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Extra Note : Time period/technology available. This current incarnation of the club has a close resemblance to the era of the 70s, in regards to the tech a person can see being used. This also affects the weaponry being used, thus unlocking the use of firearms. Magic still remains being the dominant thing though, so a lot of things are influenced more by the current magic than the current tech. General Rules: 1. Be respectful to everyone. 2. No Spamming 3. Do not create threads without permission from Admins. 4. Romantic and intimate rp is allowed. Just keep it out of public threads 5. Please only join if you plan to be active. 6. Characters can only be in one place at a time. No usage of characters in more than spot at the same time is allowed. Power Limitation: 1. The power is not allowed to change the enemy in any way. changing emotions, causing dizziness, change thoughts. 2. The power is not allowed to be overpowered. Knowing what the person is going to do before doing it. causing death by touch. 3. You can't have powers that can see the past/future or read/change time in any way. 4. Your character cannot be immortal Combat Role Play Rules: 1. When fighting, each time you take damage, you get weaker. keep track of your life span during the battle. 2. you have to keep track of your ability cool-down. 3. don't make it so your character can dodge everything. If you dodge an attack, there has to be a reasonable movement behind it, in your post 4. Keep in mind that breaking a rule or god modding can make you lose a fight/mission and thus losing points. It may even get you kicked out of the club 5. Avoid bad RP, look at the spoiler below for more
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- First 5 members to reach level 5 will be in the student council - Student council members must always be the top ranking students. - Every two weeks, evaluation will be done. If your not at the highest level then you can lose your spot in the council. - The Student Council will have a luxurious house with a pool, the game pool, outside field for sports, Jacuzzi, and a training room that helps you level up - other perks will be added, as I think of them Roles President: Vice President: Event Coordinator: Mission coordinator: Disciplinary Captain
Obstacle Course event will end November 2nd 2018 The Treasure Hunt Event is here!! Make sure to sign up for it Special one day Mission; The principal needs 3-4 student to hunt down a criminal that is terrorizing a small village. Your goal is to protect the villagers and capture the villain. All you have to do is post in the principals office and say that your character wants to take on the mission. (Locations will be added as you discover them.) Entrance || Doctor's Office || Cafeteria || Lounge Pool || Bar || Outside Cafe || Kitchen Library || Garden || Supermarket

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LoveandHate91 | Jul 8, 9:00 AM
Yea I think most rp clubs on MAL die I’ve actually started to rp on other rp sites.

Raiores | Jul 5, 9:43 AM
Can I hear a loud "RIP" for all the rp clubs on mal or y'all gonna give it another ((desperate)) shot

ConstantHypnosis | Jun 11, 11:18 AM
Why, that's not the school spirit

Pidgy_Surfer | Jun 10, 2:10 PM
me too...

Valkan | Jun 8, 12:08 PM
Somehow, I doubt it...

ConstantHypnosis | Jun 8, 8:19 AM
School's in session!

Pidgy_Surfer | Jun 5, 8:01 AM
how are you?

Shitsuji-Carty | Jun 5, 6:25 AM
hi Pidgy

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