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5 Ways to Deal with Bullies as Seen in Webtoon

Bullying is no joke. We know it’s wrong and we all want to stop it but it’s easier said than done. Now, imagine a situation where you or your friend is being bullied. What are you going to do? Here’s how our heroes and heroines handle this strenuous situation!

by LezhinComicsUS
Apr 11, 2016 2:56 AM | 34,215 views

The “Call for Help" type – Gayoon, Her Pet

Lezhin Comics Her Pet
Gayoon bears great resemblance to a puppy dog. Cute and shy, she attracts those who are looking for an easy target. However, once Gayoon befriends Soha, an athletic, beautiful, honor student at her school, Gayoon now has someone to save and help her escape from bullying altogether. Sometimes, all you need is a reliable friend to give you a hand out of a hellhole.

The "Stand My Ground" type – Yueun, My Secret Brother

Lezhin Comics My Secret Brother
To overcome bullies, the first step to take is to let them know that you're no pushover. A victim whose past had followed her to high school, Yueun is always called on by the bullies but deals with it in silent mode. However, after befriending Hanmi, the new, rather rebellious, transfer student, a growing burst of courage allows her to speak up against the bullies for the first time.

The "Strike First" type – Lee Dongho, An Eye for an Eye

Lezhin Comics An Eye for An Eye
Lee Dongho had friends and did well in class. The only reason he’s getting bullied is because he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. After various situations where he couldn't do anything, he decides to change the situation and go face the bullies one by one. Violence isn’t the solution to any problem, but sometimes, you need to take matters into your own hands.

The “I’ll Prove You Wrong” type – Kim Jaerim, Out of Control

Lezhin Comics Out of Control
Yuri, the vice president of the student council, picks on Jaerim because well... he's ugly. Tired of giving Yuri any other excuse to talk down on him, Jaerim vows to become an irreplaceable member of the student council and takes all the workload given to him without a word. Jaerim strives hard to prove his worth and change Yuri’s opinion about him.

The "Destress" type – Kim Seunggu, Drug Candy

Lezhin Comics Drug Candy
Now, one of the best ways to pull through bullying is dealing with the stress that comes with it, especially when there’s not much else you can do (unless you quit your job). For Kim Seunggu, it’s a never ending cycle that continues even after getting demoted. Luckily, Kim Seunggu has Han Yura. She's part-timer who’s there to show him a good time, whether he wants to or not, and helps him forget all his troubles (even his wife).

How would you deal with the bullies? Is there anyone you recognize yourself in?

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