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11 of the Coolest Gadgets and Technology Found in Anime

Anime is such a forward-looking medium, which constantly exposes us to some of the coolest technology. Outlandish weaponry, robot companions, strange capsules, right through to bleeding-edge gaming devices, are just a few gadgets that will delight even the most technologically obsessed!

by MisterD98
Feb 25, 2016 10:44 PM | 46,685 views

Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Coolest Anime Technology and Gadgets, Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan boasts some of the coolest technology ever seen in anime. Humans face the fearsome and gigantic Titans, and are therefore at a great disadvantage. The three dimensional maneuver gear was invented in order to give human combatants a fighting chance. It's incredibly difficult to control, but grants the user great mobility.

Seleção Phone

Higashi no Eden (Eden of The East)

Coolest Anime Technology, Gadgets, Eden of The East
Mobile phones are incredibly common gadgets, because everyone owns one. But how many phones in circulation are charged with 10 billion yen?

Well, in Eden of the East there are 12 chosen people known as the Seleção, each possessing such phones. They are free to do anything they want with these funds. Now that's the coolest technology for anyone wishing to be an instant billionaire!



Coolest Technology, Gadgets, Chobits, Persocom, Chii
Chii looks like an ordinary girl. However, she happens to be a Persocom, which is one of the coolest pieces of technology to be found in such a saccharine-sweet anime. A Persocom resembles a human but it's in fact a computer, complete with its own CPU and operating system.



Coolest Technology, Gadgets, Steamboy, James Ray Steam
You've just got to admire James Ray Steam, as he's an enthusiastic, young inventor of various steam-powered gadgets. Ray's monocycle is one of his more outstanding inventions, even though it seems a bit cumbersome and risky to ride. Definitely something that could appear in a Victorian museum, housing the coolest technology, which should drive steampunk lovers wild.


Yu☆Gi☆Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Coolest anime Technology, Gadgets, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba is the egotistical arch-rival in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. And if that's not enough, he's also the President of Kaiba Corp, which is a huge global company. His vast resources give him access to some of the coolest technology, such as a jetpack. If only Yami Yuugi could own gadgets that are just as impressive.


Mobile Suit Gundam

Coolest Technology nad Gadgets, Mobile Suit Gundam, Haro
Few gadgets can lay claim at becoming the mascot of, the world's most popular anime mecha series. Haro quickly became a mini-star of the Gundam universe, and for good reason. This cute little robot is Amuro Ray's companion, and even capable of reading people's brain waves.

Candy Holo Servant


Coolest Technology, Gadgets, Psycho-Pass, Candy
Some of the coolest anime technology is depicted in the Psycho-Pass series. The holograms within this futuristic anime are vast and varied. There are holograms used for all sorts of applications, from virtual structures, changing appearance, communication, vehicles, and even servants. Candy is a pink jellyfish holo-servant, and works at Akane Tsunemori's apartment.

Hikaru Angel Doll

Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer (Battle Doll Angelic Layer)

Coolest anime Technology and Gadgets, Battle Doll Angelic Layer, Hikaru
Nowadays, robot combat is gaining popularity all around the world. However Battle Doll Angelic Layer was ahead of the curve. Hikaru is an electronic Angel doll, developed for the sole purpose of fighting in the Angelic Layer tournaments. She isn't a boring and blocky-looking robot, as her creator, Misaki Suzuhara got to customize Hikaru's appearance!

Hoi-Poi Capsules

Dragon Ball

Coolest Technology, Gadgets, Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball is such a whimsical series, comprising many unique ideas and strange gadgets. The mind-blowing products called Hoi-Poi Capsules, alternatively known as DynoCaps, are developed by the Capsule Corporation. Entire objects such as buildings, bikes and hover cars are contained in these tiny capsules.

Phone Microwave


Coolest Technology, Gadgets, Steins;Gate
The phone microwave in Steins;Gate may very well be one of the most incredible gadgets ever invented. It does everything a normal microwave would do, and can also be controlled by a mobile phone.

Rintarou Okabe often uses it to send 'D-Mails' and various other things, such as bananas back and forth in time. Yes, it's a microwave that can literally nuke your food back into the Stone Age!


Sword Art Online

Coolest Technology, Gadgets, Sword Art Online
What will the coolest technology at Tokyo Game Show be like in the year 2026?

According to Sword Art Online, we should be looking forward to the AmuSphere, which is a second generation FullDive console. The headset consists of twin rings with a visor. It's certainly far more advanced than current generation virtual reality gadgets. Not only that, but it can also monitor the user's blood pressure and brain waves.

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