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I believe there are a fair amount of feminists and progressive thinkers here on MAL, but given how overwhelming the male population here is, many are too afraid to express their opinions. Our voices are often snuffed out by the status quo asserted by the forum regulars (which, of course, are predominately male). A feminist thread cannot hope to exist for a mere day before it becomes littered with insults, memes, and trolling. But if you feel like you're alone, then don't worry. We are here with you. This club will act as a safe space promoting unity and discussion on these highly controversial issues in the anime community. Any and all opinions are welcome. But if this is a feminist club, then are males not welcome? Not at all. Unlike the pig-headed anti-feminists will have you believe, we believe in equality for all! Having men in this group will greatly help diversify and solidify our opinion on the full spectrum of issues. Are you frustrated that your voice is being silenced and your opinion belittled by a forum crawling with tactless men? Are you tired of being called a "white knight" just because you're defending women's rights or sharing opinions with feminists? This is a club for you, a safe space for us.

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Does feminism need to be more trendy?
takara6 - Dec 12, 2018
3 replies by Nerdanimefan1992 »»
Aug 14, 2:29 AM
Why does everyone call me a cuck when I say Im a male feminist?
Oxalias - Sep 11, 2018
5 replies by InkSpider »»
Mar 20, 5:18 PM
Anime and Rape Culture
InkSpider - Oct 21, 2018
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Mar 20, 11:40 AM
A Much-Needed Update~
CherryLover - Aug 30, 2018
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Mar 16, 9:12 AM
mmmph, Pssssah
HavenofHentai - Feb 27
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Feb 27, 6:29 PM

Club Comments
justiineniicole | Jan 26, 6:27 PM
Hi! I'm kinda new to MAL so I'm looking forward to interacting with like-minded people :)

ThereArentNames | Jan 26, 10:40 AM
Hoi guys. Im fellow safe spacer. Let's have some fun while defending the oppressed alright. Not everything needs to be sad! :))

-Funland- | Nov 2, 2018 9:01 PM
Seriously? Is a degree in Women's Studies really worth 200k+ tuition and 4-8 years of your life? I'm not saying it's a bad major, I really don't see how a person can be successful following this path.

CherryLover | Oct 29, 2018 7:47 PM
Hello, it seems we have some interesting discussions brewing here. I apologize for my absence, as I have been banned for the past couple days. >_>

XSOS | Oct 28, 2018 3:15 AM everyone on this club a feminist?

RavenMurasaki | Oct 25, 2018 8:20 PM
hello! I'm the newbie.Nice to meet you all! :3 thank you for letting me join ^~^ I'm so happy to finally be in a club that talks about feminist issued and the portrayal of women in the media, in this case, anime/manga/video games( in case the last one is also discussed)

P.S. I am a feminist myself (no, not the 'I'll wring your neck for having a different opinion and feed you to the dogs" type, don't worry) and I have even graduated with a master's in Women's Studies, The precursor of Gender Studies, so I can hopefully add my two cents in the discussions as well ^^

I'm also happy because usually when I try to bring up the very things this group talks about, I often get publicly shamed or laughed off -3- So knowing that I'm not alone is a big relief ^~^ I'm new to the updated MAL Interface so please excuse me if I sometimes don't reply or reply late or cause typos >~<

cipheron | Oct 24, 2018 2:28 AM
In fact, if there is any widespread sexist trope about "violence against women" in the media, it is in fact the "sugar and spice and all things nice" trope, in which it's taboo for women to be involved in violence. The reason that some shows use violence against women is because it's for shock value. Violence against women is so taboo and transgressive that it's used to push some works beyond the limit.

There are some articles asking why women killed in media are, on average, killed in worse ways. That's because those are taboo-breaking scenes. Male characters are mundanely killed as background scenery. When a woman is killed it's a key plot point that's meant to freak you out, because it's rare. Someone who kills men isn't even a bad guy, you get heroes mowing down male characters left, right, and center. When a character kills a woman, that usually indicates that the person involved is one especially sick and evil person. Rather than condoning violence against women as a routine and acceptable thing, shows use it as the ultimate taboo to indicate pure unadulterated evil.

The media is sexist in different ways to both genders. but it's much more complex than just saying that "violence against women is condoned". If the media was to be totally gender-neutral 50% of all on-screen deaths should be women, i.e. far more female deaths than currently, not less. Being non-sexist would require 50% of all enemies killed by the good guys to be women routinely killed without much comment, rather than killing of women only being a thing done by the super-evil baddies. Which version would actually be condoning violence against women as being an OK thing?

Or ... we could say that no women should ever be killed in any show, because that's "violence against women". But think about it: wouldn't this be even more sexist against women in a different way? Shows will just end up reverting to fights between men like the old days because then they don't have to worry about the "violence against women" minefield. I'm sure that creators would rather be accused of failing the Bechdel Test than of having violence against women in their shows, and that's the one of the MAIN reasons that you aren't going to see equal representation of women in action shows. Being actually non-sexist would actually require us to call out "violence against people" not pick a specific gender we're ok with seeing violence against. The whole "violence against women" thing is actually not a very feminist idea: it's tapping into centuries-old sexist ideas like chivalry and how weak and frail women are and how they need to be protected from the big bad world. It's quite infantilizing in fact, it's like a "think of the Children". The whole thing is probably harmful to the big advances in women's rights since it's just regressing into this idea that women need to be a protected class while men are the independent "doers" who don't need special protections.

cipheron | Oct 24, 2018 1:23 AM
I think the main point is that it's very hard to have valid criticism of a genre you're not familiar with. Nobody is saying you can't voice criticism, however the statement that most violence in anime (that involves different genders) is male-on-female is just factually incorrect,

and as a separate point, having that sort of incorrect impression for something for which you seem to lack any evidence suggests you have some preconceptions there which might not actually be accurate. you're just assuming that media as a whole condones violence against women ... without any evidence that this is in fact the case, and that's coloring your interpretations and assumptions about media. It's kinda "confirmation bias" to make judgemental and false statements about a particular genre, then have the "out" that you haven't watched it and have no plans to watch it. That's basically like going in the bookstore, looking at the covers and reading the blurbs then getting right to work writing book reviews.

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