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20 Funny Hetalia GIFs: A Strange History Lesson

Do you love history? Did you ever wish that geopolitics were presented in a more user-friendly manner? Welcome to the anime Hetalia, where wars and trade disputes are presented as goofy misunderstandings between high school boys. Laugh and learn with these Hetalia GIFs!

by msoyka
Dec 7, 2015 5:51 PM | 33,103 views

Depending on how you view history, Hetalia is either the greatest thing since slice bread or your worst nightmare. To summarize, Hetalia is a show that takes metaphorical license with world history. Countries become teenage boys and historical events become pubescent hi-jinks. Needless to say this show is crazy and extremely funny if you don't mind ethnic stereotypes and implied boys love whenever two countries sign a trade agreement.

Hetalia Italy Germany Japan

To put things in perspective; China, a member of the Allies during World War 2, wonders why Britain and America have a hard time controlling their respective nations. "Things are so much easier when you have a totalitarian government." to quote China. Likewise America is an energetic, self-centered, powerhouse with a hero complex.

Unsourced GIFs were made from FUNimation's free stream of Hetalia.

The Allied Nations have FOMO

Hetalia America Russia England Japan Italy Germany France China
"Why weren't we invited to their bonfire?"

It's the Jets vs. Shar...I mean Axis vs. Allies.

Hetalia America Russia England Japan Italy Germany France China
Nobody likes a third wheel, Italy.

Geopolitics in a nutshell

Hetalia gifs

The Holy Roman Empire is a perv

Hetalia Holy Roman Empire Italy
I don't think the Italian Wars of the Renaissance happened quite like that.

The Holy Roman Empire gets hit by one of cupid's arrows.

Hetalia Holy Roman Empire

His heart is going doki doki

All is belong to America

Hetalia America
"You're telling me there is a country called Georgia?"-America

France and England make peace.

Hetalia France England
"Make love, not war."-France
"You call this making love?"-England

Canada tries speaking up...

Hetalia Canada

It didn't go so well

Horror movie night

Hetalia GIFs Nope

Anyone want to watch Insidious?

It's a bird! It's a plane!

Hetalia GIF italy fly

It's Supertalia!


Hetalia GIFs goals

Just a little closer...


Hetalia Russia GIF


China hits things when he's upset

Hetalia China GIF episode 63

Exhibit B

Hetalia China pan GIF

England having an identity crisis

Hetalia England GIFs

Gosh darn it, Henry VIII!

Hetalia fans be like:

Hetalia GIF raining men

Italy's got a need for speed

Hetalia gif Italy Japan car

Japan doesn't seem to enjoy it. Maybe he just needs to watch Tokyo Drift.

America being...American

Hetalia gif america burger

Whether it be White Castle, Five Guys, or In n Out, everyone's got a favorite burger joint!

Japan channeling Ouran Koukou Host Club

Hetalia Gifs Japan

Bet your heart just skipped a beat!

The secret to Germany's suaveness

Hetalia Germany Gifs

Okay, so Hetalia is a little light on history and heavier on the comedy. But no one can deny it's super entertaining. And maybe you'll learn something along the way!

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