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Halfsleeper - Jun 28, 2017
136 replies by Renn »»
Aug 20, 1:46 PM
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RychesShadows - Apr 3, 2016
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Jul 16, 12:13 PM
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RychesShadows - Apr 5, 2016
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Apr 5, 1:28 AM
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RychesShadows - Jun 1, 2016
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RychesShadows - Apr 5, 2016
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Feb 9, 12:59 PM

Club Comments
XavierMarciano | Sep 9, 6:24 AM
Wow it's been a long time since I was here but I recognise a few names. Good to see Wood94 and Renn still at it, Wood94 you might not remember me but I was the guy that nudged you into watching Versailles no Bara. Did you finish it and what were your thoughts?.
If you cant remember me I dont blame ya, its been forever since I was here.
Oh just cos I saw a mention of Nana on the comments below I'll throw my two cents in on that, I recently completed a rewatch of Nana and I have to say my initial impression still stands.
While it's got some decent friendship and life situations I'm not sure it's worth the investment especially with how it concluded. Just my quick two cents don't want to go into specifics incase I spoil it for anyone.

Renn | Aug 28, 8:56 AM
@Vic4lif3 Every now and then at least haha, it has died down a lot compared to what it was. Most conversations just take place on discord nowadays.

Vic4lif3 | Aug 28, 4:40 AM
Omg, people really do still chat here! Hello There every1 :)

PearDrops | Jul 7, 1:05 PM
@Wood94 Hey, yeah I actually wrote the question on your profile first but then I seen you had the manga on your list so I wasn't sure if you'd seen it so I went with the comments section just to be safe.

Thanks for taking the time to link those. I've heard of Honey & Clover but never thought about digging into it. I'll add those to the list also and give them a try, I'm sure if they hook me I'll watch them regardless of the length. I've put a few long shows on hold and gone back to them so I don't mind.

Much appreciated folks (^^)

Wood94 | Jul 7, 3:05 AM
oops, may have forgot to put my Josei tag at the end there.

Wood94 | Jul 7, 3:01 AM
@PearDrops I sure did enjoy Yesterday wo Utatte myself, and for that very reason you mentioned aswelll.

Annoyingly those sort of college/uni era romances are a rare thing, and @Roguer hit the nail on the head on the main two that came to mind myself, but i've dug through my list for a couple of them if you're interested:

Honey & Clover - The downside to this one is that its a bit long really (over 50 eps for both seasons), but I do think this one presents that phase of your life the best, and the almighty lows and highs that brings. They are college aged through most of the show, but it does deal with more serious/complicated themes about adult life hence why i'm mentioning it. I certainly think it's one to experience anyway.

Nana - Again sorry for the longer runtime of this one (47 eps), but alas. This one is mainly from the two female main characters perspectives, but I do think anyone could find this relatable in some way. It does get quite melodrama-y at points if thats a put-off, but it does deal with some serious stuff aswell. Music is a heavy theme of it too but it's mainly about relationships, good and bad.

There are certainly more anime out there with a older target Either way, if you find any more of these more adult orientated anime, do let me know!

Oh, it's VERY hit and miss but just checking out Seinen and tags is a good place to start.

PearDrops | Jul 7, 12:04 AM
@Roguer Ah, thanks very much. I'm still watching it and will probably finish it. The show is fine but I'm kind of mixed on it myself. I just don't watch many romance anime and being a bit older than most it was nice to see a show set post-college.

I will add your rec's and if you think of any others let me know. Like I said I don't really watch these type of anime so it's a nice change of pace.

Roguer | Jul 6, 3:58 PM
@PearDrops I miss read your comment, so you're saying you enjoyed 'Sing Yesterday For Me'. I actually dropped that one myself, I liked the start but I was slow at watching it and people seemed to really hate it in reviews, from what I've read it's not worth watching. I'm happy to be persuaded otherwise.

As for an older cast I'd say something like 'Golden Time' the characters are meant to be college-aged, it's slice-of-lifey and romance stuff. 'ReLIFE' is a good one it's about a dude in his late 20s but he's failing at life with jobs and such but has an opportunity to redo a school year in the body of a 17 year-old to get his life back on track. That's what I can think of off the top of my head :D

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