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Save the Worlds of Asgard and Olympus in Omega Zodiac

The goddess Athena is holding out for a hero. Hack and slash your way to the salvation of this mythical world!

by MAL_editing_team
Aug 29, 2016 10:04 PM | 6,423 views

Today, publisher and localizer Nutaku announced its exclusive early launch of Omega Zodiac, the first action RPG title available in its lineup of free online games. The early exclusive debut of this game, created by the Chinese game development studio Proficient City, is part of Nutaku's efforts to introduce popular and promising games from Japan and other parts of Asia to English speaking gamers in the west.

Omega Zodiac is a free to play dungeon crawler MMORPG that draws its lore from both Greek and Norse mythology. The goddess Athena is in grave peril, having been weakened by the attack of an evil shadow. Her wisdom and justice are no longer enough to guide the world to salvation alone. As the hero and defender of Athena, gather all of the suits of holy armor, known as the Sacred Sets, and fight the forces of evil. It's up to you, the illegitimate child of Asgard and Olympus, to become the ultimate Zodiac Warrior. Save the world by preventing the coming of the feared Ragnarok!

If you're a fan of classic RPG elements and deep, compelling storylines, Omega Zodiac is sure to deliver hours of exciting gameplay – particularly for a free game. It’s easy to become immersed in the game's amazing fantasy world, with its rich, detailed, high-definition 3D graphics. You can take up arms as a Knight, Mage, or Archer, and customize your character using the two talent trees of each class. There are also “constellations”, a sort of separate skill set that will allow you to complete your character’s customization options.
To succeed on quests, you’ll need to enchant your gear to make it as effective as possible in battle. Set out on missions, fight a myriad of monsters, and triumph over epic bosses and hostile Gold Fighters. This is the only way to acquire the rare loot drops that dungeon crawling fans crave!

Combat relies upon preset skills and unlockable abilities unique to each class. Gain the upper hand in battle by using and upgrading your 3 types of combo skills, to exploit the weaknesses of each type of enemy. Turn the tide of battle by using the right attacks for the right types of foes. You may then collect upgrade materials and rewards of your choice by taking dungeon quests from Divinity Road, where you can fight for equipment, skills, additional experience points, Sacred Sets, and more. There are so many different things you can upgrade in Omega Zodiac, right down to your mount, which can evolve as you level.

Are you the competitive type? Test your mettle in the game's variety of challenging PvE and PvP arenas. Engage with the Omega Zodiac community by joining or starting a guild, and participating in not only guild battles, but also cross-server battles! Get further than any of the other players in Divinity Road and Holy Realm dungeons, and your name will appear on the leaderboards. Earn your bragging rights on the battlefield!

The introduction of Omega Zodiac into Nutaku's lineup of anime games adds new depth to its already blood selection. Enjoy the engaging action, the deep lore, and the breathtakingly gorgeous visuals of this classic style dungeon crawling MMORPG. There's something here for every type of gamer, and all of it can be experienced free of charge, entirely in your web browser. There's nothing to install, and it's quick and easy to get started with playing the game, whether or not you have a Nutaku account.

The combined worlds of Asgard and Olympus await their savior. Will you become the ultimate Zodiac Warrior, and protect both Athena and the world from the destruction of Ragnarok? Rise to the occasion and prevent this impending apocalypse!

Omega Zodiac released on August 25th, 2016, and is available to play for free on Nutaku.com.

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