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RychesShadows - May 5, 2016
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Yesterday, 12:20 PM
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RychesShadows - Apr 24, 2016
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RychesShadows - Apr 5, 2016
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Jun 20, 2:01 PM
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RychesShadows - Jun 25, 2016
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Jun 20, 1:51 PM
Anime Discussion ( 1 2 3 )
Halfsleeper - Jun 28, 2017
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Jun 19, 11:43 AM

Club Comments
Wood94 | Yesterday, 12:45 PM
*dusts off the clubs kettle*

..... So, how is everyone?

Izuku | Jun 15, 5:02 AM
Anyone read Jojo bizarre adventure

Geshtinanna | Jun 4, 1:53 PM
@agilityredfox - I agree the ending seemed rushed with no definitive outcome, and was downright confusing! The clash of the titans battle between Claire and Priscilla (which it felt like the series was building towards) was such a let down in the end. Ah, there are so many beautiful tracks on the OST - which I own by the way! Yeah Claire and Teresa's bond was something of self-sacrificing beauty......'this body incapable of love'.

From the wiki: Island World of Claymore - Nameless island, due the inhabitants belief that this is the entire world. A Claymore refers to it as "this world". Of indeterminate size and shape. Unknown if series takes place on Earth, or another world, either in the past or future.

I thought because it was named after a Scottish sword and featured Bagpipes and Gaelic/Celtic tinged melodies, it might be enough to be considered as a 'fantasy' Scottish setting LOL.

Yeah Kaji (as I nickname her) can do no wrong, I think the OST's for the two Madoka movies I've seen were quite exceptional and the funny thing is I already owned them before watching the anime. It's up there with her Fate/Zero and SAO OST's IMO. Even if the Claymore OST passed you by surely you liked Raison d'etre (the froggys ahhh sorry!) and Danzai no Hana? Two fantastic Op's and Ed's filled to the brim with hype, emotion, and endless yearning :D

Goddamn, how far South are you - can you bring me up a pale of Jersey milk please!

agilityredfox | Jun 4, 12:01 PM
@Geshtinanna - I enjoyed the Claymore anime but the ending was pretty awful in my opinion, though understandable as they didn't know how it was going ot end when making it. I don't remember the soundtrack being all too memorable to be honest but then my favourite part of the show was Teresa.

Interesting that you mention Claymore is set in Scotland, I looked up what a Claymore was the other day when I started reading it because it's a weapon I've used in Dark souls, turns out it is a Scottish sword but the world of Claymore isn't explicitly stated to take place in Scotland, the wiki is pretty interesting actually

I would like to say that unless it's undoubtedly explained that it takes place in the UK, we don't use the affiliation, but then we have Kancolle and Berserk in our affiliations so we're clearly just fickle.

On another note Yuuki Kajiura is my all time favourite musical composer, her music is wonderful. I hope you enjoy the 3rd Madoka movie, her music in it is just wonderful.

As for souther Jessies, I'm so southern I talk about England like it's a foreign country;)

Geshtinanna | Jun 4, 10:09 AM
@agilityredfox - I really like Claymore the anime but this club doesn't have 'anime relations' with it despite it being set in Scotland. I asked Renn about it and even sent him an OST track with Bagpipes but still nothing! Perhaps it's because they're Southern Jessies :D

agilityredfox | Jun 3, 11:45 PM
Been reading the Claymore manga recently, its almost as good the Berserk manga I think.

Izuku | May 25, 3:38 PM
Bring back Magi 2019

Wood94 | May 23, 10:46 AM
@agilityredfox Welcome back to Blighty. Would love to hear all about your guys trip ^^

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