that of outer space. Kiyama then kicks the ball with impact, as the ball rushes towards the goal it is covered by an aura of space.

Tsunami Jousuke

Inazuma Eleven Tsunami surfing
The oldest member of the team who also has a love of surfing. At first Tsunami didn't care much for soccer, but after seeing Mamoru's skill in the sport he then became interested in learning the game, soon afterwards he joined his school's football club. He later becomes part of Raimon Eleven, helping them in their matches against Aliea Academy. Tsunami also becomes a member of Inazuma Japan during the Football Frontier International arc.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven The Typhoon
The Typhoon
An offensive hissatsu that managed to score a goal against Big Waves, tying the score of the match. Tsunami summons a typhoon and rides on top of it with the football, he then jumps in the air and spins a few times before kicking the ball. This move helped Gouenj invent his own hissatsu, the Bakunetsu Screw.

Inazuma Eleven The Tube
The Tube
Tsunami summons a large wave, he then kicks the ball causing it to surf along the wave knocking down all that it passes with a gush of water. This was only used once by Tsunami during a game against Unicorn, enabling him to successfully score a goal against their keeper.

Utsunomiya Toramaru

Inazuma Eleven Toramaru as he appears in the anime
First introduced during the Football Frontier International arc, a shy and quiet kid and big fan of Gouenji. Although being new to football, he has managed to become one of the members in Japan's national team. He is a caring boy especially when it comes to his mother, his shy persona often leads others to think he is weak, which is actually quite the opposite as he exhibits great natural skill in soccer. Utsunomiya's potential is further emphasized by his mastery of powerful hissatsu techniques.

Hissatsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Tiger Drive
Tiger Drive
Utsunomiya stomps his right foot summoning a tiger, he then lifts the ball of the ground, jumps in the air and kicks the ball with force. The tiger chases the ball as it shoots down towards the goal, roaring as the ball gains speed.

Inazuma Eleven Gladius Arch
Gladius Arch
This hissatsu was first used during Inazuma Japan's match against the Knights of the Queen. Utsunomiya executes this move by first summoning seven blue swords around him before shooting the ball that is covered in a yellow aura towards the goal, the swords that are following the ball then "pierce" the defense of his opponent.

Tobitaka Seiya

Inazuma Eleven Tobitaka Seiya
He was once a gangster before joining Inazuma Japan, known as "Tobi the kicker" for the signature use of his legs during fights. But one day during a brawl Tobitaka's legs were caught and was about to be beaten to a pulp before he was rescued by Raimon's first coach, Hibiki Seigou. He was then offered a chance to play soccer by the coach, which he then accepts. Being taught by the legendary Hibiki himself, Tobitaka quickly became adept in soccer and although being a beginner he managed to qualify for Inazuma Japan.

Hissatsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Hollow Demon
Shinkuuma (Hollow Demon)
A technique inspired by a kick made by Tobitaka during his time as a gangster, he kicks the air in front of him causing a black vacuum that sucks the ball into it, blocking the incoming shot of an opponent.

Fudou Akio

Inazuma Eleven Fudou Akio
He is the former midfielder and the captain of Shin Teikoku Gakuen, due to his past with Kageyama, Fudou initially wasn't trusted by his teammates in Inazuma Japan. He was mainly a benched player during their run in the FFI's Asian preliminaries, only joining in the the finals match against Fire Dragon. But coach Kuduo later revealed that he is the team's "secret weapon." Though at first he had a hard time working together with his colleagues, he eventually learned to work well with the team thanks to the help of Kidou and Mamoru.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Killer Fields
Killer Fields
Fudou was able to create his first hissatsu technique together with Kidou, first debuting in their match against Fire Dragon. A defensive move, Fuduo and Kidou kick the ball together at opposite ends, creating a purple whirlwind that stops their opponent from reaching the ball.

Hijikata Raiden

Inazuma Eleven Hijikata Raiden
The "big brother" of the team, often mistaken to not be a student due to his large build and facial hair. He is a very caring person, especially towards his siblings and oftentimes helps his teammates in training. Hijikata serves as Inazuma Japan's defender.

Hissatsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Super Shikofumi
Super Shikofumi
His signature move, Hijikata creates a large foot above him which is then used to swing the ball away from his opponent. This was used twice in the anime, but failed in both cases.

Midorikawa Ryuuji

Inazuma Eleven Midorikawa Ryuuji
The former captain of Gemini Storm—he is a weird kid, having an "alien" personality named Reize. Midorikawa is naturally cheerful and hardworking, although his "other" self is quite egotistical, thinking that others are below him. In both of his personalities, he is often seen quoting famous lines and proverbs. But don't let his unique persona fool you, Midorikawa is actually the most hardworking members of Inazuma Japan, training at night even when the others have already retired for the day.

Hissatsu Techniques

Inazuma Eleven Astro Break
Astro Break
Midorikawa starts off by spinning the ball with his foot, generating a purple aura around it. He then kicks the ball with full force towards the goal, as it is continuously covered by space-like energy.

Inazuma Eleven Lightning Accel
Lightning Accel
While carrying the ball, Midorikawa sprints forwards, covering himself in white energy. He then runs past his opponents in a lightning pattern.

Sakuma Jirou

Inazuma Eleven Sakuma Jirou
The former midfielder and forward of Teikoku Gakuen, who later joined Inazuma Japan during the FFI arc of the anime. He is distinguished by his long silver hair, and eye patch. Sakuma is first shown to be an arrogant player, but during their finals match against Raimon he was one of the members of Teikoku that left the team, after discovering their coach's misdeeds. He is really competitive, even resorting to a forbidden technique in an effort to win their match against Raimon in the past. Sakuma still has a caring side to his character, always looking out after his former captain, Kidou.

Hissatsu Techniqu

Inazuma Eleven Koutei Penguin 1gou
Koutei Penguin 1gou
The forbidden hissatsu created by Kageyama, this was used by Sakuma during their match against Raimon when he was still a member of Shin Teikoku Gakuen. He first whistles summoning five red penguins behind him. The penguins then fly and bite his leg, while the ball glows a bright red, Sakuma then shoots the ball that is followed by the red penguins pecking it. This technique was forbidden due the great strain it puts on the user.

Tachimukai Yuuki

Inazuma Eleven Tachimukai Yuuki
Inazuma Japan's midfielder and second goalkeeper, Tachimukai is upbeat, cheerful and passionate with soccer. He idolizes Mamoru so much, that he was able to copy some of his techniques, including God Hand and Majin The Hand. But when he was constantly berated as a copy cat and a weak player, Tachimukai worked hard to create his own hissatsu, Maou The Hand.

Hissatsu Technique

Inazuma Eleven Maou The Hand
Maou The Hand
Tachimukai positions his hands to the side, gathering energy that forms in to a vortex summoning Maou (the Demon King), he then brings both of his hands together to stop the ball with the demon doing the same.

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