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Kotori - Feb 19, 2008
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Kotori - Feb 6, 2011
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Aug 20, 2017 3:41 AM

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baulaergrungim | Aug 18, 4:43 PM
Also, protip if you're watching shows like BokuHero, Gintama, Kyojin that are numbered differently on MAL than by subbers - you can input actual ep number in MALu now, since it doesn't sync with MAL and have something I've been asking Kotori to add (different eps numbering to deal with stuff like Gintama)

baulaergrungim | Aug 18, 4:01 PM
So, it seems like they're left with blogs, blog posts and episode watching sections to fix.... I wonder how much longer it'll take them to get API back T_T

Noboru | Aug 17, 9:36 AM
The new update includes offline functionality, however, it was bugged for me, so I had to make some adjustments to make it properly recognize a newly added title.

Even if it doesn't sync online, it's still great to be able to directly play the episodes from the application instead of having to browse for the folder.

Noboru | May 26, 8:22 AM
@baulaergrungim: Oh nice, I completely forgot about this option, since you could normally just right-click on the "Login/Refresh" button to log out.

btw.: I've found a method to manually edit the progress on MALU:

1) make sure to stay offline

2) close MALU

3) edit %appdata%\MAL Updater\Users\[name]\alist3.xml

4) start MALU

It at least helps greatly to find the current and next episode of the Anime that are on your "Watching" list.

baulaergrungim | May 26, 3:46 AM
@dante_90 you need to go to settings and disable "auto-login on startup". Sadly, if your MALu is fresh, it won't have your list, so it will be completely useless at the time. I dunno if it will be fixed or not, since MAL disabled API and some stuff that allowed MALu to work prior to API premiere from what I heard. Here's hoping...

dante_90 | May 25, 7:54 PM

Noboru | May 25, 3:07 PM
It's a bit of a pity that it does not work, however, the biggest advantage for me was that it could find the videos to the episodes and for that alone it's still very good.

I only wish I could log-off permanently from MAL-Updater to use it offline and to sync it via exported XML-files so that I can add Anime there as well.

Rebel_Notorious | May 24, 10:21 AM
MAL have disabled their API for an undetermined amount of time so no 3rd party apps are working right now.

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