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“Sword Art Online” VR Party Report!

The world of SAO comes to VR!

by MAL_editing_team
Mar 9, 2022 2:04 AM | 34,231 views

A first step into reality

Tokyo, Japan - February 25th, 2022.

2022, the year in which SAO's story begins, Sword Art Online -EX CHRONICLE- online Edition's global version is now live. To celebrate the occasion, with the cooperation of Sony music, a special event was held where MyAnimeList users could enjoy a unique Sword Art Online exhibition together.

The navigator for this event was none other than MAL's very own Gino, who was the main presenter and personality for the MAL Expo Lite 2022 Livestream, held on February 25. With Gino taking part as a guide alongside a cameraman, party guests enjoyed various activities such as an exhibition of animation production materials, an impressive four-sided video screen, and a Boss Battle with Skull Reaper. As is the spirit of a party, one of the major highlights of the event was being able to chat with fellow fans of SAO while enjoying the exhibition.


Gino’s thoughts

An extraordinary experience combined with both action and exhibition straight from the SAO world. As a fan of both VR games and anime, “Sword Art Online Ex-Chronicle” was definitely an eye-opener to the future of the SAO world. From historical exhibits and backstage facts to thrilling action, I think this could really be the start of "Sword Art Online" in our reality.

A VR exhibition beyond the limits of imagination

Finally, we asked the producer Tsuneyuki Matsudaira about the highlights of the event.
Tsuneyuki “Tony” Matsudaira: The producer of EX-CHRONICLE and Chief Producer at Sony Music Solutions

"The concept for this event was not just for participants to experience the world of SAO for themselves, but also to create a virtual space where fans globally could enjoy an exhibition celebrating its 10th anniversary.
I want everyone to enjoy the exhibition for what it is, and also enjoy the Boss Battle with Skull Reaper.

I think there are probably many people across the globe who don't know much about how anime in Japan is made or about the creativity involved. I hope fans enjoy each and every part of the exhibition as it traces back the last 10 years of SAO’s history.

Content-wise, a number of original items were created for the purpose of this exhibition — in particular, I recommend the four-sided video screen. It's truly a masterpiece, so I really hope everyone enjoys it. The music has been particularly well-received, which is a very emotional piece and was also made especially for this event. I hope everyone enjoys listening to it as they take part in the exhibition.”

Event information

Event Title: Sword Art Online -EX-CHRONICLE- Online Edition
Date/Time: Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 from 1pm - Friday, March 11th, 2022 until 4:59pm (Japan Standard Time)

The global version will be available in the following countries/regions: Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States (in alphabetical order)

Organizer: Sony Music Solutions Inc.
Sponsored by: Sony Group Corporation
Cooperation: SAO-P Project

Ticket information: https://2021.sao-ex-chronicle.com/s/excglb/page/ticket
Premium goods are available until Mar. 21, 7:59 AM (PST) at the online market.


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