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Yuno's Best Yandere Quotes of Love To Yuki

Yuno is crazy in love with Yukiteru, but love is a dangerous thing.

by londylark16
Dec 7, 2016 2:13 AM | 72,620 views

Mirai Nikki - Yuno Quotes

Despite their deadly nature, yandere are charming creatures that will make you lose your head…literally. If we are talking about psycho girls, Yuno Gasai is undoubtedly the craziest one. Sometimes it's hard to say if Yukiteru-kun should feel happy or scared being Yuno's object of affection, but then again, maybe anything is better than being her target.

1."Your future belongs to me"

Mirai Nikki Quote1
After an intimidating first encounter, Yukiteru and Yuno end up having an awkward conversation on an elevator. Here, Yuno reveals her identity as a future diary holder. Her diary is a very special one, it is a love diary that reveals and anticipates Yukkis every movement….so basically a stalker diary with Yukki's future on it

2."Don't worry Yukki, Yuno will protect you"

Mirai Nikki Quote2
Yukki miraculously survives a serial killer attack, he then learns that there are other future diary holders, and they all are participants in a twisted survival game to become God. Unluckily Yukiteru becomes target No.1 to other contestants, it sucks…..he is neither strong nor skilled, but no problem! Yuno comes to the rescue in an iconic yandere scene to reassure her loved one

3."Choose me and live or choose sixth and die"

Mirai Nikki Quote3
Yuno gives this advice while skillfully chopping through some reanimated 'corpses'. Her callousness and lack of hesitation when killing off the zombies must be terrifying to Yukki, but boy does it make for a delightfully chilling moment in the series for the viewers.

4."I'm glad Yukkis mother is a good person, I didn't have to use any of the tools I brought"

Mirai Nikki Quote4
When Yuno finds out Yukki's mother is coming back home she is determined to show her she could be the perfect bride for her son. Luckily Yukki's mother is the coolest mom ever and kept Yuno from doing some extra blood cleaning

5."I'm the only friend you need"

Mirai Nikki Quote5
It is time to start over, and to Yukiteru's surprise students at his new school are nicer and more welcoming than they used to be at his old one. Of course Yuno is not happy with all this attention he is receiving - after all she is all Yukki needs right?

6."I was practically dead, but you gave me a future. Yukki is my hope in life, but if it won't come true then I will die for Yukki, and even in death I will chase after Yukki"

Mirai Nikki Quote6
The fact that Yuno is holding a grenade while saying this makes this moment a bit scary. However she is always ready to give her life, or take anyone's life if it means her beloved Yuki will be safe and happy. You can't deny her devotion is very sweet!

7."I still have a future, as long as I protect him my future as his wife will still be there"

Mirai Nikki Quote7
Once Yuno's mysterious past is revealed it's difficult not to feel bad for her, or at least understand why she desperately clings to every bit of happiness to keep sane.

8."They are all planning to betray you!!!"

Mirai Nikki Quote8
Yuno is a smart girl, sometimes it is very difficult to figure out her real plans, and as much as she claims to love Yukiteru her words and actions don’t match at all! When things get hard she is willing to say anything in order to get what she wants, even if it means to turn Yukki against his own friends.

9."I may only be good for killing people, and maybe I am completely unappealing to you, but I thought you will love me once this was all over"

Mirai Nikki Quote9
At this point Yuno is getting quite anxious - after all the nakedness , kissing, and touching, Yukki-kun hasn't made a move on her. Maybe there is something wrong with the kid? Or maybe his lack of interest has something to do with all the killing and the lying.

10."What's insane is this world that won't let me and Yukki be together!"

Mirai Nikki Quote10
You know what makes a crazy person angry? Telling them they are insane. Whenever Yuno and Yukki are together, Yuno tries really hard to be all smiles, but Yukki finally manages to push her buttons by calling her crazy. There is a limit to Yuno's patience, and hearing the one she loves doubting her sanity after all she has done to keep him safe makes her go full berserk

Special mention:


Special Mention Quote
There are plenty of phrases and moments worthy of being on this list, but without a doubt everyone agrees that Yuno's favorite thing to do is to scream Yukki's name with a super high pitched voice. There are even a number of fan made AMV 's' with nothing but compilations of Yuno’s iconic and sometimes annoying phrase.

Bonus: Akise Aru

Every romantic story comes with a love rival that will face the protagonist. Mirai Nikki might seem far from a love story, but romance and especially sex are always on Yuno’s mind. Despite the endless parade of boobs (waaay to big for middle schoolers) and pretty girls that might represent a threat to Yuno, you would be amazed to know her true rival is without a doubt Akise Aru. Even if Akise-kun's love is one sided, he is not someone to take lightly. It's no surprise Akise gets on Yuno's nerves. He is the single person that matches Yuno's intelligence and skills, and he constantly gets in her way every time things seem to go well with Yukki. He even went and stole one of Yuki's precious kisses, but more than that, Akise Aru is the only one holding the truth about her true self and her past.

Fun Fact:

For those who have watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and Mirai Nikki, there are some similarities between Akise x Yukiteru’s and Shinji Ikari x Kaworu Nagisa relationships, be sure to check them out!

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