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Top 5 Overpowered Characters Found in Webtoon and Anime

When there is an overpowered character with powers that are out of the world, you can't help but sympathize with the other characters who are clearly not at the same level. Without further ado, here are the top 5 overpowered characters found in webtoons and anime.

by LezhinComicsUS
May 16, 2016 6:46 PM | 26,244 views

Raiquia- RPG Comic

Lezhin Comics RPG Game
Set in the world of an RPG game, Raiquia is the master of Hero Guild with a tier in the double digits - both as a magician and cleric - which is a ranking that was previously unheard of. With his signature move Devastation, Raiquia single-handedly almost wiped out an entire army as well as invaded a castle. Many have sought to be part of his guild and every other player in the game knows him as THE legendary hero. That kind of says it all, doesn’t it? However, although his power may be unrivaled, he is often placed in sticky situations because of how slow he is at figuring situations out.

Baba Yaga- Daily Witch

Lezhin Comics Daily Witch
A mysterious figure with a name originating from Slavic folklore; no one really knows exactly how powerful Baba Yaga is as no one has yet been able to test her true strengths. With powers so great she's able to easily challenge the director of the Witch’s Committee, you can't help but wonder about her limits. With a vast knowledge and power that comes from age and experience, she’s in charge of any rescue mission when her fellow roommates/ witches are involved.

Gyel- 4 Cut Hero

Lezhin Comics 4 Cut Hero
Now here’s another strong female character who has yet to find an opponent that is on a par with her. As the high sword of Razeen, Gyel was acknowledged as a prodigy from a very young age and even declared to marry whoever defeats her at the age of 15. Currently at 35 years of age, she remains as single as the day she made that declaration. For Gyel, sword or no sword, she will send flying anyone that appears to have even the slightest fight in them. While her intimate relationship with her brother is at times cause for concern (cross dressing and taking baths with him), it all comes from the goodness of her heart and is also one of the many reasons that makes her seek this level of power.

Hoozuki- Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Hoozuki no Reitetsu
As the deputy of Hell, Hoozuki is the man to go to if you have any problems you can’t handle. Not only is he the most powerful demon in Hell after Lord Enma - the King of Hell - his problem solving skills are best to none; which gets you wondering why he’s not the one ruling the underworld. Hoozuki's insistence on lugging his black metal club everywhere makes his superhuman strength alarmingly apparent, especially as no one else seems to be able to carry it. True, he believes that violence is the quickest way to solve any conflict but don’t let that fool you; his intellect and sharp tongue will often end any problems at hand. With all he has going for him, Hoozuki has the means to keep everything in Hell under his control.

Saitama - One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man
It seems almost foolish to not mention the ultimate overpowered character, Saitama, on this list. His ability to annihilate any enemy with a single punch is as outrageous as his ridiculously lame superhero costume. Saitama’s strength is constantly on display in the contrast between his lackadaisical way of fighting off villains and his fellow heroes' life or death struggles. One would think Saitama's backstory would be as impressive as his strength itself, but it was a disappointingly simple training that made Saitama the hero he is today: 100 squats, 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and a 10 km run every day. I guess the lesson here is that hard work really does pay off.

After reading about all these characters, you can't help but wonder: if all these characters were placed in the same universe, who would be the last one standing?

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